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“We’re a smoothie family now.” – first time mountain climb! | Nature’s Colin 4

– We’re actually having
a pretty late morning around here in the Carpenter household, that represents the latest I’ve slept in in a very long time. Hi big boy! This is morning time around here. – That’s my fan! – You know who else is your fan? Dada’s your biggest
fan. Can I have a kiss? (upbeat banjo music) (school bell) – [Colin] Ladies and gentlemen, we’re transitioning out
of explicating poetry and we’re into a section
now about analyzing fiction. Well, if you recall at the
beginning of the course, I would give this long speech about how everything means something. Fiction is everything that
we interact with, right? Movies are fiction, by and large. Music is fiction, right? Something that tells a
story is fiction, right, and everything that is
encompassed within that is meant to make you feel or do something. The saddest moment for me in any story, anytime, anywhere, is when
somebody’s trying to do something that they genuinely wanna
do, and they fail at it. I mean, I love to teach, but where will I be in twenty years? You know, if I’m teaching the same thing, will I… Will I be bored? Gotta wonder if there was
a piece of me that’s saying “I gotta go hurtle myself up a mountain” just to spice things up. We are here to get fit for some boots. – Hello! – Mason! Colin. Nice to meet you, yeah! – Mountaineering boot,
probably the biggest distinguishing feature would be a lid for the actual crampon,
for like a step in style, or in the case of some of
these burlier insulated boots, a lid in both the front
and the back point, so kind of a full auto
crampon, but beyond that, uh, mountaineering boots
are gonna be a lot stiffer throughout that outsole. Have you been measured yet? – I have not! – Yeah, let’s go do that first. You are measuring here. – [Colin] Nice! – [Mason] I’d say we just
gotta go through these. – All right! – [Mason] There’s definitely a few. – So, my toes are like, right
up against the edge on these. – Probably an immediate- So these are like, a very different boot. – I like ’em! They’re
already more comfortable. – Are those the favorite
of the ones you’ve tried? – Yeah, I think these are the ones! If I could moonwalk I would, but then… (bouncy piano music) – We’re getting back to life as usual, and Colin is now on a pretty
rigorous training scenario. – Can’t you tell? So what
are we making, Davis? – Pancakes! – Pancakes, and are
these healthy pancakes? – Yeah. – Why do we make healthy pancakes, Davis? Because Davis, we gotta take
care of our bodies! The bod! – The hair, the bod! – The hair, the bod. Ooh,
hands out, nope nope nope! Oh buddy, nope! Hands out. Oh, bless you! No, that’s not to touch. – Ah! – Where’d that hurt?
Mwah! Is it all better? Well that’s convenient. (bouncy piano) – Hey Freya, do you want healthy pancakes? Is that what you’ve been
squawking about all night? Is that a yes? All right, pancake time! Breakfast around here. – [Colin’s Wife] I was just uh, noticing that you’re carrying a little
extra weight on your back. – I probably won’t take
him up the mountain, just cause I don’t know what purpose like, it would serve like, in a ten essentials? – [Colin’s Wife] Davis,
what’s an essential? – A egg! – An egg- you gotta have a
map, fire, a singular egg. Is it hardboiled or raw? – Raw! – One raw egg. – Even though this is
kind of Colin’s idea, like, hey, I wanna get out there, I wanna make some different life choices, what’s cool about it
is it’s actually like, impacted our whole family. Now look at us! We’re a smoothie family now,
we go on hikes together. – If you were to say to me even last year “Hey, on Father’s Day,
what do you wanna do? Do you wanna strap thirty
pounds to your back and hike?” I’d be like “Have you lost your mind?” But this is where it’s at! (upbeat banjo) – Okay, we got a sleeping
kid, sleeping baby, I should say, and we’re just
looking for some entertainment! So, Davis, what’s this,
what are we doing right now? – Making spices! – [Colin’s Wife] So we just
kind of took every spice off the spice rack, Davis
is doing some mixing, this is kind of how we’re getting through life right now, right bud? How’s life going for you though? – Um, bad. – [Colin’s Wife] Oh, it is? – On my head! – [Colin’s Wife] Yeah, not
on your head though, bud. Remember, spices go in the plate. It’s kind of a nice, quiet activity, so um, Freya can get some sleep. – [Dustin] How are you? – I’m doin’ all right, man. – [Dustin] You have a new baby. – I got a new baby! It’s crazy. – [Dustin] I can’t wait to meet her. – Yeah! We’re coming up in a little bit, that’s why I’m calling. I uh, I got some news, we’re
gonna hike Mount Saint Helens. – [Dustin] Mount Saint Helens is on my list of things I’ve wanted to do. – Soon to check it off baby, we’re gonna, we’re gonna dangle our toes
at the edge of the world. We’re gonna see like, where
the world was altered! Need to start thinking
about what this looks like. I am off to hike Mount Si. I’m going with some friends
from my neighborhood, the Judy family, they’re bringing their rambunctious dog Steve. The thing you need to know
about Steve, Steve’s a girl. Here’s our friends, this is Bec, – Oh hi! – Maria, Ben, Sam, Steve the female dog! Jonathan. All right. So, probably a third of
the way through right now, there’s plenty more mountain to go. Ben, how we doing? Are
you even winded at all? – No. – No, cool, me neither. All right, tally ho! We’re following you, trail leader. We’ve got a ways to go. Have you ever seen sweat
drop from the bill of a hat? We’re gonna keep going, I think
we’re getting kinda close. Shhhhh! We’re gonna stay focused,
and do what we can do. I felt like I was almost there
for the last hour and a half! Coming up the final push here. This is what we’re dealing with here. Ugh! Here we go, a lot of loose rocks here. I did it! – [Bec] How’s the view here? – Great! Okay, look at that. This is pretty nice. We did it. It’s been a great day. Missed my wife and my babies, and hopefully Freya girl will sleep because Papa bear needs
some sleep tonight. – [Colin’s Wife] Gentlemen, morning. Yeah, this was our day yesterday. And meanwhile, Colin’s out hiking in
the beautiful Northwest. – [Colin] How angry are you
on a scale of one to ten? – Angry? A one. – [Colin] Ooh, that’s good. – But one’s the highest. Just kidding, no, angry is a
one, jealous, maybe a seven. – [Colin] What about love? – Love? A ten! Do you love Freya? – [Davis] Yeah! – Yeah, this is so not me,
but if it doesn’t become me, I’m going to not even make
it out of the parking lot, and/or I’m gonna have like,
heart failure on the mountain, sorry you’ve got these
two kids to take care of. – Ha ha! – Yeah, she is so lucky to have you! Are we all snuggling together? Yeah. – Dada snuggle! – Dada snuggle too? Aw, we’re just having
a little family moment.

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