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Why We Have to Raise the Price of some of Your Favorite Herbs

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but we are raising prices on a few
select herbs at Lost Empire Herbs. Why are we doing this? Well, we have rising costs ourselves and to
continue to deliver the quality of our herbs, the service we
provide, the education, we have to unfortunately pass
some of these increases on to you. But it is only on select
herbs, not everything we have. And these herbs we’ve never
raised the prices before on. So we have our tongkat capsules. Not
the powder itself, but the capsules. We have Thor’s Hammer, both the capsules and the powder
will be going up in price. Athena and then our Maca
and beet juice powder. All these will be having a price
increase coming up. Once again, we’re doing this because we kind
of have to do it and as we grow, as we get greater economies of scale,
as we find even better supplies, we are going to work to lower our prices. We actually did that recently with
our Goji Berry freeze-dried powder, amazing, amazing stuff. And we’re
able to pass on the savings. We were able to do for that onto you
as well. So this is what is going on. But the good news is we do have
the last chance sale opportunity. So you can get these at the current
prices up until the 4th of February. That will be the last day. After that, the prices are going up and that’s going
to be the new regular prices for these herbs.

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