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Who Wants a Skoolie Tour? Flat Out Travellers 7 Window Mid Sized School Bus Conversion

You’re probably wondering why I’m
wearing sunglasses inside at night and as much as I like to share everything
with you guys, I’m not gonna share pinkeye. But that’s okay because I’m not
the star of the show tonight tonight I’m excited because it’s my first time
showing you somebody else’s bus I’m gonna introduce you to a really cool
skoolie couple I met with a really cool bus and by cool I’m not talking about
like Instagram cool although they are Instagram cool. They’ve got a great
Instagram with fantastic photos on it but the cool in these people goes so far
beyond that believe me. everything about them from who they are as people to
their amazing little 7window midsize bus it’s all cool you’re gonna like it
so without further ado I would like to introduce you to the flat out travellers. I’m Sam and I’m Carley and we’re the Flat
Out Travellers. Canadian travelers, you’re allowed to travel six months of a year, period. and we almost didn’t get in. Yeah
we showed up to the border and they they looked at the bus and the like where you
going when I’m going for a six-month trip down the East Coast across them up
the west coast what do you do for a job we, we’re unemployed right now Oh where do you live? in the bus. okay pull over there And they’re like yeah you’re not
getting in. well and they also said are you not aware of the requirements for a
travel visa in the States and we’re like – we just said we sold
our house, left our jobs and like we’re aware of it but it’s not a law you have
to be a homeowner and have a job to travel in your country we understand it
looks a little bit more sketchy I think they’re just scared of people coming in
and working illegally they kept saying like oh what if you fall in love with
Texas you got to Texas and then you just stay there. And we’re like, that’s illegal. we’re not gonna do that And I’m like, I really like Canada. We just want to travel. We want to enjoy your country and then we want to come home. we actually met a family who are travelling in the States
full-time play there I think may be going for a six-month trip. we asked them if they had problems yeah and they said oh we just told them we were going to Disneyland.
likes honestly I would suggest being completely honest and we were at the
point where like if they don’t let us in they don’t let us in and we’ll do something
else but I’d rather not lie like we were at the point where – we were just
completely honest – we can’t give them any more like we’re doing everything you got
being as honest as we can and then they can go to look at your blog right they
look at the instagram yeah it’s just we just be honest and if it doesn’t work
out well you kind of gave it everything you got. Then you change your change of plans. so thankfully
eventually they let us cross. so yeah so we went to Walmart
got our restock your groceries because you can’t bring a lot of stuff across the
border yeah then we picked up a SIM card for our phones American SIM card and
then we traveled through Vermont. And it was the perfect time of year. we wanted
to see Vermot. Everything on the East Coast is new We originally bought the bus as a motocross rig, for hauling. to haul all the bikes and the quads to the races and have somewhere to sleep and then we were looking
online at stuff and we came across Mike, like, Navigation Now Here, I guess we’ve been saying it wrong this whole time.
I always thought was navigation nowhere I always thought it was navigation nowhere yeah we were corrected yesterday by a personal friend of Mike so yeah saw him and started talking between us
like a cool to do kind of thing, but we had just bought a farm, like an 80 acre property. we had
chickens and goats and pigs and ducks yeah so it was like oh no we can’t
do that yeah we can’t do that like we’re settled here this is where we are and
then we said, well we’ll give ourselves a year and after a year if we
still feel the same – cause it was winter at that point, and oh yeah it’s not fair you can’t say you wanna sell the farm in the winter. Let’s see how we feel after the summer. so then we got into the fall before winter starts and we just looked at each other like, I guess we’re selling. so. So sold the farm, quit the jobs, my cousins took the goats. The bus is a ’97 international it’s a 7.3
turbo diesel everybody when we say we have that says yeah, that’s a good motor. yeah window 26 Perfect. Seven window, yeah, seven window 26 feet bumper to bumper and 18 feet behind the driver’s seat back of living space Not a super common size actually. no. we have a lot of
people messaging us being like where’d you find your bus? I’m looking for one
that size. And we’re like come to Manitoba because we have small school systems so it’s a very
common size bus. took seven months to do. we did it all ourselves minus the storage
box underneath it was built by a Hutterite colony. Yup that’s cause it’s a lot of welding and they’re built really well by them. oh it’s a barn wood ceiling which you don’t see very often
the wood is from her brother’s barn that fell down it was like 50 feet form where we were renovating the bus so we just took the barn wood and dragged it over. When you started the build, what were like the most important things to you? having a space to like host people.
Mine was the permanent table. you’re looking at plans we
saw a lot of like double couches and I really wanted a permanent kitchen table for
eating and having a decent sized kitchen and we got a real four burner cooktop,
propane, which is wonderful. And we have tons of counter space so we can cook at the same time which we both like
doing yeah and having enough room for like someone to work here on this side
and someone’s be chopping on that side because we both cook. We built all the
cabinets and then we have our sink with faucet between the kitchen and the bed we
have a Do It Yourself composting toilet it gets really cuz I didn’t want
a grey water it’s the main reason composting toilets are great but I
didn’t want to spend $1000 on the toilet but mine cost $3 honestly I think I’ll
put another $30 in revamping my toilet and I think I’m gonna love it. I’ll find out then, because I like almost love it. we didn’t want a camper.
we didn’t want an RV. We wanted a school bus converted home. we still wanted to feel
like a school bus so we left the original door on the school
bus cuz some would replace that but like no, to me that’s the number one best
thing about a school bus, is the door. number two is the windows. yeah. like yes they
suck, they let a lot of heat out but there that’s what lets all the light in – classic! and makes a school bus a school bus you wanted like a moody creative workspace
yeah like for creating music and stuff and Carley wanted bright and happy and
airy. Yeah, cause it’s a small space and we’ve got the perfect mix I think. We think we’ve got the perfect mix with the barn wood ceiling mixing with the white cabinets with the dark up front yeah yeah the moody dark black front and then a dark bedroom kind of thing yeah so we were
really happy with the compromise yep then as you walk into her bus we have
the couch on the left hand side. It’s a full six feet which is nice. For
sleeping it pulls out into a good double size bed and then we have a
dinette obviously there’s storage under everything.
that side of the dinette houses our entire electrical system underneath here
our amps, our AC panel, everything and everything electrical is there. Solar is
right there well and our solar plugins over here
solar plugins right there and then our batteries are literally right there.
we have 200 watts solar and then we have 460 amp hours of storage at 12 volts
with four six volt batteries. we’re running a 120 volt fridge like an
apartment-sized fridge and we charge our devices yeah and then everything else is
12 volt and then takes very little like water pump 12 volt lights batteries
charge when we drive, too. The battery bank is more important to us than the solar cells.
yeah, have you a decent size because of the way our lifestyle is and then we
have the generator as backup but it’s been three months and we’ve ran it four
times. the stove is the cubic mini cub it’s awesome love it tried to maximize
our ceiling height as much as possible that’s also why we did the inset
ceiling. we had a hitchhiker with us for a month that he was 6 foot 4 so it was a
little difficult for him. did you just say you have a hitchhiker with you for a
month? Do you want to trll her or me tell her? I can’t talk so – OK. So we ere in Montreal and we were just checking out the city kind of thing and this couple walked by and started looking at the bus
we got talking and he was from Australia he was visiting his girlfriend in Canada
and he’s like yeah I’m actually hitchhiking across Canada and I’m on my
way to Newfoundland I want to leave tomorrow
so and he wasn’t like trying to convince us to pick him up or anything we were
just chatting yeah really well we’re gonna do comand tomorrow do you want to come with? we can take you to newfoundland and he’s like super pumped yeah cuz like it’s a lot it was a
long drive to make it last you know like a three-day driv, yeah, a the three-day drive so for him to hitchhike that would’ve taken a long time. Yeah and a lot of trips, right? so so he’s like that’d be so awesome and so yeah so
on the way to Newfoundland we got talking about travel plans and he’s like
yeah I’m planning on spending like a month there then I got to be back in
Quebec or in Montreal in a month and we’re like well we got to be in Quebec
City in a month it’s like two hours yes we’re traveling together for the next
month yeah we can’t just drop you off on the side of the road and then like keep
passing you hey you know you may as well join us for the month yeah it was crazy
and we’d only been travelling three weeks three has happened and like this
opportunity to keep up so when we’re talking in the parking lot with him he
said I’m hitchhiking to Newfoundland I didn’t even look at Sam all of a sudden
I was like what would you like to join us and then I looked at Sam and like, are we feeling the same vibe?I just
invited him to join us yeah the first night after we drop him
off in Quebec City and went our ways and then the first night we sat there like,
what did we do before Sash was here? yeah like we and then we realized we’ve been
actually traveling with him longer than we’ve been traveling without a lot of
adventure so if you happen to see old George the bus rambling down the freeway
make sure you stick out your thumb for the flat out travelers and if you catch up with them camped out
somewhere whether that’s on top of a mountain by the side of a river at a
tiny house festival you’re probably gonna find everybody else kind of
buzzing around them too everything about this bus from the six
foot long sofa that converts to a bed to the 15 foot roof deck to the little
table that folds out on the outside of the bus everything about it is designed
for community because the people who live in this bus the flat out travelers
these are people who make community happen and that’s something I aspire to
aspiring is as close as I’ve gotten because you know I don’t know I think I
have a little too much as that loner gene but… I’m glad somebody’s doing it.

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7 thoughts on “Who Wants a Skoolie Tour? Flat Out Travellers 7 Window Mid Sized School Bus Conversion

  1. That was an awesome tour video, i love your misic in the background. They interveiw was great, just all around the video was amazing great job Mary!!!

  2. Mary, you managed to put a whole new spin on the typical bus tour. What a nice interview and I really liked the little glimpses of their travels and conversion pictures etc. Thanks for sharing.

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