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White Tail Resort

(upbeat acoustic guitar)>>A lot of people come here
for the first time ’cause it’s a bucket list item, then they have to come back
because they love it so much. But they should try it just
to see how beautiful it is. My family was always
nudist, it’s just natural and it just lended itself to this environment,
this lifestyle.>>Well, my wife came here
without me for about six months because I was raised
Southern Baptist and we weren’t, well,
you wasn’t gonna catch me with my clothes off anywhere. So in my mind, there was
all the preconceived notions of a nudist resort, or you know, people swapping in wives
and all that stuff, and I came here and realized that once you came here
and took your clothes off, everybody was the same, and
none of that was going on.>>You have been coming here
for more than 20 years. Seven years ago, you decided, I’m giving away everything I own and I’m making this my home.>>If we were to win a
million dollars tomorrow, we would not move,
it’s very peaceful. You don’t worry about
anybody having a gun, nobody’s got a machine gun,
no one’s in here shootin’. Everyone is and
their natural state and everyone’s the same, you
don’t know who’s a millionaire, what their life is
outside of here.>>It’s great for
your self esteem. If you’re really
shy about your body or have body issues
that you think you have, nobody pays
attention to it here. And it’s the people
here, they’re awesome. If you need help doing
anything, they’re there. We have a lot of social
events, it’s a lot of fun. We have pickleball,
we have the Topcourts, we have loud dances, we have
bands, we have pool parties, we have volleyball, we
have water volleyball. We have poker runs
on the golf carts. It’s always something going on.>>And you have a
full-service restaurant here but there’s no sign
here that says, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.>>Nope, that would
be no problem. (loudly giggling)>>What do you say to,
I guess, opponents? People who just
don’t understand it or they say that that’s gross, or that that’s lewd, or
any other negative term.>>I say don’t criticize
it until you’ve tried it.>>Once you get the
clothes off somebody, they can be anybody,
be a doctor, a lawyer, Indian Chief, and it doesn’t
matter, it’s just you. Nobody checking out your body to see what you look like
or none of that stuff. They’re usually walking
up and going, hi, how you doing, my name’s
so and so, who are you? We have a code of
ethics around here, to treat people with respect. Because if you don’t, you
lose your right to come here.>>And do people come
here from all over?>>Oh, yeah!
>>Oh, my God!>>Four, five, six
hours away they come, every weekend.
>>Every weekend from New Jersey,
from Pennsylvania.>>They drive down
here every weekend.>>Oh, people come
here from Europe. Every walk of life comes here. We have little people, we have
people that have one breast, we have people that
have colostomy bags, and the only time, we
have people that have MS that can’t walk and they’re
lowered into the pool because we have
that special chair. And the only time they feel
free is when they’re here. They’re not out in
the public saying, I have a bag because I’ve
had a serious operation, but here, they just
blend right here. Nobody’s asking
’em any questions and they’re so
free and so happy.>>It’s just natural to be nude, it’s in the air and sun,
it just is, feels awesome.>>We’re here on a
beautifully warm day but what do you
do in the winter?>>We go inside. (Amy softly chuckling)
We’re not crazy.>>White Tail Resort opens
holds an open house every July for individuals interested in checking it out
for themselves.

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