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We Found Hikers Paradise in La Reunion! Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 109

So we’re making
first-day pancakes. This is the Delos
tradition, which is cool. We have real coffee. Oh, awesome. Out of the French press,
not instant coffee. Look at this bacon. [SIZZLING] [INAUDIBLE] Pan of goodness. We have American pancakes
we’re going to make. Ooh. And we’ll feast. And then we’ll get
over our hangovers from our little
fiesta last night. Mhm. And be about the day. [MUSIC – ONETOX, “RAMUKANJI”] Previously on Delos,
we sailed 3,000 miles in the wicked
southern Indian Ocean. Our iridium burned up. And the cord completely just– the charging port
completely fucking melted. Holy shit. Our SSB is not working either. So we’re literally
old-school sailing now. And we made landfall
in La Reunion. Land ho! I’m so excited Brian. Solid ground! Woo-hoo! [MUSIC PLAYING] La Reunion is a volcanic
mountainous paradise, known for its incredible
hiking and waterfalls. [MUSIC PLAYING] With Africa 1,500 nautical
miles to the west, and Australia 3,000
miles to the east, it lies in the vastness of
the Southern Indian Ocean. We just arrived
after sailing Delos from Cape Town,
South Africa, which was a grueling 16-day sail
in some of the toughest conditions we’d ever seen. [WIND HOWLING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Now we were docked in the
quaint village of Saint-Pierre, and came to explore
this awesome spot. But first, six people living
in a small space at sea can make quite a mess. And we needed to
get Delos shipshape. Cleaning day, brother. No one escapes
their duty on Delos. The pube trap, how was it? Eh, it wasn’t so bad, you know? Because it’s only me
and Karen back here. Yeah. I’d hate to clean yours. Ew. It’s clean up. How’s the galley, Kazza? Oh, shit. the soy sauce had gone
on its side and like, 1 and 1/2 liter, 2 liters of soy
sauce, leaked into the bilge. And then because
we were rocking, it got spread all
over, of course. So it me like, two hours,
an hour and a half, to clean that up. And now I’m starting
on the rest. How’s the salon, boys? Ooh, it’s smelling
like lemony creams. [LAUGHS] We found pubes, beads,
nuts, sweets wrappers. All kinds of– Everything on the floor. Carmen’s on the head. Yep. This is my zone. Not so bad. Ooh, look at that shiny mirror. I know. It’s pretty good. There’s a lot of us
using this right now. Three boys. How’s the shower drain? Um, I’ve gotten used to it. The first time I saw
it, it was like– Actually, it probably
wasn’t that bad because we didn’t
shower that much. And this is what
happens to the cockpit. It’s covered in hair. Every corner has hair in it. Ugh, look at all that. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) Hush,
close your eyes– [WAVES CRASHING] Market time. Saturday morning market. It’s a lovely morning,
not a cloud in the sky. I’m feeling all
breakfast, Breeyawn? Look at this. It is a
chocolate-and-pistachio-infused croissant. It’s green. Oh, it’s so good. Mm. Get a big– a big bunch. A big bunch? This one? Yeah. It’s going to be,
maybe like, 400. Yes. [STREET ORGAN PLAYING] [FRENCH SINGING] So this is the sugar cane press. [LAUGHS] Kiril, what are you
going to tell her? I’m going to tell her that
she’s as sweet as the sugar cane she’s pressing. [LAUGHS] Maybe, maybe. Go for it. I can’t do it, brother. [LAUGHS] I need a bourbon in me first. [LAUGHS] All the fresh produce,
so much good stuff. I mean, it’s really cool to see. Like, the produce
really is amazing. Yeah. Dude, I’m thinking we’ll do
a little, like, baguettes with this rotisserie chicken. With like, some onion. And we got avocado, tomato,
mayonnaise, mustard. [LAUGHS] Dude. Now we’re talking. It’s going to be
an epic lunch day. And it looks amazing. Look at that. Jeez, what are you doing? It’s bigger than me. [LAUGHS] Look at Karen’s. Is that all going
inside you, Kazza? Are you going to
save half for later? Probably. Probably. Look at this. You guys are like a
pack of hungry wolves. Mhm. It’s good to be in a
French country, bro. Very tasty. It’s another beautiful
day in Reunion. Mhm. And we are going to a
waterfall with our good Reunion friend, David. Excited, brother? Yeah. It’s a little mission to get
all the camera gear together. Get the GoPros out. GoPro stick. GoPro gimbal, GH-4, Sony 4K. The drone’s somewhere
in the back. GoPro. Got lunch ready. Here’s the baguettes. Baguettes. It’s very exciting. We’re going hiking with David. He’s going to show us a really
cool spot where apparently it’s quite a climb. And then you get
up to the waterfall and it’s like, 700 meters up. All right, David, so what’s
the plan today brother? So we are here. We are here. Saint-Pierre. Saint-Pierre. We’re going to climb
up to the [INAUDIBLE]. And then more climb– Which is also funny
in French, by the way. Yeah. [LAUGHS] And then a climb up there. And take a climbing road up
to the start of the hike. And so we are going to get
then up to this little village called Grand Bassin, where
there is a waterfall. So it’s
two-hour-and-a-half walk. And it should be really great. Cool, man, awesome. Sweet. Are we ready? Camera on camera action. All right. Let’s do it. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC – LIPPS INC, “FUNKY
TOWN”] Driving’s weird. Just feels so wrong. This is the right. This is the correct side. [LAUGHS] It feels very wrong to me. We are driving on the wrong
side of the road right now. This is the American
side/French side. Each time the car
turns, and I’m like, ah! The weird thing is
driving in general. It’s so terrifying. It goes way faster than the
boat, faster than the dinghy, even. There’s hills, cars. Craziness. There’s Carmen in the back. So cool. Look at these roads, Carmen. Look at those mountains. It’s like, a properly supplies
civilized little European island in the middle
of the Indian Ocean with roads and cars, good
food and houses, mountains. It’s crazy to think that
on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it’s like
I’m in the middle of Europe right now. Is this what you expected, Bri? No. Not at all. I don’t know what I expected. Certainly not this. I mean, we’re on a
proper interstate. And we’re going like,
well, at least 70 knots. It’s like 110 kilometers
per hour, or something. Yeah, I thought this
road around the island would be like, a
scenic little drive. Yeah. You know? [MUSIC PLAYING] We’d heard stories
about the epic beauty of this hidden gem, La Reunion. [MUSIC PLAYING] Luckily for us, David
knew exactly where to go. The only thing between
us and a cool dip was 750 vertical meters of
intense downhill trails. Look at this nature, huh? Look at this view. Whoa. What an amazing view. Like, just walking
down is crazy. It’s like these hills. Or I don’t know,
what do you call it? But everything is so lush
and like, so beautiful. It’s really cool to walk here. We’ll see how the way up is. Yeah, the way up is
going to be hard, yeah? Yeah. We’re only, oh, 15 to 20
minutes into the hike. And it’s already getting hot. The wind has stopped. Ooh, and the sun is cooking. And it’s all easy downhill. But it’s going to be
a tough walk back up. The views are crazy. [MUSIC PLAYING] So they wind surf
from merchants? Yeah. How do you like
the hike, Dillon? The hike is sweet. It’s good, eh? it’s all downhill, which
is kind of unusual. Like, you feel like you’re
relaxing going down. But really, when
you’re going downhill, you’re doing a lot of
work with your legs. So you’ve got to go back
up the hill now with really tired legs. Yeah. [LAUGHS] Almost there. But this hill looks intense
that everybody had climbed up. Look at that. We were up there. We were like, whoosh. Look. Dude, look how far we’ve come. Yeah. [LAUGHS] 750 meters. 750 meters. And our legs are still intact. Yeah, but there are people
living here all year long. Yeah. Cool. What a nice place to
come for the weekend. It’s a good place
to live, out here. It’s a good place
for the weekend. During the rainy
season, I bet it’s whoa. [LAUGHS] [WATER RUSHING] What do we do now, Bri? I don’t know. The trail looks like
it just sort of ended. So we’re trying to figure out if
we need to cross the river here or up here. I might go walk up this way a
little bit and check it out. OK. Whoa. So we made it. You can kind of see it
behind the bushes there. I think we have to
walk to the water. Oh, we have found paradise. Trekking through the shrubs
here to the waterfall. that’s a sight to behold. Look at this. Nature is showing off. I mean, how do you top this? Crazy. Crazy. Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] How good was that, Carmen? It is amazing. This is what I’ve been
waiting for this whole trip. It was an awesome walk. And the waterfall’s
just spectacular. Got this cool little basin,
big cliffs over here. We’re able to fly
the drone and we’re doing some swimming down here. And it’s been an awesome
day but we got to go back. It’s a little after
early afternoon now. We’ve got a long
walk ahead of us. So start making tracks. Yeah. Upwards. OK, guys. We’re ready to go, huh? Yeah. [LAUGHS] How long is it going
to take us to get back? Two hours. Depends on you, guy. Oh, shit. [LAUGHS] OK. Ow, my leg. I don’t know, how
long has it been? Uh, 15 minutes. 15 minutes. And the team has voted
to put the weakest and slowest up front. So that’s me. [LAUGHS] Come on, Brady. Come on, boy. Put your back into it. I’m going to get
rid of that dad bod. [FOOTSTEPS] A brain ice cream
freeze all over my head. We’re halfway up. Halfway, huh? [LAUGHS] Fuck. It’s really hot. It’s treacherous. Like, it’s really hot. Like, you walk– I mean,
and it’s not humid. But it’s just like,
the sun is blasting. It’s getting steep. It’s quite steep, huh? Yeah. It’s like staircases. Yeah. Yeah. [FOOTSTEPS] Ooh. We did it, B-note. We did it. Thank you, David. You’re welcome. It was a pleasure. That was good. Thanks, dude. I feel good now. Let’s go run the
rest of the way back. It’s been– [LAUGHTER] Took us 2 and 1/2 hours. But we finally
made it to the top and we’re very close to the car. [LAUGHS] Woo! That was intense. It’s really intense,
but we made it. [BREATHING HEAVILY] How are we doing? It’s not easy, but it was worth. It was very
beautiful down there. But I don’t think you could
take your granny on this hike. I think she’ll die. [LAUGHS] Yeah. Yes. My legs feel loose. Yeah, my legs are
feeling very wobbly. I don’t think I’ll be
doing any hiking tomorrow. That’s for sure. No. Tomorrow’s a chill day. What do you say, Killa-Krill? How are you holding together? I’m on my knees. It was intense coming up. But yeah. It’s very steep. It was good, man. Good views again. Worth it. Yeah. Everybody did really
good on their hike today. And so we have a special dinner. Double-decker cheeseburgers
with two different types of cheese and ham. What? And I think it’s going
to be pretty good. Look at that. Bring it on. My body needs sustenance. It’s coming, brother. it’s coming now. For my body. Spicy mustard time. Carmen’s got veggie patties. Yes, I’m still
prepping my burger. So don’t expect a
bite shot right now. Thank you. But Kazzatron’s well in there. I don’t know what
happened here today. But it’s delicious. Mm. Mm. Oh yeah. I ate way too fast. I need to slow down. Mm. Let’s get a– Compliments to the chef. Let’s get a Brady bite shot. Should I do the whole
thing in one bite? No, that’s a waste. No. You can’t do that, dude. Oh yeah. Mm. Did you see that? Big bite. Mm. [LAUGHS] Oh yeah. I’m going straight
to sleep after this. I don’t think that’s
going to fit in my mouth. [LAUGHTER] How can you not? You’d be surprised. Up next, we head to a local
reggae party on the beach, do some incredible scuba
diving, and explore Piton de la Fournaise. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ah. Oh. [LAUGHS] What do you have to say? First thing in the morning. That’s a wrap. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mm. (WITH ACCENT) You like it? I like it a lot. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WATER RUSHING] [CHATTER] [WATER DRIPPING]

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