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Wild Pig Trapping Tips: Rainfall and Wild Pigs

One of the main influences rainfall has on wild pigs is that I gets them on the move.
During times of limited rainfall the pigs tend to shrink their core area
to wet locations. These localized saturated areas allow them to stay cool and offer them the basic resources that
they need to survive. Once the rains come the pigs will range
out and expand their core area in response to the saturated landscape. Rain transforms the landscape and makes new resources
available to wild pigs. Recent rains may allow you to utilize trap sites where wild pig activity has decreased
as the landscape dries. One example of this could be a low spot in
the pasture near thick cover that holds water after a sufficient amount of
rainfall is received. Seek out these locations, assess wild
pig response and decide if trapping would be
beneficial at that location. Rain also influences wild pig behaviors by
increasing the amount of moisture in the pig’s nose. Their sense of smell is one of the
strongest senses a wild pig has and increased moisture in the air basically enhances this scent. During this time period scented or sour baits can possibly be detected at greater distances. Super-charge your bait with sweet scents such as
berry, or Apple soda or sour scents such as catfish bait or
rotten produce. It’s important to keep in mind that some
baits may attract unintended visitors to your trap sites. A game
camera will help in determining the species response to specific baits. Next time it rains capitalize on the
wet conditions by utilizing new trap sites and offering
appealing baits that may be detected at greater distances.

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