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When This Hiker Spotted An Abandoned Puppy In A Canyon, He Never Knew It’d Instantly Change His Life

While on a scenic woodlands hike one man named Kent started looking down into the depths of some truly deep and mysterious Caverns and canyons, but he found something he’d never expected to find out there He saw a dog the hiker had found a very weak abandoned puppy The canyon was a very narrow and dark space going 350 feet down. How on earth could that dog have gotten there? When the hiker examined the frail pup, he noticed that the dog didn’t have any cuts or broken bones So it couldn’t have fallen down the vast canyon. He thinks the dog must have been abandoned and left to die Kent managed to get food and water down to the dog until he could return the day after with climbing rope and gear to try and rescue the pup The very next day Kent returned with rope and safety equipment Kent was determined to rescue this troubled pup from its lonesome prison He used an ATV to support the rope as he climbed down the sheer drum Thankfully Kent managed to make it to the bottom of the canyon without any injury But when he got to the bottom he realized it was a vast maze of tunnels and narrow passageways Kent went down with a dog basket and he managed to entice the very weak dog into a cage Though the rescue dog in a cave was safe with him It doesn’t mean that he was out of the clear just yet. The pup was suffering This gorgeous pop was too weak to stand up but he still wagged his tail with glee as a thank-you for the brave rescue What happened to the rescue dog and it came next? Kent couldn’t bear to leave the dog alone. Again. He knew there was only one thing to do So he adopted the pup and welcomed him into his family But the story doesn’t happen there keep watching to see what happened to the rescued dog in a cave and where his next adventures taken He even got a new sibling to play with and love You

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8 thoughts on “When This Hiker Spotted An Abandoned Puppy In A Canyon, He Never Knew It’d Instantly Change His Life

  1. I'm sure I've seen this already… Or a video extremely similar. Either way, it's great that someone was able to notice and give this guy a life!

  2. Thank God for this man to save the puppy. The person who abandoned the puppy should spend the rest of his life in PRISON! THIS CRUELTY MUST STOP! The only way to do it is thru very long prison sentences for dog abusers.

  3. Thank U and may GOD Bless U n Yours!!! I don't condone, animals, especially domesticated, or for that matter any Living creature to be cast away like garbage. With that being said, if the coward didn't want the puppy put it down, bring it to the pound and tell them you don't want it, they would have given it the chance you tried to take away.

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