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Welcome to Ushuaia! [Ep.6]

The big day has arrived! I can’t believe
I’m finally going to Ushuaia! Are you guys ready for some new adventures? Because I sure am! I just landed in Ushuaia and it’s gorgeous! The taxi is very expensive here It’s like $12 basically to do five kilometres I’m gonna try to hitchhike! I couldn’t believe it!
After only three minutes spent on the side of the road A couple and their child picked me up and dropped me off right in front of the house! Well… Almost! I’m gonna have to wait now for my host to come home.. He’s gonna here in about 30 minutes so it’s fine So this is Pierre and Laura A french couple who have been cycling around South America for eight months and even realizing small documentaries about it They were also hosted by Christian and
we’re about to leave when I met them Bye guys and good luck for the rest! Today I’m going to la Laguna Esmeralda and it’s supposed to be very beautiful turquoise water and the hike is about two hours up and two hours down Join me next time as I’ll be leaving
town for two days taking you on a real adventure! Camping in the cold “Walking” on trees and seeing landscapes that clearly blew my mind away Thanks for watching! Oh and don’t forget to subscribe! Cheers

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Ushuaia! [Ep.6]

  1. Hitchhiking adventures are always the best! ๐Ÿ‘Œ But hard to capture the whole experience, right?

  2. niiiice, I am very excited to go to Ushuaia in a month and start my journey also! Which month were you there?

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