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Why Alec Baldwin can’t run for president.

Hola! Look at you tracking me down in the middle of nowhere. Well actually the middle of Los Angeles. Thanks for joining my hike. I’m Kevin and I’ll be honest with you. I’m a little nervous about this trail because as you can see, it’s kind of close quarters, and I am not good at identifying poisonous plants. There’s a lot of Poison Oak here, Poison Ivy. Wish it was more obvious I wish, like maybe, you know, they had like a, on each leaf… maybe a skull and a cross bone if it was poisonous. I shouldn’t have touched that. Like name tags, you know. Oh and I think people should have name tags too. So we know if they’re poisonous Are you like me?Have you ever met somebody a long time ago. They introduced themselves and You kind of forgot their name And you didn’t ask him again and now it’s too late to ask them because it’s been like 20 years That’s the worst. I’m the worst at remembering names All right now small talk, enough chit-chat We’re here to fry bigger eggs… ‘fish,’ bigger fish. Let’s take a hike! Hiking shotgun off my left shoulder today What can I say about him. If I listed all his credits we wouldn’t have time for a hike I mean you would literally see all these plants and bushes go through the four seasons. Television seasons, because, you know, we’re in Los Angeles. But I can honestly say that my hiking buddy today needs no introduction. And that’s primarily because I can’t remember his name. He’s funny. He’s smart. He’s talented. He’s uh, ….Oh! Alec! Today we’re hiking with Alec Baldwin! Alec is it safe to say most people know you immediately from your Trump portrayal on SNL? It seems that way now, yeah. I guess Trump likes it, right? He likes your impression? I mean, I don’t know him. I think he likes any attention he gets Yeah, he pretends he’s with all those things. He runs some kind of like, you know Not funny, SNL Lorne Michaels, you know, whatever… somebody’s got photos of him. You fit so easily on SNL, man. When you first started hosting while I was on there. “Jan Hooks.” Jan Hooks, man. You two… Jan… yeah, Jan. The only time I ever cracked up on camera one of only like maybe two times was when I say to Phil Hartman I’m Marlon Brando and I say, “I’m gonna take Victoria Jackson’s daughter away with me before the chemical plant explodes” And in the rehearsals he always played it pretty flat and then on air… he panics, and he turns to me and goes, “Take me with you!” I just pissed my pants. Which of your three brothers do you dislike the most? I dislike them equally. It’s a rotation. It’s kind of seasonal. How are you feeling? How’s your hip? You just had a hip replaced. I had my hip replaced… When? …last February and, uh, I have to have the other one replaced probably in… early December. Yeah, I got very depressed. I really did cuz I thought, oh God, like a part of my body is failing me. Yeah. Oh, my god, like, is erectile dysfunction around the corner or something, you know even more serious? But I really felt like I got really sad cuz I thought I’m like a car and like pieces of me are falling off. I know. But you’re very fit. You’re very solid. What do you do? I get tested and I go and get all my blood work done and my doctor like about six months ago he goes you’re in perfect health. Everything’s great. The only thing is he goes you’re the most stressed out person I’ve ever met. But I don’t sleep. I have very bad insomnia. You, to me, I’ve known you for a long time. I don’t know you that well but I’ve known you a long time. I feel like I know you. You do seem like you have a lot inside of you. Like… Stuff you wanna do, stuff you wanna say. Things, you know, you wanna fix. Well, ya know, I’ve changed. Yeah, haha, yeah. I used to say things I thought were right and fair and I realized in the age of social media you could be done. Yeah. Like one slip-up your career is over. I’m surprised you’re still around, man… Seriously. Yeah, yeah. Because you had a you’ve had a reputation of like just spouting off the things you feel you know without thinking and… Well my wife would look at me and be like,
“Alec, listen to me… I always do my racist accent with my wife I make my accent with my wife the most racist. She says, I want you to stop every times people ask you to give your opinion doesn’t mean you have to give it. So for the sake of your children don’t do it, Alec. Don’t do it. Do you think you have an anger management problem? No, my don’t because to me What I find…I mean, I think what I do is, I take the bait. So like if guys bug me They know it. with the camera and they’re 75 feet away and their long lens I never like go rushing across the street. It’s when the guy almost chips my wife’s teeth right with the lens. Right. Or my wife moves away from me, the guy’s like ya know Your wife’s on Instagram in her underwear all the time. Then why would you want to marry…and then he says some ugly slur. against my wife. that guy and I, we… not always, but sometimes I’ve made up my own rules and then me and that person become very intimate very quickly Yeah. What is it like being in a fist fight? I’ve never been in a fist fight. Noooo! Never been. You don’t have a temper? Not really. I mean I do for certain things, but I… What really gets to you? I let mine manifest inside so it’s eating up my organs and stuff you will live forever because you get out. but I mean I was hit once in Little League in the nose… It hurt so badly I thought I never wanna be in one of those things again. I wasn’t even, it was a sucker punch. With this guy kind of weird ago My favorite moment was I’m telling the story we were Disappointed, you know When you did that sketch on Saturday live the NPR sketch Twitty balls That was so funny. I love that You know My favorites once I’m not in Chris Farley doing Chris Farley show with McCartney. Yeah, he turns to Chris Chris transyl McCartney Remember that time you got arrested for smoking pot and they arrested you and The cartons like I do remember that Chris, but those are some of the things We really will try not to not remember. We’d like to forget Yeah I Mean You’re like I mean, I think this show was kind of changed a little bit where somebody so many guests come You know It’s not just the cast you see with the host. There’s like a lot of these people have done it before they’ll come in your Dinero, whoever Ben Stiller people just drop by but you know what I find is it when I’m there I would always feel a little funny because I thought Every minute I’m doing this is time that gets taken away from the cast Good show at least I would want a good show finish this sentence for me. I wish I could hang out with I think I could help But I don’t know if you would love me but did you make this image yeah, yeah. Yeah, I’m sorry no No, I just have seen like think Sinatra in my fantasy They’re making plans for dinner or they have a screening a movie and such as like there’s a long pause He’s out look around Kolak And he wants to be always wants to call Alec baby. Look get Alec on the blower now But I think that we he would love me because I talk straight Everybody else was afraid I get him alone, but he’d be coming out of the bathroom as if in the sky And I’d say Finish the sense I wish I had more money Money so I could leave it to my wife when I’m dead because I’m not gonna be around much longer. Let’s face Yeah, I need to leave my huge five We have four kids. You must have another one. We’re having another one she’s baby – We’re gonna have a fifth one. Yeah that’s in the know What’s your daughter Ireland up to she’s in Michigan with her boyfriend I know she’s in love because dad What’s your favorite thing to do in the business, what’s your favorite? Your stand-up I do alone extended listen to me Put that book in I can’t describe the property two people having the Ellensburg He’s even a Peter Pan in New York Right, you had the woman sit down in the chair or something and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life I’m not kidding Thanks No You do great impressions Someone points it out to me. Did I have a weak? kind of Card, I played in any impersonations we do do The gag is that your thunder on a certain phrase. Yeah. So if I do Pacino, what’s it gonna say? Kevin I’m telling you right now We’re gonna go on a hike through Franklin, Canyon Park And I want you to know that after we get to the five mile bark. I’m gonna stop Thinking. All right. Boom. Tony Bennett. Totally better. I love Tony Bennett. Same thing. Same guy Tony better. Yeah I think that that I think that that pink is one of the great great I can’t wait to get around my shop boom thunder When I was a kid II buy these albums Cheech and Chong car Olympia. Yeah, Carlin says the key to your ed. Solomon is not Sounded like Sullivan. It’s the freakier the actual juice. Yeah an owl tonight on our show Right here right here on our show the juggling right Senator John Glenn He huh? That was the Carson mix too. My favorite thing about Carson was that diversity. So they sit there. They go Johnny’s guest tonight Muhammed Ali Senator Daniel in a way Democrat of Hawaii Shields and Yarnell And you’re your mom like such a mix Did more never call you to come in and do dropping you said I don’t know man. I’m doing so much. I’m tired Did you Trump? Yeah Oh, yeah, I didn’t I think every time I did Trump after the first the first season was everybody was high Yeah, but there weren’t a lot of pain right they were confused. They thought it isn’t possible Right, even if you didn’t like her it isn’t possible that he would beat her They just didn’t see that and then I did the first season Chris Kelly Sarah Schneider wrote all of his stuff very funny. We win the Emmy fun fun fun being Kate McKinnon Yeah then every time I did it after season the second and third season I read to it I go in my room and I was I hope a meteor hits this building. It kills me. I Hate this. Yeah, but I mean, I don’t need to tell you they’re my friends. Sure That’s like a family absolutely. I’ll go back there. I mean I do the show Seven or eight times this season and you know, listen, I always say to myself people are sick of this I’m sick of this. I don’t want to do it anymore And then I go out at night at a restaurant and fifty people say something to me Yeah, cuz I keep going keep going though. They need this to Manage their pain What I don’t like is I don’t think it’s doing anything anything It’s not doing anything good or bad for him. Yeah Americans live this standard of living and They don’t want it to end. I don’t wanna go backwards. It’s becoming tighter for people to make ends meet and Trump has them and one of those rare moments were they’re gonna vote their wallet over everything The environment of climate. Yeah, you know the rights of people, you know, whatever Yeah, he’s gonna get them to vote their wallet at the expense of everything You have five kids how much money do you need to have any bank to feel comfortable if you can work again? I don’t know two million five million You don’t have a million in a trust fund for each kid for school Yeah, and beyond by the time they’re all going from school and then you want to leave your wife You know minimum of 30 million clean cash minimum 30 min And then you die your wife, well, you know, my wife will be in bed with her boyfriend And I want the boy. Well, you know, she’s gonna be with another night. You’re not a telescope area Ah, yes, but you know, but you know, you know, she’s gonna be with another guy. I’m not old I’ll be dead and she’ll be her boyfriend. You want her to be? All right Sutures She’s with a guy And what all I want is her to like to burst out sobbing when they’re in bed, like once every six nine really Yeah, that’s it that’s all he left Bruce Willis had the best advice for me when I got divorce the first time He said Alec your worst nightmare could have become their greatest dream. He said pray your wife meets another guy Because then you’re off the clock It’s his job you’ve been here your podcast now for eight years It’s called the thing is it’s called here’s the thing. Okay. Hold on think The thing is – this here’s the thing no, no keep going I love The football, really He’s like Testaverde there was a lot of testosterone going on back that you had played in high school quarterback I was in college quarterback and professional you play put it that way College the rule recommend a little college I’ll get the wraps So we get on our knees about 20 yards apart 30 years apart and we throw it as hard as we could and have one in the trunk of the car good For now, I don’t I used to carry football golf clubs I’m not really hard and you were hard to get on my knees Because the whole ceiling height and we really zip it so I used to think to myself You really control so here you are in your 60s And your so well-respected in the entertainment field By the way, you can’t keep hitting my arm, I Love my wife and my kids and you know and my kids it make my day But if I could have a chance to do my career over again same for you now go say go if you could have someone Else’s career. Who would you have Tom Hanks? You would have Hanks is career. That’s a good one I have whenever I see actually embarrassment. I tell how much I love his movies me William Holden another how David Reverend William hold it this is a question My son would ask you what’s the one superpower you would like if you could to fly To find it in your with a dinner party with a bunch of people You don’t know that well as a nice bag invisibility or fly And I felt that invisibility Indicated that you were corrupt in some way And to fly that bitch you were dumb because you could fly anything you want on the plane so yeah I would love to I Really wouldn’t want to know why I would love to you. You want to know why why because I really want to help people Especially people with families raising the next generation of children in this country Yeah Regardless of whether they’re gay or straight a man and a one two women two guys Gay couple have kids whatever they need a break to help them raise their children like we’re help. We’re right now we’re creating a problem for the next generation of Americans and how they’re gonna live in this economy because we’re we’re just one example is saddling them with all that death. That’s stupid Well, why don’t you run it for good? My wife said she wait divorce imperfecta So, you know what to do if you want to get rid of her. Oh, yeah But you have too much baggage like a brother Do you think I do be honest if you give it to me straight, it’s okay. I don’t know I only know what I read Trump had a lot of baggage in Hue month Now the any of my trapped baggage was sexual assault times are different Yeah, your your baggage is only getting angry people Yeah, my baggage is taking the bait We don’t but if I were president, I mean, I think there’s a lot of stake You don’t want to set a bad example for people I certainly I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be tussling with somebody over a parking spot if I were president now would I Because I care I want to help people yeah, I want to use the tremendous power of the government and all of its resources to help people, but I don’t think My wife said – I’m going to do that. Just wonderful our kids. So we’re Vice President Tom Hanks Thanks, Alec, oh it was a fun hike and guess what not one tussle broke out, but man I was ready for a brawl I really was man. I am just itching to unleash these bad boys right here. I know you guys would back this up – Okay. Thanks for joining my hike please subscribe turn on notifications and we’ll catch you next time happy trails

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    But today he seems to be full of hatred and resentment? I know his divorce & combined negative attributes of his siblings were very difficult for this Baldwin brother. He married a very lovely woman and it went south in silence! They it hit tabloids whenever he farted? He has his reasons for despising the intrusive paparazzi ! Then the public began f*cking with him? Then his neutral political views began to trickle out like a hypocrite? Then full blown TDS? I lost some respect with Alec because of these public displays of his hatred & disrespect for our duly elected President? It's like Robert DeZero's screams of lunacy and saying he'd love to kick his face in? That's a brutal thought to vocalize with such sincerity. These famous celebrity "people" think they're "know it alls" when talking politics? They're hypocrites when you listen to what they're really saying. They're professional actors and pretend to be other characters or mimic & improvise their impersonations of others. That doesn't aitomatically translate to qualities of brilliance and intelligence! They either appear as talented handsome men & their attractive female peers. They run Hellywood like it's a religion of sin, not what we always hoped it wasnt! They have very questionable and secret taboo lifestyles which they used to dare never talk about? But they're coming out in droves and using symbology that doesn't take any specialists to figure it out, right? And all this gossip about consuming babies, human trafficking and spirit cooking? With so many worlocks & practicing witches? We have some seriously lost and distracted followers of these abominations? Research some things about ancient history, The Holy Bible and it will draw open your eyes by cranking up your own critical thinking! If you're going to be a "free thinker" at least use your own free will to validate these hypocrites & other imposters? I don't support demons nor do I worship their idols! God created our salvation of eternal life! They know exactly what the score really is! Why would they embrace such wretched beliefs and rituals involving human sacrifice? Offering blood sacrifice for gained approvals? Then they offer it to everyone they can attract, whom follow them, but it's all above hidden power and influence? Does that matter to anyone, it certainly angered me to the bone! If they can't be truthful answering questions, how can they be trusted? I'm not judging, I'm questioning & criticizing their actions. Based on past contradictions of repetitive redundancy? Many can't seem to stay content unless they marry and divorce like it's impulsive and desperate shopping.
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