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Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker review (Hindi) – cooks Awesome rice everytime

Here is one more interesting product by Xiaomi, a smart rice cooker I will be unboxing this product and will show you key features, how to use and more keep watching Hello friends I am Gogi, if you haven’t yet subscribed to my channel then do so, and also enable the bell notification icon This is Mi Smart Rice cooker box pack All the specs on the box is in Chinese Lets start with the unboxing This is how the product is packed its big box, and its a 3L smart rice cooker this is how it is packed Here are the accessories you will get this spoon white color and very good quality another spoon here for rice, rice spoon and this is power cord and as you can see the pin is Chinese, will need a adapter in the box you will also get this rice cup, made of plastic here is the Xiaomi Mijia Logo and some markings here, this is a measuring cup you can use it, if need be All you need to do is add rice and add water as needed then cook so these are the accessories you will get inside the box, now for the main component the Xiaomi smart rice cooker You will get a user manual and a card You will get a user manual and a card This user manual is in Chinese good thing is that there is a English user manual available you can download from Internet, you can check the link in video description and finally inside the box the rice cooker This rice cooker is a lot different from what is available in the market and well its way too costly too when compared Press this button here the lid has now opened up inside there more accessories so inside the cooker you will get these accessories this white color plastic container, probably for steaming purpose and here is the main container this vessel, its made of cast iron excellent quality and a little heavy If you have used an Electric cooker before this one as you can see is a lot different This is induction based rice cooker in this vessel too there are markings (measurement) in Chinese and here too, you can ignore that follow the same process that you follow rice + water and put in this cooker Buttons are in Chinese and here is the steam outlet, do not cover this Build and finishing is very good and there is built in Wi-Fi too, with indicator and here is the power slot, plug the power cord here This is how the rice cooker look from the bottom for grip there are these rubber points and here The buttons are in Chinese however it is really easy to use this cooker, press button to open the lid, and here is some more instruction, useful when you want to clean this rice cooker will show this later Here you need to put this cast iron vessel this way this is induction cooker here induction point and inside this cast iron vessel you need to put rice and water and that’s it this cooker will cook really good rice There are 3000 rice cooking programs when you buy rice from market, scan the bar code and this rice cooker will then select the program to best cook that rice quality / category select the program to best cook that rice quality / category You will need to install Mi Home app the rice cooker will be detected automatically you will then need to add your Wi-Fi account on the app rice cooker comes with built in Wi-Fi it will automatically connect with your primary Wi-Fi and via the app you will get a lot of info The good thing is that the app is in English as you can see This is a smart rice cooker and look there is a firmware update let me update this first will update this you will need to use your smartphone and you can see the progress am pressing this button in few minutes the update will complete now it is updated to latest version so this is the Mi home app I am using you can see the rice cooker option Here is the Rice cooker listed in Stanby mode, ready to use tap it to get the rice cooker options / menu there are cooking options, recipes you can also make cake you can even steam rice keep rice warm etc for example when I hit the cake option There is detail of recipe tap it for how to make cake you will then get ingredients needed process on how to make the cake with images / step by step just follow the step, take clue from the photos when the batter is ready there is start cooking option press it and the cooker will automatically choose the settings needed for baking the cake Before using this cooker you need to follow one main step my location is India and Language is English This is the same Mi home app You can also use Google Translate app and use camera mode, point on the cooker Chinese text and it will convert to English, so you know the buttons function / meaning Or just check the English manual And any way, when you use the app you don’t really need to press any button on the cooker Once you start using this cooker, via app and as you use it more, you will get an idea about which button to use Let me show you how you can make rice Rice cooker is in standby mode, ready to use tap and you will get this page cooking options recipes but as I mentioned before there is one important setting to be done but as I mentioned before there is one important setting to be done I will show you that you need to set the altitude, I am in Navi Mumbai I searched for Navi Mumbai but there was no option hence I selected a City in China hence I selected a City in China Navi Mumbai Altitude is 8 and this Chinese City that I selected has 10 altitude this was the nearest match I could find. The idea is to get the same altitude or close by As you can see the altitude is now set to 10 I am in Navi Mumbai and altitude is 8 This altitude option / setting is very important make sure to set it as per your location Altitude setting is used by the rice cooker and might change cooking parameters / process / program the rice cooker and might change cooking parameters / process / program Now let me show you how to really cook rice Select rice option It takes 1 hour, yes 1 hour when I press start the program is set on the cooker when I press start the program is set on the cooker Will stop it for now confirm and stop Now the rice cookers available in the market will cook rice in 20 minutes but here it takes 1 hour and the reason is it cooks in a systematic way follows a specific process I have added rice and water, close the lid will now use the app select rice cooking and here you can see the altitude, one more option here Taste curve, you can select as per your need let me show you the options These are the category Now I will tap the start button Rice cooking process has started It will cook rice in about 1 hour The process is a lot different from as seen on the other rice cookers This cooker takes time follows specific process and after 1 hour the cooked rice that you get its awesome The process, what’s happening inside the rice cooker why the process is followed, you will get all the details on the app even the temperature inside the cooker you can see that in the app Once the cooking process completes it will keep the rice warm Once the cooking process completes it will keep the rice warm So rice cooking is done, lets check During the 1 hour process make sure not to eject in between here is the final output, excellent, awesome and every rice grain is evenly and perfectly cooked every rice grain is evenly and perfectly cooked But there are more stuffs you can do but for that I need to make a small change here there is one specific setting that works when you change language to Chinese That option is shown in Chinese language option only. I will change from English to Chinese Now done When you do this you see a different screen with more recipes (in Chinese) and extra options This icon is new and should be added in English language too press it and you can do what you cannot do on other rice cooker now this feature is not visible when the Language is set to English, what does it do? for 30 minutes it cooks on full heat which means you can use it for Tempering, for pre-cooking, for normal cooking You can make Pulao (Pilaf) You can also make biryani , veg biryani but for chicken / mutton biryani better cook chicken / mutton on gas properly before mixing cook chicken / mutton on gas properly before mixing Here I am making prawn pulao prawn pulao masala is ready and added the rice and after that just start the rice cooking program the same process press start after masala was cooked, I added rice and water now wait for it to cook (1 hour) LED indicator here you get an idea about the time remaining, And important thing is while it is cooking do not open the rice cooker After one hour here is the prawn pulao Cleaning the cooker is pretty easy press this button here this part will come out you can clean this part easily as is there is one more component kind of safety mechanism you can remove this too, this way this is made of plastic there is rubber, make sure not to damage the rubber here is the lock and remove it completely you need to clean this too and important to keep it clean before using cooker Fix this way, this is for the steam outlet, make sure it is not blocked Fix this way, this is for the steam outlet, make sure it is not blocked This is a smart cooker very advanced and makes awesome rice every time But takes about 1 hour to cook that awesome rice You can also set timer, example start cooking after 1, 2, 3…. hours There is one small issue on this if during the rice cooking process there is a power failure then the settings will reset you either start from start or if already cooked over 50% then use steam option and cook for the remaining time manually This is a unique and really smart rice cooker interesting product for now it is not available in India, but may soon launch But if you cannot wait you can buy from GearBest the link is mentioned in video description for now it is priced at $123 few weeks / months back it was 90 to 99 $ few weeks / months back it was 90 to 99 $ With shipping this Mi Smart Rice cooker will cost . anywhere from 6000 to 10000 Rs From GearBest you can but it will be costly as shipping charges are high if you can wait for its launch in India The Mi Smart Rice Cooker price in India when launched, I guess will be under Rs. 6000 So did you like the cooker, leave a comment below, do like do share and do subscribe to my channel Thank you

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