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What to Bring Snowshoeing || REI

Showshoeing is a ton of fun
and it’s even more fun when you’re prepared. I’m Katie with REI and this is everything
I bring snowshoeing. It’s gear time. (transitional music) All right, so first up, snowshoe gear. We have the snowshoes
themselves as well as insulated snow boots
so your feet are warm, gators to go with those
snowshoes and trekking poles. You do want to make sure
on your trekking poles that you have snow baskets on
them, these are larger baskets that keep your pole from
sinking down into the snow when you’re hiking along. Next up, we have clothing. So the basics of layering,
a base layer, a mid layer and an outer layer. If you want more detail on
that, we do have a video on what to wear snowshoeing,
so check that out. But we also have some accessories. So a fuzzy hat, gloves, sunglasses and I also like to bring a sun hat. If the weather’s not crazy,
it’s still really bright out there and a ball cap can keep
the sun out of your face. Next up, food and water. So calories can help
your body stay warm and water is going to depend on how far on your trip you’re going. Maybe you just need one
bottle, maybe you need three liters of water but
either way you can put it in a bottle, like I do. If it’s really cold out
there, having everything in a bottle will keep it from
turning into an ice brick as you’re hiking along. One pro tip is you can
actually flip your bottle upside-down. Water tends to freeze from
the top to the bottom so if your bottle is upside-down
in your pack or in your water bottle holder, you can
still drink out of the opening, even if the top is a little icy. Your other option is to
use a reservoir with an insulated tube which can
also be really convenient. I also like to bring an
insulated bottle, great for hot coffee or tea or, my
personal favorite, apple cider, because I love sugar-water. All right, next up we
have the ten essentials. So food, water, fire, fix-it
and first-aid, insulation, illumination, sun, shelter and navigation. And if you love that rhyme
go check out my video on the ten essentials and I will
tell you all about the gear that I carry. One thing to note is
that these ten essentials do need to come out with
you any time you’re in the wilderness and although
it looks like a lot, it all fits into this little
stuff sack that I use. So, it’s really not too crazy to toss into your bag and when you
need them, you need them. Don’t forget, also,
your eleventh essential. So, an itinerary, one with
you, one with a friend and one in the car is great for safety. Next up, because you are
traveling in snow territory, if you need it, avalanche gear
includes a shovel, a beacon, a probe and knowledge of how to use it. So, this is terrain and
condition dependent. Always check before you go
out, and if where your going warrants avalanche gear, make
sure you know how to use it. Last up, our bonus items here. So, you can carry a GPS watch
or a satellite messenger with you, a poop kit which
mine includes a shovel, toilet paper, hand
sanitizer and a magic bag. Always pack things out, that
magic bag means things go in and they never come out. I also carry a sit-pad
with me, super underrated, a sit-pad is just a
little bit of insulation between you and the snow
when you sit on the ground and that little square
of insulation means that any place you sit becomes
a great lunch spot. Lastly, hand warmers, got to stay toasty. So that’s everything I
bring with me snowshoeing. Remember that this is for a day trip so if you’re going on an extended hike or you’re going overnight
out there on your snowshoes, you’ll carry a little bit more gear. But this all fits on me and in my daypack. If you have more questions, as always, go check out the experts at your local REI and we will see you next time.

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  1. Not specifically mentioned, but perhaps implied, bring a Katie with you.

    No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Other terms and restrictions apply.

  2. "because your in avalanche territory"
    wat? snowshoeing is not specifically done in mountains… even less on slopes without trees.

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