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Whatsapp vs Google Allo ● Is Allo worth the Hype?

Hey Guys, Google’s got something new in the bag They’ve unboxed something new for us, it is Google Allo It has got Tonnes of new features It has got some great features which I really like So, I thought that is it worth comparing it to Whatsapp ! Because Whatsapp is the worldwide used app, it is used around the Globe So, I thought that is Google Allo better than whatsapp Is it worth comparing to whatsapp ? So, today we’re gonna be comparing Google Allo & Whatsapp ! Guys, Whatsapp is actually a Social Networking app on the other hand, Google Allo is a Social Networking app ! but it comes with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 🙂 It learns from whatever you type ! & then after that both the Apps* are supported on Android & ios Whatsapp is also supported on the Windows Phone Whereas, Allo is not supported You can see anybody’s last seen on Whatsapp but on Allo you cannot do that ! On whatsapp you can call anybody directly using your Internet Connection, NO CHARGES APPLIED ! Whereas on Allo You cannot do Allo calling, There’s no Allo calling right now ! Guys, Whatsapp does not give you suggestions but Allo does give you suggestions 🙂 Somebody asks you something, you’ll get suggestions like Yes-No-Alright ! & you can directly click on them & reply & then you get those suggestions in your native language too 🙂 Your native language would be like Hindi English or you can be in any other country & get suggestion in your Native Language So, Allo has got some Great thing for you Guy’s Allo also helps you with it’s smart features i.e Suggestions You get movie suggestions, Restaurant suggestions & many other suggestions You wanna go for a movie, you’ll get movie suggestions, Go ahead & buy your tickets You wanna go to a Restaurant, you’re hungry You’ll get the list of Restaurants, Go ahead & eat something & after that you’ll get many more suggestions also & there’s no such feature in whatapp 🙁 Guys, Whatsapp does not save time but Allo does 🙂 You’d be thinking how man? because Allo gives you suggestions So, on those suggestions you’ll click directly, you don’t have to type You’ll save time On the other hand on Whatsapp you have to type the whole SHIT out 🙁 So, you actually lose time There are no stickers on whatsapp but there are great stickers in Allo ! You can send moving(Animated) stickers also & the non-moving stickers also & you know Guys, you can express your feelings on Allo When you’re too happy you can send a BIIIIG message & when you’re sad you can send a small one & on whatsapp you cannot express your feelings, you can just change the Font of your chats You know Guys, you can write on the images you send on Allo but on whatsapp you cannot do that On Allo, the pictues you send You can write anything you want on them & you can send it to the person you want Whatsapp doesn’t give you such a feature & you know Guys, the most important thing in Allo is The Google Assistant ! It learns from you 🙂 It’ll help you , Wherever you are, whatever you want, anytime you want 🙂 So, what is actually Google Assistant ? It is like a friend of your’s chatting with you ! You can type there like, Manchester United is my Favourite team ! & the next time you ask like How did my Team do ? & you’ll get your Team’s result like Manchester United’s results will be there 🙂 & then you can ask anything on Google Allo (Assistant) You can ask anything from Google Assistant or directly search for anything & you’ll get the result 🙂 & that thing is not available on whatsapp Allo gives you the information directly through the web ! So, it is actually a great feature & is time saving Your messages on whatsapp are pretty much secure Yes, you get two way encryption between the sender & recipient 🙂 but your messages are safe on whatsapp server on the other hand Yeah, Google saves your messages from Google Allo on their server but in the incognito mode it does not save anything on it’s server The incognito mode is like a secret message & it is actually for some fixed amount of time you set the time like 1 hr, half an hour, 1 min, 1 second & 30 seconds, 1 week whatever you want & after that time the message will auto-Destruct So, that is a great feature & the messages do not actually save on Allo’s server So, that’s a great thing for you guys 🙂 You can have a SECRET chat with no one reading your messages 🙂 so that’s a great thing So Guys, say hello to Allo 🙂 because Allo is a great thing According to me Allo is better than whatsapp 🙂 It has got Tonnes of new features & it is way better than whatsapp Whatsapp is a simple one but Allo is a Social Networking app, Artificial Intelligence app, Machine Learning app which learns from you that is great 🙂 you can surf the internet using ALLO You can go eating using ALLO Go for a movie using ALLO Send pictures write on them using ALLO Do anything using ALLO 🙂 So, ALLO is great So Guys, you should try ALLO because Allo is great 🙂 If you want Allo app & if it is not available on the Playstore You can go into the link in the description below & download it 🙂 So guys, if you like the video hit the LIKE button If you dislike the video, don’t hit the DISLIKE button COMMENT to us if you have mixed emotions 🙂 So guys, this is kaif here from NOIS Signing out 🙂 ALSO CHECKOUT 🙂

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