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You won’t believe this place exists! – Kaneohe Bay Sandbar, Oahu, Hawaii

Are you ready for this? Hi, I’m Karen! Today we’re on the Sandbar in K-Bay on the
winward side of the island. We are driving to go kayaking in KBay. Kaneohe Bay is on the winward side of the
island, and is about a 30 to 40 minute drive from Honolulu. I found these NASA photos and you can actually
see the sandbar from space. I have just this beautiful, paradise, sandbar
image in my mind that I know will be 100% accurate. Even if we don’t make it to the sandbar, I
feel like I’m totally happy with just chilling in this kayak. This is one of the most beautiful places I
have seen. It literally went from being 100 feet deep–
// –it wasn’t that deep, maybe 30 feet deep– // –pretty deep– // –a normal bay. // Yeah… to being… I can touch the sand right now. I’m in about a foot and a half deep of water. And if you time it right, you can actually
get here when it’s only sand, and the sandbar is above water. A couple times a month, there’s a negative
tide. // Yeeeah. So negative tides are when you want to go, so you’ll have the literal sandbar where it’s only sand. Only sand. What do you do when you get here? I’ll tell you what you do: you walk around
and enjoy paradise. You can bring a football out, people bring
beer and a little koozie, like a float trip. Can you drink out here? Are people cool with that? // I dunno. So 2,000 years ago, this was actually an island. And I think the island itself has slowly sank. And there’s all these little microclimates
happening. There’s rain over there and it’s sunny back
here. It went from being below my knees to now being
at my waist. It’s already above waist deep in just the
two hours that we’ve been here. Time to go. This place is real. It exists. It is as beautiful as you could imagine.

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8 thoughts on “You won’t believe this place exists! – Kaneohe Bay Sandbar, Oahu, Hawaii

  1. Believe it? I was stationed at the Marine Corps base that is right there on it. The guys in my shop and I would split a party boat rental and go grill out on it and snorkel and swim there. It is amazing.

  2. I'm pretty sure the sandbar hasn't sank that much. I grew up in Kaneohe in the 70s and 80s and the sandbar was usually above water and only below the water during high tides. It's more that the water level is rising because of climate change. You can see a good example of this, if you go down the road to Kualoa park and you will see the manhole cover that is in the water now because the water has risen so high (part of it is sand erosion). I was at both places a lot, because I lived right next to King School (which is right down the road from the sandbar) and was a camp counselor for Camp Kualoa in the summer (when in high school).

  3. we just call it low tide in Hawaii. 🤙🏼 Any low tide will expose the sand normally so pretty much every day not just two times a month but Remember it’s a sandbar. And there are times where there’s a lot of sand and then there’s a lot of sand that gets washed away after a big swell so it’s always shifting🤙🏼 Kaneohe bay Is extremely beautiful but as a local I would suggest kayaking out to “Moke’s” the twin islands off of Lanikai Beach.

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