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World’s Most Dangerous Hike ~ HUASHAN, CHINA

We are just about to start the world’s most dangerous hike. We are here in one Huanshan ready to go The Hike is just about to begin and you can already see how beautiful it is in the background So guys remember when I said I was really hot on that hike we did in indonesia I think that this one is even harder and even hotter and I’m struggling to even get up these stairs You can see behind me How amazing this view is but we have got a long way to go We have made it to the top of the mountain we are going to attempt to climb down It’s pretty high and this is the que We just made it to the top of Huashan Mountain I absolutely sh** myself it was amazing But it doesn’t end yet because now we have to go back and we have to go back the same way we came while people Are actually still trying to climb as well. You absolutely have to come to Huashan Moutain Oh My God, we did it we didn’t die still got our GoPro’s and still got all got all members our team and that was absolutely epic So have to be honest. I’m feeling it a little bit overwhelmed by all of that today it was absolutely amazing I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful we just walked down and the sun is setting behind us and all the rocks and mountains, trees are different colours I love China. I absolutely love China. You guys have to come

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14 thoughts on “World’s Most Dangerous Hike ~ HUASHAN, CHINA

  1. That hike looked amazing!I've never seen such beautiful landscapes.It sure looked hard though!My hands were sweating so much while watching this video, it looked super scary 😀

  2. many people criticism china but most once visited china all will change their mindset be course you never thought and something very strange and brand new thing only happen in china

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