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Why experts are wrong about inflation and the economic crash

Why so many financial experts are wrong about
inflation and why should I care. we need to analyze what is it that the financial
experts are wrong about! since the 2008 economic crisis, in which we
were hours away from economic collapse just listen to rep. Paul Kanjorski.
The treasury opens up its window to help they pumped 105 billion dollars to the system and quickly
realized they could not stem the tide we were having an electronic run on the banks. They
decided to close the operation…close down the money accounts and announce a guarantee
of 250,000 per account so there would not be further panic out there.
that is what actually happened. if they have not have done that …in there estimation
by 2 o’clock that afternoon 5.5 trillion dollars would have been drawn from the money market
system of the united states would have collapsed the entire economy of the united states and
within 24 hours the world economy would have collapsed. the central banks of the world implemented ¨quantitative easing¨ more than tripling
the money supply many financial experts like: Peter Schiff,
Egon von Greyerz, James Turk,
Andrew Maguire, Pierre Lassonde,
Peter Boockvar, Dr. Stephen Leeb,
Bill Fleckenstein, Rick rule,
Rob Arnott, and Art Cashin
among many others. Predicted inflation. Inflation is seen by most like Zimbabwe hyperinflation
or Venezuela hyperinflation in which most lose everything. the cost of food and everyday
items double daily and most items are unavailable. That never
happened in the developed nations in which central banks behaved like thieves that were
allowed access to the printing machines.
to whom you lend 2.2 trillion of their dollars…would you tell us who got that money and what the
terms of those agreements. we explained each of our programs the terms we explained the
collateral required. to whom did you explain. its in our web site.
ok. all that information is available.
who got the money. hundreds and hundreds of banks that have access
to the federal reserve discount. can you tell us who they are?
NO… because the reason it would be counterproductive and would destroy the value of the program.
Isn’t that too bad. Banks have no need to purchase food or essential
items so there was no inflation in these items. Banks purchased financial assets. Central
Banks in Japan, Swiss National bank and many more created money
from nothing and purchased real things…they purchased stocks, purchased real estate artificially
increasing the price of these assets and lowering our purchasing
power. But if you look at the stock market, the s&p
500 we can see inflation… no, maybe its called
wealth creation. maybe this is why Janet Yellen said: threats
of financial stability that seem to be emerging so… would I say there would ever, ever be
another financial crisis. only to say next year Yellen warns of another
potential financial crisis: ‘Gigantic holes in the system the tools available to stop a crisis are too many to even be known: the exchange stabilization fund If you really want to look at that you can
spend hours at what I have been afraid to blog about. the Exchange stabilization fund
and its history. also, have the plunge protection team
creating TRILLIONS from nothing and becoming the biggest owner of real estate virtually
overnight. or they can create 21 trillion dollars out of nothing. even cooking the books
with unaccounted government transactions from departments
DoD and HUD.according to Catherine Austin fitts of Solari report, by the way, the best
economic information in the web its the only economist that I have not seen surprised by
what has happened she has predicted almost everything. We can thank John Meynard Keynes for our economic system it seems the GRAND EXPERIMENT goal is to use
war as just another tool for economic growth as we can see here.
So when the motor blows what do you do…buy a new truck and bill the government.
truck…and did not have a spare tire …and we had to blow it up and they did not care…the
government is paying for it. we knew that every day a vehicle broke down
we had to destroy it and there are 80,000 thousand vehicles expensive trucks and we
are burning fuel in front of the Iraqi people we are not doing anything to help…we have
to follow orders. and soon to launch new endeavors at the expense
of too many lives. but there is a way to destroy the economics
of violence listen to trace Mayers. but should I care? only if money is important to you! What should I do? you should ask the advice of a REGISTERED CERTIFIED
financial adviser. But be aware he will only recommend investments that will enrich him. if he does not sell gold or silver you will never hear that advise. If he does not benefit by recommending cryptocurrency you will never hear bitcoin being offered as a possibility. you will, of course, hear recommendations to purchase government bonds. A financial instrument that YOU have to pay back. But don’t worry if interest keeps dropping… You will have to pay a lot less money… TO YOUR SELF! no wonder debts are unpayable! your future is your responsibility…very few know what’s going to happen and they are not telling us! gold and silver helped the few Venezuelans that invested in that bitcoin enriched the few Venezuelans and citizens of zimbabwe at the same time
most around them lost everything. diversify… do not put all your eggs in the same basket. In a world of unpayable debts… many will not be paid …. will it be your RETIREMENT? This dilemma would not exist if free markets would be allowed to function by manipulating interest and money supply you manipulate everything that is for sale. That includes the politicians that are willing to sell you, your kids and grandkids to serfdom for eternity. How long do you think it will take to pay a debt that is unpayable. It will take as long as it takes for us to wake up that it IS the system that has to change.

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