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Wine Flights at The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn

Good Afternoon and Welcome to The Old Inn My Name is Ciaran Meyler from United Wine Merchants I would like to tell you about this wonderful new unique concept The we’re introducing in The Old Inn Flights of Wine, they give you a wonderful drinking experience, the opportunity to try six different wines from the portfolio of Marques de Caceres We’ve chosen Rioja and Spain in particular to make it quite easy for the consumer to understand The different levels of quality The flights are served in a 75ml measure which gives you an opportunity to taste three or four…whatever you choose we’re recommending two particular flights of wine… The ‘Iberian Interlude’ and ‘The Oak Odyssey’ So, firstly what we have to offer is a Blanco Rioja, this was Marques de Caceres’ first white wine they ever tasted nice pale colour with a bit of a green tinge very, very refreshing, aromatic. Nice light apples and pears What you’re given is a perfect wine to start off a meal or with light starters so just as an aperitif or with your salad based starters and then to make it a little bit more interesting we’re recommending a wine from the Albarino grape variety from Rias Baixas in the west coast of Spain very very intersting wine, it’s often referred to as as the Chablis of Spain its their most premium white wine so here you’re going to have a lot more rich fruit a lot more stone fruits peaches and apricots and a lot more fuller and richer flavour so if you’re having a nice seafood dish it’s the perfect accompaniment to add to that experience we have the Marques de Caceres Rosado which obviously is a rosé nice little pink tinge to it lovey bouquet of strawberries and raspberries nice and refreshing its not overly sweet either on the scale it would be more medium than it would be sweet lovely nice long, lingering lasting finish So, on the reds and this is where Rioja really comes into its own and where it becomes really really interesting we’re giving you an amazing opportunity to try the different styles of Rioja graded by the ageing process so, firstly you have the Marques de Caceres Crianza which literally translates to ‘nursing’ so the wine has been ‘nursed’ and aged for a little bit longer legally it must be at least 2 years old six months of that has to be spent in oak but Marques de Caceres go that little bit extra and they give this wine one full year in French oak barrels and one year in bottle before it’s released and that gives the wine just a little bit more devlopment a little bit more concentration of flavours and of the red cherries and strawberry and cinnamon and a little bit of spice coming from the oak it’s medium bodied, it’s a good entry point Rioja it crosses between, maybe you’re having a fuller flavoured white meat dish just turkey and ham or a light red meat dish it’s going to work perfectly with it and then that takes you into the next level where you go to reserva reserva legally has to be three years old one year of which has to be spent in oak and two years must be in bottle and again just to give the wine more development Marques de Caceres age this wine for eighteen months in oak and eighteen months in bottle and here you’re getting a lot more of those spiced, black forest fruits more succulent a lot more livelier a bit more body too we’re going to look at more full-bodied so stronger flavoured meat dishes slow cooked lamb, venison, beef… things like that and then we have at the top of the grade we have the Gran Reserva, the one with the ‘go-faster stripe’ and the alloy wheels this is the top model that you can get Gran Reserva legally has to be five years old so it mist be aged for at least five years two of which must be in oak and three of which must be in bottle and here you’re getting real complexity layers and layers of flavour this is what we call a three-dimensional wine you can taste it, and then you taste it again, and taste it again it lingers on in your palate for well over a minute or two strong flavoured foods… cheeses if you’re choosing to have all three reds throughout your meal experience with a starter main course and possibly a cheese plate you could save a bit of the Gran Reserva if you have managed to save it or order a wee glass of it to go with your cheese because you let a lot more smokey toasted aromas from that oak and rich, black forest fruits that’s the ‘Oak Odyssey’ basically where you’re enjoying all the sensory difference of the ageing process right through from the light elements of Crianza to the more complex flavours of Gran Reserva so enjoy our new flights of wine and flights of Spain at The Old Inn. Thank you

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