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YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2019

– All right, now,
this is something I know many people been
looking forward to all year, the results of our
annual beloved tradition, the Halloween candy
YouTube Challenge. This is the ninth
time we’ve done it. [APPLAUSE] I’m told that many
of the disappointed kids from the first
time we did it in 2011 have now blossomed
to become fully grown disappointed adults. And I want to say
something to those out there who think
I do this because I enjoy being mean to kids. That is not– I love kids. Not only do I love
kids, I have written and illustrated
a children’s book called “The Serious Goose.” Now, this is not a joke. It comes out December 3rd. It’s available for preorder now. And all the money I make from
it goes to Children’s Hospitals here in LA and around– [APPLAUSE] –the United States. So buy this. It looks like this,
“The Serious Goose.” And remember that for the
next five minutes as we endure the tears of disappointed
children in this year’s edition of “Hey, Jimmy
Kimmel, I Told My Kids I Ate All Their
Halloween Candy.” MAN 1: We ate all
your Halloween candy. [SOBBING] MAN 1: I’m sorry. Is it OK? No! Not at all! MAN 1: Guess what?
WOMAN 1: Guess what? MAN 1: We were just joking. [SCREAM] That’s the worst
Halloween I ever had because of you dumb, stupid mans! WOMAN 2: Mama was
just too hungry. [CRYING] WOMAN 3: I ate all your candy. I’m going to go the police. [LAUGHTER] [SCREAM] [CRYING] Why? Why? We hate you! We don’t want to live
with you anymore! [APPLAUSE] Oh! Oh, my god! Why you ate it again? WOMAN 4: I ate it all. Why? WOMAN 4: I ate it all
because I was hungry. Ah!
Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah!
Ah! WOMAN 4: I’m joking!
I’m joking! What did you do with
my candy right there? WOMAN 4: I don’t even
know what you’re saying. [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE] WOMAN 5: Mommy and Daddy ate
all of your Halloween candy. Is that OK? [SCREAM] [LAUGHTER] WOMAN 6: We ate
all of your candy. Will you forgive me? Yes, but don’t do it again. It’ll make you very sick. And you will have to
poop all that out. [LAUGHTER] I’m telling on you, really. JULIANNA: It’s not fair! WOMAN 7: Julianna! That’s so rude of you. Tomorrow, I’m going
eat your stuff! For real. JULIANNA: [INAUDIBLE] And I’m not getting
you no goodies. Just boppy. That’s so rude of you. WOMAN 7: But I was so hungry. Well, you got to eat
some vegetables, not candy! JULIANNA: Darn it! Go!
Now! Go! Eat some vegetables! See? You’re making her
[INAUDIBLE] Say sorry. MAN 2: Last night, I
got hungry and I ate all of your Halloween candy. Oh! MAN 2: Agh! WOMAN 8: You’re happy that
your candy is not gone? A little bit. But I love you more than candy. WOMAN 8: Oh. Can I have my bucket? WOMAN 9: You just
want the empty bucket? Oh. You don’t eat people’s candy! WOMAN 10: OK, I’m
really, really sorry. You just made me mad. You made me really mad, Mommy. WOMAN 10: I said I’m sorry. It’s OK. WOMAN 10: OK, well, thank you. I love you. I love you, too. Ah! WOMAN 11: Mackenzie, Jimmy
Kimmel told me to do it. Ah! No thank you. WOMAN 12: Jimmy Kimmel
told me to trick you. KID: Who’s that? It’s Jimmy Pickle. Don’t get mad at Mom. It’s just Jimmy Pickle. That’s his fault. If I ever seen Jim– Jimmy Kimmel, I would
punch him in the face. WOMAN 13: Why? He deserves it. WOMAN 13: What if I
do it again tonight? I’m going to punch
him in the wiener. [LAUGHTER] [INAUDIBLE] my candy. When I [INAUDIBLE] WOMAN 14: You have a mouth
full of candy right now. And you’re crying
about more candy. I’m going [INAUDIBLE] WOMAN 14: Stop, wait,
chew what’s in your mouth. They don’t understand you. [LAUGHTER] And now what? I ate all of it. It’s all gone. It’s all gone. He ate it all. WOMAN 15: How’s
it make you feel? [INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] He said “chocolate,”
“chocolate,” OK? All right. Well, sorry, kids. And thanks to all the
parents who participated, especially those who recorded
their videos horizontally. We really appreciate
it here on television.

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