Weekly Vlog #20 | The Peak, Hiking and Kayaking

hello and welcome to another weekly vlog
I start this one in a very different kind of way
it’s Monday the 14th of October and it’s half term what more could you want in a
week apart from a week off so I am out and
about already I’m in Causeway Bay I’m about to meet fajr so I’m just like
wandering along in Times Square yeah I’m excited for this week I’ve got
quite a few things lined up a few days where I can be a bit more spontaneous
it’s gonna be a good week I’m excited but I need to go find where he’s working
so I can meet him and then we’re gonna go for lunch we’re gonna go somewhere
and it’s gonna be a joyous day something smells nice I think it’s
pretty so I’ve met them and we’re now heading
to the Peak Tram we’re going to go up to the peak have
lunch hope you have a view the sun’s started to come out it is a bit cloudy
still we’ll see good morning bhaji why do i socialize with people like him so as you probably have seen we had
lunch at Bubba Gump’s which wasn’t great I really enjoyed it I got a free cup and
actually everyone got a free cup so I got free free cups and these those at
home we’re now in a shopping center up here we’ve been out seeing the view
we’re just gonna go around the shops a little bit yeah has been really nice I
hardly ever come up here because it’s quite touristy and like when you live
here there’s much much point but it’s nice fun Appetit
I’ve lost them notes I’m gonna have to go find where they are found them and
they brought us up here to see the view it’s bit hazy so far ji suggested we walk down so
we’re walking I mean I guess downwards it’s better than upwards but this is
quite amusing it’s quite green why am I not focus hello hello are you there
green here he comes so we’ve just walked into the Botanical
Gardens we’ve made support and the lemurs I like to move it move it I like
to move it move it I like to move it move it I like to move it don’t sound
down down down down you nee nee nee NER nee NER nee NER nunu no please focus on
it you just have to say bye like saying hi to people he’ll be back in a few months when they
come over for Christmas but I just feel a bit sad so I need to now get home on
the MTR and try to stop crying and cheer up been a really good day we had like I
kind of stopped filming for a while because I just wanted to like chill with
him and then we went to dinner which is really nice and we’ve just been walking
around literally just I think like kind of Eva was wanting to say bye okay I’m gonna try and surprise I’ll
talk to you later and I’m home and I stopped crying it’s been really nice day
it’s about 9:30 I’m really tired so I’m just gonna like sit and like sort for a
few photos but I think I’m then gonna go to bed cuz I don’t know I’m just feel
really I think like this whole term is like half time has caught up with me
because I feel beyond my eyes are twitching and everything so if I can get
to bed like fairly okayish times considering it’s like the holiday so I
definitely be in bed by 10:00 but like an okay time then at least I can get
some sleep and start to feel I want to do well at this half time but then I
also want to go back to school feeling like I’ve I’m not exhausted so it’s
about getting a balance but yes i’ma say good night and I shall see you tomorrow
bye bye good morning everybody what a beautiful day it is Tuesday the fifteen yeah let’s go for it
15th of October I’ve had a productive morning had to sort some Bank stuff like
set up a bank’s online banking submit something you know do something I’ve
been the gym or evaded my I am solidly ready to fight minute I’ll
get better at Joseph and I’m now going to Disney yay I’m dressed as Ariel in
the Disney bound I’ve got an Ursula bag with me
I’m excited got my earrings I’m excited it’s gonna be lovely right so it’s ten to five I fit so much
in today it’s kind of unbelievable I think I’m gonna head to Sylvia Mercy’s
now because the MTR closes at 10:00 tonight they live quite like the other
side of Hong Kong basically from me so I can’t be too late tonight
so yeah I’ve had a really nice day it’s been beautiful so many characters and
like got everything I wanted to do done so it’s really really nice but I’m gonna
head head out kind of hungry so that’s good
home sweet home I’m in the shopping center there was no Sylvia and because
usually when I come back to Hong Kong on holidays I stay with them so I haven’t
very like I’m returning home to my home from parents where the installers
yeah they’re you cooking me dinner I’m a I’m a privileged soul so I’m you say I’m
so tired so I need to arrest my legs they better be ready my resting legs hey
I’m home say bye weasel weasel weasel weasel bye buzz I like it when he says
that it’s like you just did the voice yourself but okay whatever you say okay
bye right so I’m home it’s just gone 10:00
it’s been a really good day I feel like I’ve managed to fit so much in in the
last few days and it’s only like Tuesday at halftime so much is going on but I
know I’ve got an early start tomorrow so I’m kind of like oh I feel like I should
go to bed really quickly but this is the exciting thing my curtains had arrived
I’m a bit nervous have to say because we ordered them from Taobao and there’s a
risk but I’m gonna get them out and I’m gonna try and put them up now so I’ll
let you know I’ll let you know how it all goes
wish me luck I did it I did it I did it we’ve got curtains okay so I struggled
slightly because actually there are two kind of rails going on here I don’t know
how to hook this because this is still gonna let light in like at this point I
also got confused and as you can see some of this is hooked to the back rail
summers hook to the front but you know what I don’t actually care it’s my it’s
just me if it if I can’t open them then that’s a that’s a problem and they’ll
change it but for now I’ve got curtains so yay
okay everybody it’s 11 p.m. I’m gonna go to bed and getting up quite early
tomorrow well not as early as a school day but
about sevenish to go to psycho I’m meeting Louise and
we’re going on a hike so I’m really excited it’s gonna be quite a different
day kind of trying to gather some things together
so I’m ready and can get up and like just put them in a bag so I’m gonna do
that and sleep so I all should see our sheets I will see you in the morning
good night good morning it’s Wednesday the 16th of October I’m on my way out is
about 8 o’clock slept really well wouldn’t know I mask yeah he I realize
how free my face felt like I was like this is a dream so that was really nice
we could have slept longer but I’m excited for today it is a blue sky very
sunny but then there’s also really nice breeze so I’m hoping this will be
perfect hiking weather I have to say I’m new to
hiking I don’t think I’ve really been on a proper pike like we used to do dog
walks but a proper hike so I’m excited it’s gonna be nice yeah I’m gonna get
the bus to hang how then go from there here is walkies time are you ready for
your walking I just have to use the grossest portaloo ever I did not enjoy
that experience but hopefully onwards and upwards literally are we going up a
mountain what’s happening what is today where are we going
so we’re in where sigh one by one pavillion pavillion and we’re walking to that clears it up shortly we’ll keep you
updated Cisco what this view I wouldn’t have it all lunch with you so we’ve had an absolutely delightful
time it’s been really nice and we’ve just been sat here having lunch and
chatting and everything that we’ll be walking again soon and I think it’s
about two hours the other like on the way back apparently the views on and
it’s like nice but like it’s just been so beautiful it’s been I’ve been I’ve
enjoyed it a lot yeah we’re testing out the local toilet
so I’ll see that might not be so beautiful
Fick stream but then we’ll go hiking again we did it yay so we’re really close to
where we I used to live which is sending me all the emotions we’re not going to
go to my village just because it’s been it’s been a busy day
oh yeah just like he knew I was back hello seven six five I knew you were here I
love them so much so how long are we walking three and half hours we went
from sigh 1 2 wait no no why would we go in the middle the middle Hampton Hampton
Beach so we had lunch at Hampton and then we’re now at pack timeout which is
kind of yeah why we used to live I need to go but we were concerned that I might
fight anyone who lives in our house and I did I just turned Louisa when are we
prepared for the emotions that I will feel seeing that house do love it it’s
my favorite place so I’m gonna go I need to be in a safe safe environment where I
can whale whale in peace we are now showered clean and infancy we’re going
to go for dinner hello everybody you cook very very tired today that didn’t happen so I’m planning anyway I’ve been talking
to taro and she asked me what the MTR was so I
fought it out to show you while I’m sat on it so MTR is basically like the tube that’s way more efficient is way cheaper
it’s just brilliant I’ll just give I’ll just show you what it so this is the MTR
is really empty right now I’ve been a really full one before this yeah it’s
clean we have a little like map system like yes it’s just very efficient very
clean and but some have TV screens and you know
stuff that’s good just to continue the MTR tour this is the inside of an empty
our station I like some trim nerd I’m really confused
I thought never stairs I don’t know where I am anymore so yeah this is
really clean each station has a different color and they have like kind
of like art bit and then they have the station but yeah there’s like a my favorite
station is Choi huh because it’s rainbow colors anyway this
is like a different view from the escalator so we’re just gonna walk on
past that because there’s no way I’m cueing and I’m gonna go find some stairs
and hope I don’t like like my legs don’t die so the next bit of her MTR adventure
you then have these and you get an octopus card and you tap it and you go
through and so you get given an ox cube by an octopus card which you top money
on to so it’s like the oyster card mine’s got my face on it
look at my face look at that face I look like Michael Jackson what the hell I’m obviously beyond tired like this was
laughing to myself and then again out now as I said to myself look like
Michael Jackson haha and a man looked at me and I didn’t
realize it I’m I really go home go to bed sewing as they convey to you now
hope you enjoyed the MTR tour today you know what I think would be a good
challenge is visiting every single MTR station having a photo with the fine
so that would be thrilling for us all all of us tree nose would love it but
I’m getting on my bus see you later see you tomorrow bye
there was also to the MTR meeting so the other half though lately bye soon soon
hey guys I fixed my bank animun I’m a new phone mummy I knew I was gonna I
didn’t know I was gonna say that and then I said it and it made me happy I
now and that’s the iPhone this one came and supported me and I’ve now got an
iPhone 11 throw the smaller one the street yeah you guys brought me back
but I need to hush but I’ll show you it later so we’re now in feste and I’ve
gone into Zara home and they’ve got Christmas Stein so many nice things having free cinema food and we’re seeing
yeah so I’m back home Maleficent was so good
I cried several times like I was just really really good
Sylvia and Louie said they thought it was better than the first one
I said I really liked the first one because it was like the new concept of
her backstory so I don’t feel that you can say it’s better but I feel like it’s
just as good and it added like to the character and everything I’ve really
really enjoyed it so if you haven’t I mean it’s only just come out today in
Hong Kong I assume similar in England I don’t know but if you haven’t seen it go
see it look it’s really really really good yeah well I don’t I’m not going to
say any spoilers or anything because that’s like pointless but I’ve really
enjoyed it I’m kind of like wanting to watch the first one again so I might see
if I can find it somewhere I’m really happy so anyway yes I’ve just been
playing around I’m now an iPhone person again
I love iPhones I just went off them for a little while because couldn’t justify
the price same I’m normally an apple and Mac person I just found it quite pricy
in England so I’m really glad to be back in the hood so I’ve got the pro the
smaller one and I’m finding it very user friendly camera friendly life friendly
I’m enjoying it I also went to the computer center and picks up this cute
phone case look at sadness I saw a few I liked and then I saw this one I was just
like yeah has to be done she’s just so cute it reminds me of when me and Murray
met such joy and sadness in nuwell like she was just so perfect and
I just loved it so I’m really pleased I’ve went for the gold color yeah very
happy so I’m just like watching queer eye right now a message Mori Toosi
issues free to talk so I’ll see if she replies and then I’m gonna go to bed so
I shall see you tomorrow good night good morning it’s Friday the 18th of October
I’ve just been puttering around at home tidying things up a bit and everything
and then I I’m not really going far today because I’ve got a plumber coming
my shower drain basically drains really really slowly so I asked the landlord to
come have a look at it anyway but I’m decided to pop out to hang out I want to
visit HSBC while it’s open on a weekday and I can and I’m not working away and
I’m going to do a bit of a food shop so nothing too exciting but still this
Friday which is actually Saturday because
it means half turn means half times almost over but it’s been a good one it
sure has so I’m on it today I went in to hang how
like I got my bank stuff sorted well I applied to sort stuff and then did some
food shopping came back so in more Bank stuff because basically it’s
never-ending and wait what’s happened and then basically I just had two
plumbers in because so who’s just me I was wondering if I was just being fussy
because the drain in the shower so it’s a bath but I only I’ve only had a shower
since getting here was really slow and then Louise came over after the hike and
she had a shower and she said something’s up with your drain so I was
like right with a second opinion we’ll get it sorted but they’ve just fixed it
and gross they pulled out the biggest like it looked like if I didn’t know
better it could have been just like a whole solid rat it was just the biggest
chunk of hair and then I was like but look at my hair color that’s not my hair
so they were laughing but that should be that sorted so I feel really relieved
that that’s done and I’ve got some sad news though so this is gonna seem
slightly like I don’t know I haven’t really come to terms with it Disney run
has been cancelled we got the message last night and I went to bed almost
straightaway after I got the message but I just I kind of started the couch to 5k
with that as my motivation Louise and I had booked like with scheduled to meet
next week to go via costumes and they just emailed last night and said they’ve
cancelled er because of protests and everything and I just feel so I feel I
mean I understand it makes me feel sad for Hong Kong and the economy of Hong
Kong because if everything’s being canceled like that’s not good but then I
also just feel like we’ve had this but since like I wanna even say June it
could have been may or june and yeah I just felt bit disappointed
I’m gonna keep going we’ll count to five cakes I’m on week at my home meet six
let’s say week six and there’s only nine week so I’m almost there so I’ll keep
going but I just feel a bit like oh I was so looking forward to that
such a shame anyway cuz I’ve been productive I’m gonna I’m gonna have a
nap I’m really tired put my gym stuff on and
I do intend to go down to the gym but I’m here for the rest of the day it’s
half four so I feel if I nap until like maybe six ish then go to the gym then
I’m here until I go to bed so that’s my plan I’m just so tired baby I’m awake
and I’m off to do the next run really don’t want to do it and I’m going to
tell you I’ve kept my old phone because we all know what I’m like I knock the
headphones the phone goes flying everything’s okay next door I don’t want
to take my new phone and have it go flying across the gym so the aim is down
the line wireless headphones are quite cheaper over here technology’s cheaper
over here so I’m gonna treat myself to some of those at some point but I need
to do some research because I don’t know what’s good what’s not so if you’ve got
wireless headphones and you recommend them they’re not too too expensive then
let me know comment below please yeah right let’s go get the stone I survived
another 25-minute run it was I think at the beginning I really was I Oh God I
like I did five minutes and was like I’ve got to do this four more times can
I do it but the long
like the further into what I get I kind of split it in to get to this number
then you can then you’re you’re done and then I just keep doing that basically so
I’m glad to have that done I’ve been FaceTime to make for about an hour and a
half FaceTime flash very briefly we talked
about The Walking Dead and I’ve just been watching insatiable on Netflix
editing a Disney vlog so I’ll link that below that was from when I went on
Tuesday Tuesday yes Tuesday but I’m now off to bed I’ve got a little adventure
tomorrow morning so I’m quite excited about that and yeah I’ll see you
tomorrow good night good morning it’s actually the 19th of October I forgot
what month for it and I’m on my way out it’s just about 9 o’clock
I’m eating that and we’re going either kayaking or canoeing I actually don’t
know which one we’re doing but it’s gonna be quite fun I yeah I don’t know
if I’m any good at it they used to have a what do we have and now don’t know the
difference I think we had a canoe and these two people right we used to have
one that was always fun yes and excited so we are in Stanley and that’s here and
Ching things here too and Stanley’s one of the most beautiful places in Hong
Kong even compared to like cycling’s beautiful but Stanley Stanley might even
be so icon to a certain extent sometimes sometimes not always this beautiful lunch with a view and by view I meant this one coconut at the beach hello everybody
I’ve not talked to you for a while it’s been one of those days where I was
having such a nice time that I didn’t film so I apologize but yeah it was just
such a nice day so chills we then went to a shopping
center afterwards and just have dinner there just got home and running a bath
which is the first time I’ve had a bath since moving in very excited I haven’t
got bubble bath that’s the only downfall so I’m gonna rummage through my stuff
and see if I’ve got anything close to Baba we’ll see but yeah I am probably
gonna end today here because I just want to chill have a bath it’s about seven
o’clock ish but I am ready to relax it’s been such a nice day out in the open but
fresh air is tiring so I’m ready to chill so I shall see you tomorrow
oh good morning or it is Sunday the 20th Oh Taylor I’m about to go to the gym
it’s really like 20 past 12:00 I woke up at 10 which was delightful but if we’re
going out with a headache which really annoys me
you’ve just been asleep why have you got a headache like I don’t get it
so I’ve taken like some paracetamol and stuff and I’m hoping that all it’s kind
of lesson to the headache but I’m gonna go to the gym anyway get that done it’s
a beautiful day again so I’m thinking I might come back have lunch and then
maybe go out somewhere so we’ll see need to just see how my head feels but yeah
let’s go get this last run done and by the way I’m on week 7 I didn’t realise I
fought as one week six so that’s good I’ve only got two more weeks of it it
does all seem ironic seeing as the thing I was training for has been cancelled
but you know it’s fine I’m glad I’ve done it because I have progressed I
don’t know right let’s go get this done and I did it I’m so hot week seven done
has it gotten easier during 25 minutes a time I thought it had but actually I
kind of felt I struggled a bit today but that might be because I’m quite headachy
so I mean I did it I just had to go a little bit slower like at the end so I
mean that’s fine I still managed to do it Oh shower lunch then I might head out
and he’s hanger foot wash as well but it it is so nice outside I just need to
like cool down a bit first but I did it two more weeks to go
what’s next week gonna be like to be honest the longest they can add on is
five more minutes and with me doing twenty five minutes now
five more minutes should be manageable should be we’ll see so now in about and
then I’m excited I’m kind of writing looks like it’s not
not quite a bucket list but kind of the octopi of places and things to do in
Hong Kong and I decided today I would go visit
somewhere a touristy but I’ve not been with her so it’s in diamond Hill is
called nan lian garden and chi lin nunnery from the face cut speak from the
pictures on google it looks absolutely amazing so I’m gonna go find it and I’m
gonna chill I’m excited I’ve got my book Kate photos have a look
around and then just chill a bit hopefully there’s like a bench I can sit
on we’ll see I don’t know what’s gonna be like but I’m excited let’s go have a
look so I found it it was like literally around the corner from the MTR so this
is easy let’s go oh man okay you then come across these like impressive gates
and walk in and already I can see how beautiful this place is
oh my goodness I’m very pleased I decided to come here today look at her
is so beautiful so there’s then this little building where you can go in and
feast at how some of the structures are made because they’re all kind of like
slotted together rather than like old-school hammer and nails it’s really
cool what I love is you have this really kind
of traditional looking place with the backdrop of the high-rise apartment and
I don’t know I love the contrast of it it’s really cool it’s just so nice here
really chilled a lot of people out getting that interested shots but I
can’t blame them I think I might aim to do that too but it just looks so calm
and beautiful I found myself a bench and I’ve got
quite a few I’m gonna sit here for a little bit got my book I’m gonna read
and chill pill very zen I think that’s probably the point of
these Gardens they’re beautiful I’m really really glad I came out
relaxed and detached from the world for a bit
Sunday feelings this is how a Sunday should be satin read my book for a while
and I’m now heading home has been so lovely
nice to have a like chilled by then like this cow and see somewhere new and I’m
definitely going to add this to the list of places I take people when they’re
coming to visit so that beautiful yes I’m still a bit headache see I don’t
know what’s up with me I’m gonna get home and try and shake this it’s kind of
my grainy which is a slightly concerning because my eyes can’t focus properly the
delights hey he’ll be fine as cow fruit it’s okay right bye beautiful gardens I
should see you later and I’m home the kettle’s on I’m about to just like push
her around do some last-minute Sunday cleaning I need to make the bed now
whenever I strip the bed I now put it upright because basically the bit
underneath the bed doesn’t have much like breathing space and because of Hong
Kong humidity last thing I want is for the bottom of the bed to get mouldy so I
need to make the bed again I need to do a few other little bits and bobs but
other than that I’m gonna get that done in time to have dinner and then just
chill so that’s my plan so I’m gonna end this video here it has been a week and a
half cuz like so much has happened I can’t even believe that Fajr was here at
the beginning of this weekly vlog and I’ve seemed to have done so much I don’t
even remember I’m gonna have to re-watch like what I’ve edited so far I have no
idea but thank you so much again for tuning in and watching yeah it’s been a
crazy one but a really good week so back to school we’ve got eight weeks and then
it’s the Christmas holidays so time is flying and I shall see you next week

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