93 thoughts on “Zendaya Lifts the Curtain On Her Spidey Stunts

  1. Wow, I've never seen a show like this where a clip made me tear up. Could be just cause I relate to it, but obviously it's pretty sad too. What episode or scene is it by the way or?

  2. I know there’s been comments about her body but we love her so much that we get worried and I’m worried like maybe she got skinny for euphoria but I’m still worried about her like I don’t want her to die of being starved

  3. Episode 2 of Euphoria and I’m already thinking that Zendaya is one of the greatest female actresses, or at least in the making since she’s still young. An Oscar is imminent for her.

  4. Omg… I watched her on disney and in spiderman and shes always with another teen or teen-like star, shes so tiny!

  5. This guy really brought up penises just to get a laugh what a clown …but it’s cool he’s still a nice guy. Just have more respect for her.

  6. Watching her fly around on a trapeze in The Greatest Showman made it hard to believe MJ was scared to swing with Spidey

  7. What's wrong with being skinny?? Y'all fat people jealous, whenever anyone say I'm too skinny, I'm like ur just saying that cuz u fat and jealous

  8. bro i used to think people were crazy for liking people people they dont know but God knows when I saw Zendaya from spider-man far from home I was like this is my dream wife, theres just something about her personality that makes u automatically like her

  9. If you ever feel sad, then just remember that the earth has been around for billions of years and we have been lucky enough to live at the same time as Zendaya

  10. Y'all fucking want everyone to be "thicc" now a days. She's been skinny literally her entire life this is her natural weight for HER. This isn't a natural weight for everyone. But commenting on someone's weight when they're skinny like saying they're too skinny or to eat more is like calling someone fat. It's literally just as hurtful. And as a matter of fact it's just as hard if not harder to gain weight than to lose it. So stfu, her weight is none of yalls god damn business. Tall people tend to look skinnier as well so. And y'all don't even know her exact weight like tf? For all you know she's at the exact weight that's good enough. Or slightly underweight which is also not a bad thing a all.

  11. The host could of been better. I mean come on Stephen! I've seen you do better interviews. Were you tired or something? Zendaya is a cool girl,

  12. Y'all i have friends who eat like the entire universe depends on it and are probably skinnier than Zendaya. She's probably alright.

  13. Guys, Zendaya is not too skinny/unhealthy. Have you seen her in The Greatest Showman? She did that trapeze work herself.

  14. Me and her would literally be best friends. I love crime documentaries and in my spare time I 100 percent agree with her id wanna do nothing to.

  15. Zendaya is just delightful. I think I only really saw her work as MJ for the first time, but loved her in Spidey. But WOAH! "Euphoria" is just tremendous, and she's amazing. And I could watch her be interviewed all day long.

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