Winter hike/my winter gear – Gabrielius Ser

what’s up guys this is Gary oh and in this short video me and my buddy is going on winter hike so yeah stay tuned it’s gonna be awesome [Applause] [Applause] so I found a decent spot to show you what’s in my backpack so yeah come take a look this is all what I have at the moment in my backpack so this is my 60 70 liter backpack cheap trekking poles gonna have bacon meal ready to eat some buns this is the food bag this is this is a DD hammock next this is my sleeping bag winter sleeping bag from penguin then here we have a term arrest sleeping pad and everything is on my tarp so this is what I have for my sleeping system now extra clothes so here is thick spare gloves this is my jacket underwear extra pants or thermal pants long sleeve t-shirts four pairs of socks then bad for my butt to sit Coppola bungees a compass this my medicine kit kind of small one just a couple of tablets wrong flu and the bandage this is my toilet kit toothpaste toothbrush and paper wet wipes for maintaining clean is my fire lighting kit lighter look lighter then couple of boxes of fuel for igniting fires then cover from for my backpack then hello some extra 1 liter container for water cordage filter water filter a box aw I’m sorry folding saw from bahco laplander knife its bahco laplander or mora smaller less the same and also a back a bag for my camera gear extra batteries a flashlight etc and this is just a regular pot to eat and this one this pot for cooking the fire so yeah this is my kit for winter which if you have any good ideas which I improve the light in my backpack just write down in the comments below [Music] Fox tracks and this is squirrel drugs here’s more it just happens to be the first meal ready-to-eat menu 10 chilly and magrooney I’m going to go look for firewood because my ass is freezing – 5 or 6 my batteries even going nuts in the production the Cookson in distress but the echoes without the Decatur GA da de Lucas ring Qibla Banaras Labrador Labrador Authority good morning it’s cold morning by the lake and for those who want to see my setup here this chart is for you just a wall from the tarp to protect from snow and this is dynamic inside the shed [Applause] so this little point was all water source yesterday and it’s we have to make new one last minutes before the hike [Music] [Music]

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