White Knuckle Drive From the West

– [Robert] In today’s video
we begin the perilous drive out of the West. Why so perilous, you may ask. Well I’m trying to outrun some
really bad weather coming. We will see some fantastic scenery. Among them, Marble Canyon, Page, Arizona and the striking buttes and
mesas of Monument Valley. We’ll encounter some bad weather and eventually Amarillo, Texas, as we make our way towards Oklahoma. ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ Good morning. On the road again. (jazzy music) Before we go, let’s pay a
visit to the dump station. Oh we have potable
water here in the front. And off we go. Let’s check out real quick here by dropping our tag in the mailbox. Speaking of mailboxes, I do
have some merchandise to mail. So let’s stop by the post office.
if you wanna check it out. It is going to be a beautiful ride as we’re going to be driving across some of the most striking landscapes this part of the American
West has to offer. Check out those clouds. I will not get upset
because I’ve been there. With old Kia. Someone seems to be in a
little bit more of a hurry than the rest of us. There he goes. That seems much more dangerous than climbing Angel’s Landing in the snow. We are now in Arizona. – [GPS] Welcome to Arizona. – [Robert] In my original
plan we were going to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Little did I know the North Rim
is closed in the wintertime. Still, I’m gonna try to
get as close as possible by the town of Jacob Lake. Not sure this is a good
idea, but let’s go for it. I’d admit that so far
it’s been a little bit of a white knuckle drive because, you know, some icy portions of the road here. It’s kind of windy now. This is the junction with State Route 67. The Grand Canyon Highway. Don’t despair, we’ll be back this summer. (upbeat music) I’m really looking forward
to doing this again this coming summer. Although something tells me
it won’t be as impressive as in the winter. Although I’m sure it
will be equally bumpy. Let’s take a break. I guess this is supposed
to be a road, right? Yeah, SR 67, closed for winter. There they are, the Vermilion Cliffs. Well this is the scenic view. These are considered the second step in the grand staircase
of the Colorado Plateau. I don’t know if it was worth it to take that snowy route but, noted. Let’s continue. (bright country music) ♪ Hey ♪ – Such beautiful mesas here
in the West, let me tell ya. I am going to miss it. But I miss home more, so we’ll continue. So beautiful. But we are almost at the Marble Canyon. Exit, not exit. Pullout, I have no idea. That’s where the Navajo Bridge is located, which is the only crossing
of the Colorado River on this side of the Grand Canyon. Well technically no, but
more about that later. Oh yeah. These are the Vermilion Cliffs. Kinda wish it was a sunny day. Amazing to see all the
different colored layers. Very, very beautiful. It is like a work of art. By the way I wanted to fly the drone, but can’t do that. This is managed by the
National Park Service, hence, off limits. (bright country music) Here we are. This is the Navajo Bridge,
spanning the Colorado River over Marble Canyon. Let’s stop right here so we
can walk to the other side. This is something I’ve
actually wanted to do for a long time. Okay, let’s take a quick break here. Maybe we can walk on
the old Navajo Bridge, which is, I believe, pedestrian, nowadays. And see the Colorado River. Let’s check it out. See where they have some
Native American jewelry. In this area, particularly at points of
interest like this one, they usually have Native American
arts and crafts for sale. Some of them really unique actually. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. I mean they are nice, but I don’t see anything
yelling buy me, buy me. You know what I mean? No jumping from bridge. (scoffs) Well here it is, the Colorado River. And this is like Glen
Canyon recreational area. Of course if we keep going
on the Colorado that way, we’ll reach the Grand Canyon. If we keep going on the Colorado this way just a couple of miles
away is the Horseshoe Bend, which we might go see next. (jazzy music) To think that not too
many miles downstream this will become the Grand Canyon. So beautiful. There once again, the Vermilion Cliffs. Here’s some info about the old bridge. To the right, the new bridge. To the left, the old. I think they need to replace the signs. Just saying. The old bridge opened up in 1929. And it was in use for vehicular traffic until 1995 when the new, more
modern bridge was constructed. The new bridge was built to
look similar to the old one but conforming to the
current highway standards. Before this bridge, the only
crossing of the Colorado between Utah and Arizona would have been a ferry service five miles upstream. Well the interpretive center is closed. But it is really cool being
able to see the Colorado from up here. By the way, pretty chilly
if I may say so myself. It’s probably like low 40s, high 30s. But it feels cold for some reason. Maybe because there’s no sun. And it’s, sometimes there’s
a little breeze in the air. All right, let’s do it. I want to pass by the Horseshoe Bend on my way to Page, Arizona because I want to retake
my profile picture. It’s been five years and
I’ve changed a little bit. And it would have been cool to take it exactly at the same place
I took the original one. By the way, what do you
think about this drive, huh? Pretty epic. It is a pretty steep climb
to the top of the mesa. The Colorado chugging along, like a champ. And we’ve reached the
flat top of the mesa. There it is. I remember that from our 2014
trip like it was yesterday. The Tower Butte, the smokestacks of the
Navajo power station. Lake Powell should be
down there somewhere too. Hmm, it seems like the
Horseshoe Bend parking lot might be closed. They are directing
people to park elsewhere and take a shuttle. The Horseshoe Bend is closed. That’s not right. Yeah they’re gonna start charging for it. By the way, by the time you watch this it will be reopened and they will be charging
an admission fee. Apparently the site became so popular that they had to upgrade the facilities. Thank you Instagram. Here we are, Page, Arizona. I think it is going to be a Walmart night. But first I haven’t had Taco Bell in ages. And I’ve been craving a Mexican pizza and a bean burrito. Well it looks like I’m going to stay here at the Walmart in Page, Arizona, which was kind of the original plan. When I saw that the
Horseshoe Bend was closed, well they have like another parking lot and you have to take a
shuttle or something. It was inconvenient. They’re rebuilding the parking lot and they’re putting like booths like for you to, I guess, it is technically part of
the National Parks Service, now they’re gonna start charging for it. I don’t know. I’m gonna stay here. We got bad weather coming so tomorrow I was hoping to boondock at the Valley of the Gods and if we’ve got bad weather coming I don’t wanna boondock in the BLM land and you know the desert
turns into mud when it rains. So I’m gonna stay here, catch up on, maybe I’ll get to edit a video. And maybe get some
propane if they have it. And that’s it. I’ll see you tomorrow. (thoughtful music) I’m gonna get an early start here because the bad weather,
it is taking its sweet time to arrive but it’s coming, no doubt. I’ve been monitoring the Doppler radar and it is relentless. Let’s fill up the tank
so we don’t have to stop. The TPMS alarm has been beeping. Must be the cold temperatures
but I’m gonna stop here to make sure. Well good morning
everybody, waking up here at the crack of dawn. And actually my TPMS just
told me one of my tires is a little low so I’m gonna put some air and off we go. And you’re gonna say Robert, you should have visited Page, Arizona, at least some of the
attractions of the area. I’m gonna put a link to the
video that I took in 2014. And let’s explore new things. I mean I’m gonna pass by Monument Valley and then Valley of the Gods is the one that I’m really interested in. Yes, if you are in the Page, Arizona area Antelope Canyon is not to be missed. And also many things to do in Lake Powell. And of course at the
aforementioned Horseshoe Bend. As we are crossing the
town called Kayenta, the cool looking butte to the
right, that’s Agathla Peak. Monument Valley will be coming soon. And there we’re going
to take a quick break and assess the situation. Monument Valley, here it
is, the epitome of the image we have in our collective consciousness of the wild west. From the John Ford classic Stagecoach to Back to the Future and too many other western films. A lot of them were filmed right here. I am going to stop at what nowadays is known in pop culture
as Forest Gump Point. And I don’t see any flight restrictions so up goes the drone. Well we’ve made it to
this iconic spot here, immortalized by the movie Forrest Gump. If you remember he was
running down this road. And at some point around here he said, “I’m tired of running. “I’m gonna go home now.” And he just turned around and went home. And all the people who were following him were like flabbergasted and all this. Here it is, Monument Valley back there. I’m not gonna stop this time. Again, I have another
video where we explored Monument Valley pretty well. So I’m going to continue. And if the weather holds up, which it started to sprinkle
a little bit earlier, if the weather holds up, we’re gonna go to Valley of the Gods. But we’ll see. Isn’t this an amazing place. (thoughtful music) We continue towards Mexican Hat. See the resemblance? Uh oh, it is starting to rain. And there it is, Valley of the Gods, where I wanted to boondock. It is BLM land and it looks
like a mini Monument Valley. Yes, might as well take a picture now ’cause I have no idea
when I’m going to return. It might be nice though. Staying there. That would have been the
most amazing boondocking spot But access is through this dirt road that I wouldn’t dare take
under these wet conditions. I guess it wasn’t mean to be this time. (upbeat music) (jazzy music) The rain is relentless and it is snowing at higher elevations. So I’m just gonna make a beeline south towards Gallup, New Mexico
and wait out the storm there. Then we’ll continue east
towards Amarillo, Texas on Route 66. Oklahoma, Arkansas and
eventually home in Florida. Let me tell ya, even with this bad weather it is an incredibly scenic drive. Well I’m sorry I didn’t show
you the rest of the drive. It’s been a miserable drive in this rain. And you saw it was icy in some areas. We’re in Gallup, New Mexico at
the Walmart Supercenter here. And I’m gonna take a break. If it stops raining I might
try to make it to Albuquerque. Otherwise, we’re staying
here for the night. It’s only 2:21 p.m. but, yeah it’s ugly. (upbeat music)

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