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Womens SuperAlp GTX Aku Hikers for Alaska and Beyond

Welcome back to my channel First off. I want to thank everyone who has subscribed. I really appreciate it And I hope you guys are just excited to see what else I’m going to be doing this summer Today, I’m going to talk to you guys about my eight who Pipers they’re my super al pipers They are gore-tex, I got them over a year ago and They are my number one hikers so far first off They are a suede boot I’ve got a rubber ran sole all the way around which is super helpful we are in muskeg about I would say 80% of the time at least and a site from the gore-tex lining that they have the rubber and I really appreciate because I’m always stubbing my toe tripping and There are super water proof. They haven’t peeled yet. And that’s awesome. So they have a gore-tex lining Which makes them breathable? Also makes them Fairly waterproof. I have been through some wet hikes. I Like these eight crews because I’m able to give a lot of variation to my lace-ups Sometimes I’ll just go straight traditional Crisscross II and other times I’ll space them out and give a little bit more room to my instep As the hike goes on sometimes on you to switch up how I do that. So that’s one of the things I do like about These boots with all of the eyelets I Wanted to make a quick point on the sole of this boot You know a lot of places probably is a lot more trail hikes rock Solid ground up and where we live in southeast Probably any log you’re gonna step on is going to be slick The rocks are covered in moss and algae. And I found that their sole even though I know With any harder compound sole you’re gonna get a lot of high use, which is great The trade-off is that the terrain that we’re hiking in with the slippery logs the decomposing algae and moss and slick boardwalks they caused a little bit of Accidents for me, but they’re still fine. I mean you just Thanks for watching like subscribe and stick around for our next adventure

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5 thoughts on “Womens SuperAlp GTX Aku Hikers for Alaska and Beyond

  1. The puppy was a camera hog. You can see that he loves you. I liked it. Good job Marissa. What was it that you were swatting at on your pants?

  2. Great video quality. That close up focus woo. I will pass this on to my wife. I have some Danners that I really like for a bit of everything.

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