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Wilderness Hike, Death Valley

[birds chirping] Class is over
Spring break is officially beginning I just woke up, I’m late to my meeting,
I’m walking the wrong way. I’m about to meet everyone, I feel really
bad because my alarm didn’t go off Up, there they are Good morning! I’m really excited for Death Valley because
its going to be my first time actually camping out in a tent. I’m from Los Angeles, I grew up in the city.
I haven’t spent any time in the wilderness [rock music] Sweet… this is awesome! Alright, you’re good
Thank you, learn from the best. High five
Look at that Every time We hiked up this beautiful like canyon looking
mountain I was afraid of being humiliated because I
wasn’t sure if I could actually climb them, but the team definitely encouraged me. When
you have that positive energy next to you with people who aren’t afraid, you don’t
feel afraid. That was so inspiring, because I don’t think
I fully grasped how able I was to conquer… that feeling of thinking I can’t do something. Whooooooooo! That was probably one of the best hikes I’ve
been on in my whole life It doesn’t matter how good you are or how
far you get, it really doesn’t. What matters is that you pass that fear and you don’t
let it freeze you, you don’t let it stop you from doing what you want. Death Valley has been my week of firsts.
First time setting up a tent, first time camping. It was my first time eating food from like
a little can of fire, I can’t remember the like proper term for it. I’m just going
to call it can of fire. First time seeing the sky blanketed, literally
blanketed by stars. I looked up and there was like different dimensions of stars. I
was like, oh my god, what!! We did a journal entry yesterday. We had to
write about our impressions of Death Valley and then how they changed.
I felt like Death Valley like one of those people who are really like closed off and
don’t really talk to people, and then when you get to know them they just show you their
inner beauty. I feel like that’s Death Valley. When you’re driving past it, you’re just
a desert, nothing there, then you get inside of it, doesn’t even look like a desert anymore.
Its not just dull and boring, it comes to life. Jacob, you have to join the fun… Go! It’s a tie! We’ve had nothing but fun, I think just
living together in the desert with minimal resources, it builds relationships, and I
feel like once you spend this much time with people, you take that with you. I don’t know if the desert has changed me,
I just know that today felt completely different in a good way. [footsteps]

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2 thoughts on “Wilderness Hike, Death Valley

  1. good video always enjoy hikes should check out some of my hikes if you get the chance on my channel all from arkansas the natural state .was an interesting hike you did would love to see it in real life some day .

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