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What Iran Did Not Want You To See | NYT Opinion

It’s really shocking. You see the security
forces who are just shooting. The protests
were triggered by a massive rise
in the fuel price. And within hours
of the protests starting, the
authorities resorted to the use of firearms
to crush down these voices. The Iranian authorities
shut down the internet. It happened extremely quickly.
Between 24 hours people were no longer online
and seeing our messages. However, many
people courageously sent these videos. And as the internet has
been restored slowly Amnesty International
has been able to look in to dozens of videos that
have emerged. The Iranian authorities have a history
of using excessive force against peaceful protesters. What we’ve seen this time
though is an unprecedented use of lethal force against
unarmed protesters. Now I can show you
some of the footage that the Iranian
authorities clearly did not want the world to see. This is a video from
Tehran that emerged on 17th November onwards. It is this moment,
especially that shows security
forces shooting directly at the people at the
end of the street. This is what shows us
that the authorities have been unlawfully
using firearms against unarmed protesters. This sign on the
building indicates that this building belongs
to the Department of Justice. The people
on the rooftop who are shooting into crowds of
people are wearing uniforms which indicates that they are
from security forces. Based on our research, the majority of the deaths
have resulted almost entirely from the use of firearms. If I pause here, you can
see a man who holds a gun and is shooting
at the protesters he’s not wearing a
uniform and people who are not familiar
may mistakenly think that he’s a protester.
But he is a plain clothes official. And you can
gather this information because as you can
see, all the security forces are standing on
this side of the street. So in general, it doesn’t
seem that the authorities want to hide the
identities of these people. And that adds an additional
layer of illegality to the situation. This is the footage
from the city of Shiraz in Fars Province. You clearly hear
people chanting slogans against the current
supreme leader. While the protests were triggered by the sudden
rise in fuel prices, they have expanded
to include grievances against political
repression and political authoritarianism. Many protesters have certainly
suffered from injuries caused by beatings. People
who have been injured are not going to the hospitals because they are
afraid that they will be arrested by the authorities. There is at least one
report that the intelligence authorities have forced the
management of a hospital to submit to them the list
of newly admitted patients. There are also some
horrific reports that we are still
investigating that the authorities are
forcing the families to pay in order to receive the
bodies of their loved one. In some cases, families have
been told that they need to pay for the price of
the bullet that was used to kill their loved one. If these reports are true, this is an additional
layer of cruelty against families who’ve
already suffered unspeakably. On 20th November the forced
confessions of one woman who had been reportedly arrested
was aired on state T.V. We can expect that in
the coming days or weeks there will be a wave of
televised confessions that have been extracted
under torture and other ill treatment. This pattern of
unlawful killing will continue unless the
Iranian authorities are held to account. And for that to happen, it’s essential that
international experts from the U.N. are allowed to
enter their country, interview the families of those killed, visit detention centers and
hospitals and cemeteries and build a fair picture
of the horrific events that took place in the country.

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92 thoughts on “What Iran Did Not Want You To See | NYT Opinion

  1. Like the NYT really cares about the Iranian people. There isn’t a single regime change war the NYT hasn’t supported.

  2. My heart goes out to families who lost their loved ones and the downtrodden. This will be marked on Persians forever! All they want is their basic right. The government easily suppresses and manipulates them then distorts the truth. don't let this become streamlined. wake up!

  3. If whataboutism is the comment below, it’s clear Iran is guilty of atrocities. Even children know whataboutism points to the guilt of the commenter.

  4. For all Iranian people don’t ever thing western people or they government care for u
    Create a healthy government for every Iranian
    and don’t threaten any Jewish person
    So everyone live in peace

  5. what 'they' really don't want anybody to know is… who paid whom… TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE… Oh how little y'all know about the games that have all-ways been afoot…

  6. I got that. What about this>>>>

    How much, how many EVIL ACTS toward Palestinians….Israel didn’t want the world to see???

    Blocking UN investigations of Israel Atrocity, Genocide, Violation of Human Rights with a help of Trump…./never got media attention. Why NY Times?

  7. What?I am very against the iranian regime but look in us and europe if some one goes to attack a simple cash atm machine the police may shoot him iran they burn 180 banks and stole every thing they could and damaged many shops atms and public properties etc…do you think they must watch to burn every things?I fancy of regime change in iran but with mainstream media lies will never work.

    Its time Iran stopped being complacent to these conditions. Government must not have to use force on civilians. Sanctions r obviously the devastating cause. revenge is due. Enough it stops with the European alternatives but the ones who have already suffered greatly.

  9. I appeal to Iranians that think of coming back to Zoroastrianism which is the way of life!
    Think My brothers! your ancestors were Zoroastrians & forcibly converted to Islam!

  10. The reason why the prices for oil spiked in iran is because of iraq's protest. Protestors in Iraq blocked roads that were transporting oil.

  11. Meanwhile, Federica Mogherini and European Union trying to make economic deals with the Islamic Republic in order to prevent their breakdown. We, Iranian people, will not forget it.

  12. The New York Times wants Iran to turn into another Syria. The Iranian government did the right thing, descent must be crushed with an iron fist.

  13. Why would Iran let UN officials examine their cemeteries and detention centers? That seems like a nonstarter considering what Iran is willing to do to suppress it's own people.

  14. Don't throw out the supreme court case against The Bad Apple's new anti-2nd amendment gun grabbing. Instead, throw out the The Bad Apple Times.

  15. Most of these reports came from the Iranian staff of these agencies which their parents left Iran after the revolution 30 years ago and one thing is obvious that they are either monarchy or even MEK terrorist sided. Just wanted to mention that although I think Internet blackout was a violation of people's right.

  16. I want that in the United States held a trial about the word "homophobia."

    This word was coined in US universities associated with the US Democratic Party and Obama. For the manipulation of society and the elimination of political competitors.

    Homophobia against any person is a libel from which many US citizens suffered.

    For the court: a phobia word is a diagnosis of mental disorder, for this reason it is illogical for people with mental disorders to be punished with fines or prison.

    With the help of political pressure and their influence, the democratic party achieved that in Brazil and Switzerland people are imprisoned for "homophobia", while we understand that any phobia is a disease. If phobia is a disease, how can prison help? Fight against dissent? !!

    All involved in the creation of a lie about "Homophobia" should be held criminally responsible as fraudsters. Americans suffered from the corrupt Obama, who served the Bilderberg club.

    And so respectable court, I will continue. Ladies and gentlemen jurors, you are all a bit shocked of course by the fact that the former US president, a member of the Bilderberg club, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama who started the war in Syria and lost to the dictator Asad turned out to be a corrupt deceitful politician.

    Yes, it is, money rules the world, and Barack Obama turned out to be no exception.

    How to prove ?

    Let's ask defendant Barack Obama why he forgot about American homeless people, orphans, single mothers? Why do homosexuals matter?

    Because among homosexuals there are no unhappy people for a long time, among them there are millionaires and billionaires who pay money to corrupt politicians.

    Agree to the jurors, this is some sort of truth. Lobbying, lobbying, lobbying everything is well paid, party contributions, sponsors …

    What really is homosexuality? Everyone can answer this question for himself! Because there is a freedom of opinion, freedom of speech and democracy that allow you to do this. And here and now I am defending your rights to freedom of opinion, from cynical attackers.

    What is homophobia? This is a label that is hanged on a person, so that no one else will be noo friendly with them, that is, an attempt to provide an impression on a citizen through offensive labels on the scale of a state machine.

    How many of you can say that the Apostle Paul is "homophobic"?

    The apostle Paul tells us from the pages of the Bible that homosexuality is very bad.

    Do you believe the Apostle Paul ?

    Do you lay your hand on the Bible in court? The Apostle Paul speaks from the page of that very Bible to you. Read what is written there, it is written for you.

    Do you believe Barack Obama is getting money from the sponsors of their homosexual party ? What is to check, I ask the court to ask the defendant Barack Obama.

    How many homosexuals sponsor the US Democratic Party? What kind of sums in lobbying homosexuality ?

    And so we found that homophobia is a lie, a cynical lie. Let's see what Liberalism is.

    Communism Fascism Liberalism, I put in one row is not by chance.

    Liberalism promotes abortions among girls, liberalism defends the rights of a drug addict to drug use, liberalism deals with LGBT propaganda among young people. It is clear that liberalism is a crime against humanity.

    Defendant Barack Obama refused to answer all the questions posed.

    I am addressing these questions to Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, please invite them to the court to give testimony on the "homophobia" and all the senators of the US Democratic Party.

    I also want to ask them if they are considering a proposal for punitive medicine in the USA for all patients for "homophobia"? After all, any phobia is a clinical case.

    From the speech on the Internet

    Emperor Sergius (predicted by Iona of Odessa)

  17. Why isn’t this on the news. My hearts go out to everyone.. I was recently in a peaceful protest and I would of been mortified if the police started shooting. We need to stop this violence.

  18. Rise Iran! Rid yourselves of the shackles of tyrannical theocracy permanently and reclaim your place among the greatest of human civilizations!

  19. The new York is known for propandaga and staging event to fit their regime change agenda. The world is waking up😂😂😂

  20. Iran, North Korea, Russia and China are the USA's enemies. Yet many will tell you that Iran, North Korea, Russia and China are the innocent and good. That the USA is the real enemy.

  21. But we ALREADY have a clear picture of what's going on. What's the ACTUAL solution?
    Foreign intervention is the reason Islamic Republic is in power, thanks for Carter and now Putin. So that's not it.
    Civil war will render the country as a failed state, like Lybia and Yemen.
    So I ask again: What is the ACTUAL solution?

  22. Just like china with there people and the USA with black people when thy bomb a whole neighborhood block in Nyc and Tulsa race riot in 1927 killing thousands, yep we are all innocent

  23. I am happy to see that US failed again. If US is so worried about the humanity and the people then why are they putting sanctions. Iran will crush those US supporters which are within iran and then there will be nothing left for US to use as tools.

  24. This is going on around the world. Something sparks a protest that grows into a larger movement. Some countries have carried out peaceful revolutions while others have been forced to use methods which some call violent. But when tyranny is the law, revolution is order.

  25. I bow down to show respect to these Iranian protesters who risk their lives to stand up to their tyrannical government. Imagine having to risk being shot just for exercising your right to protest.

  26. It's hard for me to believe that families of killed protesters have to pay for the fee of bullets.
    It's insane, either this is false news, or Iran government is a monster.

  27. Chinese police are too soft weak on Hk rioters too much mercy

  28. The US is partially to blame for what's happening in IRAN by organizing the 1953 Iranian coup d'état. Problems in the country started from that time, leading to the revolution and the Iran we know today. Even Obama admitted to it and apologized on national TV. But apoligies aren't sufficiant when people are losing their lives like dogs

  29. Long live the Iranian people.✊. Down with the supreme leader and political elites.👊. The political elites and the supreme leader are infidels and should be arrested and imprisoned for what they are doing in Iran. Feed the government and religious leaders pork they are infidels…

  30. Be careful. When a neo-conservative american government wants to overthrown a foreign government, they use this pattern:

    – Economic suffocation.
    – Human rights violation. Mostly lies.
    – Military attack. US Air Force/artillery.

    Examples to consider: Iraq, Syria, Venezuela. Digging deeper, it’s actually many more nations.

    There has been investigation into what’s behind the Iranian protests. If you care, please dig a bit deeper. We all know there’s a strong agenda by America, Israel, and the UK in trying to start a war in Iran.

    And yes CIA has agents in all mainstream media looking at reporting before its published. Yes literally.

  31. Nothing will happen. This is all good for report and all. But other than sanction nothing gonna improve in Iran. All Western or Eastern countries are only interested in cheap oil and gas that was pumping till ban. Still many countries have tie with Iran just for political interest. And only people of Iran can decide outcome of their country no one else.

  32. One section is the video taken violence protest from Dhaka Bangladesh , store sign on the background written in Bengali (that is a language used in Bangladesh & India) .

    Donald Trump is right, media use fake video to convince people

  33. 1:15 "Whot weev seen this ta-im tho… Lee tholl force" 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Her accent makes this tragic injustice sound so funny.

  34. ALERTA faculdade federal do rio de janeiro virou uma cracolandia ,divulguem esse video para ser transmitido internacionalmente

  35. You have presented this with great stoicism. A model of excellent reporting, I hope it can reach more people and help Iran's protesters to get their message out and to get pressures on to keep them safe.

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