What’s in your geobag? Here is what’s in mine.

A well prepared geocacher! Hi, Kenny art here. I watched a video the other day that was uploaded by AZ87hock. uh… I thought is was pretty cool, he did a video about what was in his geobag and takes out with him. So I thought I would do the same thing. I have a couple geobags here. One is a smaller one. It’s like a fanny pack that I wear most of the time and has a bunch of stuff in it. And when I go for extended hikes, I have this uh… other pack that goes around your waist. I really like it because you can pull it around in front of you without having to take it off and still get in for stuff. So I just going through all the stuff in the geobags here and show you what I take out there. let’s start with the fanny pack. I’m just going to show you the stuff
one-at-a-time. New log sheets. Insect repellent. Spare baggies to replace those torn ones
out there. Forceps to get the log sheets out of the
micro’s. A flashlight for the stuff in the dark. A strap to keep my glasses on my head. Spare pen. The all-important spare batteries. Spare car key. A pencil and some more new log sheets. Some swag. Another memory card for my camera. A battery for my Gopro camera and some more log sheets. Some triple-a batteries for my other
camera. And another battery for my other camera. Some of my business cards. Now let’s look at the lumbar back. Gotta have a water bottle, it’s a long hike out
there. String, you never know when something’s
gonna need to be tied up. The all-important roll of toilet paper. Some tape. A rag to dry out those wet geocaches. Replacement baggies of different sizes. Camo tape. More spare batteries. A plastic bag for CITO. Swag. Pens and pencils just in case one needs to be replaced. A multi-purpose pocket knife. Fire starter, in case you get lost. Matches Some extra cable ties just in case
something needs to be fixed. And some hand wipes if you get dirty. Anyway that’s the kind of stuff that I
carry around with me when I go geocaching. I’m sure, other people have
different ideas of what they take with. them out there, maybe more, or maybe less. Maybe some stuff I haven’t thought of, but that’s my kit. If there’s stuff that you would take out
there when you go geocaching leave a note down below and let us know what it
is. We’d all like to know. But more important than anything else,
hey, let’s just get out there and have fun geocaching! I hope you have enjoyed watching my
video. If so, leave a comment. Thanks for watching. See ya around!

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