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Where the Wild Things Are – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What’s up, my well read ballas? This week, we takin’ things to the MAX wit
Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. It’s gettin’ hella late up at da crib,
and instead of catchin some z’s, lil shawty Max sportin some fly-ass wolf threadz and
hoppin’ round like a bunny on bath salts. We see him pitchin’ tents, chasin’ a dog
wit a FORK, and just makin’ a damn mess. Instead of callin’ the exorcist, Max’s
mama all like “CHILL you WILD THANG. Matta’ fact, you betta hustle yo crazy ass
up to bed, cuz you ain’t gettin NO DINNER tonight!” DAMN GIRL! A growin boy need his grub. Max roll up to his room pissed as hell when
“OH SHIT!”- a buncha TREES start growin’ in his room and a damn OCEAN tumbles by. Sounds like this lil dude been growin a diff
kind of tree, naw mean? So boy hop up on a fly-ass boat and start
flowin down da ocean fo’ nearly a YEAR. Finally Max land in this funked-out spot where
a bunch of busted-ass beasts called “WILD THANGS” be chillin. When deez big headed b*tches see Max, they
WIG OUT and try to make him all scurred. Man, this s**t like Sesame Street on a bad
trip! But Max is a hard-ass gangsta who don’t
back down. He start mad doggin em’ and hollas out “CHILL,
b*tches!” And BOOM! They all put da hustle aside and slow their
roll! DAYUM! This lil’ playa got some big boy balls, don’t he! Afta’ seein how real Max be, dem muppet-lookin
mofos give him a phat crown and make him king of all wild thangz. To celebrate his balla status, Max throws a
BANGIN’ rumpus!” Aww yeah! PAR-TAY! Max and his crew are ragin’ under the moon
when outta nowhere, Max hollas “Stop!” and sends dem bustas to bed with NO SUPPER”. Even though he rockin the crown like a G now,
this lil’ bruh start feelin’ mad lonely. He jus’ wanna be at the spot where someone
love him da most. Basically- he miss his mama! Max gets the munchies and decide to head home,
but the wild thangs all like: “Don’t leave us, playa!” But Max be all: “Too late!” and throws up
the deuce. Back at da crib, Max finds his hot dinner
still on da table jus’ waitin’ for him to get his grub on. Sounds like soul food to me! Mmm-mmm-MMM! I love you Momma! When it comes to the children’s lit game,
this book right here broke all kinda rules. See, most kids books reppin childhood as just
sippin on juiceboxes and playing a little grabass. But this book right here explore da dark shit
dat go down inside the minds of lil kids. Cuz on da real, it ain’t always all good
when you a kid- you gotta deal wit some real raw emotions. Dat faraway land of wild thangz represents
da psychology of a young blood dealin with a booty-load of mixed up emotions. This hood serve as a spot where Max can recognize
all his confusion and anger, work through it, and understand what’s REALLY important
in his life. At first, Max all geeked to chill with the
wild thangz. Cuz wit dem, he can live out his beastly side
without havin’ his hater-ass mama always tryna’ control him. But when he gettin crunk up at da rumpus,
he recognize dat even gettin lit ain’t gonna make him happy. So when he kills da party by screamin, “now
stop,” he show dat he got mo’ control over his anger. You can almost hear his balls drop. And at the end of the story, lil’ Max recognize
dat his mama ain’t controllin’ him just to be a b*tch. Nah, blood. She just really cares about him. Dat hot grub at da end reppin da fact that
no matta’ how much he actin’ like a shit, he’ll always have da unconditional love
of his mama. Look, da world is a messed up place, even
fo’ children. But instead of just sweepin it under the rug,
kids can use their imagination to beast through all dat loneliness and isolation. Like Sendak say: “[There are] games children
must conjure up to combat an awful fact of childhood: the fact of their vulnerability
to fear, anger, hate, frustration — all the emotions. … Through fantasy, Max, the hero of my book,
discharges his anger against his mother, and returns to the real world sleepy, hungry,
and at peace with himself.” Yo, thanks for kickin it wit your boy, man! Peace!

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100 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

  1. Please do "The Other Side of The Island"!!!!! It is a very amazing book that ends on a cliffhanger and talks about society. Also takes place in what may become of the Earth in the future.

  2. For real though. I just watched the entire playlist of Shakespeare thug notes and it clears up everything. Keep it up. This is a great way to keep people enthralled with literature even if they aren't a fan

  3. Does he do any series of books? its because i want to reccomend a "Series Of Unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket as an episode

  4. this book is also really symbolic with the size of the illustrations. the real world is really small and full of words and when max goes to the land of the wild things the illustrations fill more pages and more words disappear. when he realizes the land of the wild things isn't all it's cracked up to be, the illustrations start shrinking and words return. when he gets back to the real world, the illustrations are bigger than when he left it

  5. I absolutely love your work, they are entertaining as hell and informative too. I'd love to see you do Flashman or Mr. American by George MacDonald Fraser.

  6. Where The Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books growing up. I remember my parents reading it to me before I went to bed

  7. I loved that you used the Jackass Party Boy theme when Max and the Wild Things were dancing! 😂😂😂

  8. I'm sorry. This is not funny. From how staged the host is, to cutting out the foul language, I cry disappointing bullshit.

  9. If you're going to do childrens books how about The Giving Tree? That shit can be interpreted in completely opposite ways.

  10. My little brother had to write a short summary about this book. Before he went to school i took his paper and swaped it with the exact words of this video. My parents were called. The teacher was impressed with the paper but "the way it was worded was not acceptable" they thought he was a genius for a while untill he said tjay that wasn't his paper and turned in the original.

  11. The movie did an even better job digging into the childhood emotional subtext. Sendak approved of Jonze's interpretation & expansion.

  12. Awesome as ever! There are so many books I hope you can do: Candide, Persepopolis, Flowers for Algernon, The Secret Life of Bees. Can't wait to see your next video! ❤

  13. Thank GOD I didn't read this cack.
    I mean that literally.
    I attended Catholic schools.
    Not all chillun be monsters.
    Only most of them.

  14. Please do The Little Prince by Antione de Saint – Exupery. It is such a beautiful novella published back in 1943 originally printed in french but has been translated in many different languages including english. It's about a man who crash lands his plane in the desert and finds a little boy all alone and this boy tells him about his planet among the stars, about his love of sunsets, his adventures traveling from star to star, about loving a flower who had tamed him, about the people he had met, and about his friend the fox that shared with him a very important secret. The book is sweet and sad and so very precious.

  15. Thanks Mama…! For putting up with all my tantrums as a kid.
    I was always making a fuss by kicking, crying, screaming, running, stealing, beating up other kids, throwing stuff… man I was a bad kid, but she always showed me unconditional love. 🙂

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