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– [Katie] Guys, this is gettin’ creepy. What is going on? What is that? Hi guys, welcome back to, – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And, today, we are going to go up into the mountains to
some abandoned bunkers I think is what we found. Dad and I found some bunkers, were you with us when we found them? – Yes, I was. – Okay, so we saw these bunkers when we were on a hike or
a run up in the mountains. And we wanna go explore
these more and see if we can get into the bunkers
somehow and check it out. – Yeah, cos we haven’t before. – It’s a little creepy up there. There’s nobody up there,
there’s nothing up there, just these weird bunkers. – And, Jordan, Jake, and Ty
are at home sleeping right now. – Yeah, it’s really early in the morning, we thought we’d get up
and do this early while it’s cool out because it’s quite a ways up into the mountains. – Yeah, and we got Logan to protect us. – Yes.
– [David] Yeah we’ll see. – Little Logey. – [Katie] Are you here, Logan? Okay, he’s here. – He’s camera shy. – [Katie] Are you guys ready
to hoof it up to these bunkers? – Alright, let’s do it.
– Let’s go. – [Katie] What do you think are in them? – [David] I dunno. I don’t know why they would have been put way up there. – [Katie] Do you think
they’re military bunkers? Or do you think they’re
built by some crazy person that was trying to hide out? – I hope neither. I hope they’re just something that was placed there for some specific purpose, but we’ll go find out what it is. – [Katie] But, what do
you think it could be? Do you think it was for an animal? I mean, that doesn’t make sense. – [David] Might be. – [Katie] These don’t
look like animal bunkers. – I’m not sure. – [Katie] What do you think, Audrey? – I’m hoping it’s like,
a tree house thing? – [Katie] Okay, so these
bunkers are really weird. They’re past these, I remember
it’s past this pile of rocks, past a big broken-down tree. And then you come up on these bunkers and there’s these cement
things, these blocks, and it’s looks like there’s
an entrance to them. And if we can get in, I think that there is like, this ramp that
leads down into the bunker. So I’m wondering if it was
like a shelter place or… – Yeah, it could’ve
been a fallout shelter. – Yeah, like a fallout
shelter, or someone like, built this up there for the
end of the world type thing. Or, if it’s military, or
if it’s absolutely nothing. I have no idea. – [Katie] Okay guys, so
things all of a sudden got dark in this crazy forest. Things are a little weird. OK, this tree is now here, that was not there last time we came. – No, but we came here
like three days ago. – [Katie] This is crazy, guys. – Where did it come from? – [Katie] Yeah, where
did this tree come from? – It’s just like someone picked it up. – [Katie] Yeah, there is
no place that this fell. – [Audrey] Like this. – [Katie] Yeah, where
did this tree come from? This is creepy. It’s almost like Bigfoot could be up here and like, moved it. – Yeah, picked up the tree and just like– – [Katie] Yeah, and he placed it. – [David] That is crazy. – [Katie] Whoa! – Because there’s no broken trees around and there’s nothing that’s disturbed – [Katie] Yeah, no broken trees. Guys, this is getting creepy. What is going on? OK, are you guys nervous to keep going? – We have to go, we have to go explore. – [Katie] This is, I don’t know, do we want to keep going into these woods? – If we see another thing
maybe we’ll go around. – Okay, guys, so, I’m all alone now, I don’t know where David and Audrey went, I hope they just went further up the trail and are kind of waiting for me up ahead. I’ve been kinda by myself
for about 15 minutes now. They got ahead of me,
so I keep hoping that around every corner I’ll be
able to catch up with them and see them, but so
far I haven’t seen them. So, hopefully I do not do this alone, I’m still going to hike
up to those bunkers and then head back and
see what I can find. But, yeah, I’m just hoping that they are somewhere on this trail. Okay, so I’ve been going
for quite a ways longer. Probably another 10 or 15 minutes and I have not seen any sight of them. I’m hoping to catch them soon, we’re almost to the bunkers. I am so tired and worn out. So, I’m quite far behind them. I’m sure they’re probably up there. Oh, gotta breathe here, rest a minute, and then I’m gonna continue on. – [Katie] Okay, so we’re
getting really close because I remember this fallen log. And there should be a big
pile of rocks somewhere. And then I think the bunkers will be here. So it’s not too far away
cos I remember that log. Okay, so this is pretty crazy, a crazy weird fort bunker out here in the middle of the woods. I don’t get this. Why is it tilted on a weird angle? How do you get deep down inside? What is down there? – [Audrey] Things are growing on it, this has been here for a long time. – [Katie] Yeah, this is
very old cos there’s moss. – [David] Hello! – [Katie] What if some creepy
old hairy ape-man comes out? – [Audrey] Uh, great,
well we’ve summoned him. Thanks, Dad. – Let’s go do the other one, cos this one doesn’t, I
don’t have a ladder or rope. – [Katie] Yeah, Dad and I,
we had seen another one, so let’s go find the other fort. Okay, here’s the other one. – Okay, found the other one. It’s only about 200 yards.
– [Audrey] A few steps. – 200 yards from the other one. This one looks different though, this one, you can see this one’s flat. It’s bigger,
– [Katie] And, it’s long. – and it’s got some weird top on it. – [Katie] What? – [Audrey] Look at the
grass, it’s so tall. – [Katie] Wait a minute. Last time when we came
up, wasn’t that open? – Yeah, I don’t think the top was on it. – [Katie] I don’t think
the top was on it, either. cos I’m remembering that being open and it looked like it had
filled in like a cave in. – Oh, yeah! – [Katie] And, that you
could dig down the ramp and get to a room like, there’s a ramp. This is creeping me out that
there’s now the top is closed. Who is using this? – [David] The top opens. – Could it be the neighbor? – [Katie] What? This is weird. – [David] Ready? – [Katie] You wanna go in and see? – [Audrey] Oh my. – [Katie] Yeah, so
there’s like a ramp here. And it looks like it goes
down on a slant, on an angle. Like if you got in there
you could probably dig down and I’m guessing right over here. – It goes underground. – [Katie] It probably goes underground so you would just like,
walk and go underneath. – What if this is like
a series of tunnels, and it connects like, to a house? Yeah like, what if this
is, like, the neighbors, one of his little tunnels. – [Katie] This is weird. What is it doing, out here, in the middle of the forest? – [David] Hello! – I know cos literally
there’s no one around here. – You hear that? It echoes. Hello! – Oh. – [Katie] So that’s big. That’s big. Where does this go? – [David] You wanna climb in? – No, I think we should
buy some things first. – [Katie] Yeah, we need to get some tools so we can go in these, but should we go up and see if
we can find any more tunnels? You wanna go a little bit further? These are the only two
that we saw previously but I’m wondering if we could scout out other weird things around here. I don’t know. – OK, let’s try. – [Katie] What do you,
but what’s your guess? Let’s all take a guess as
to what these things are. – I think it’s a series
of underground tunnels. – I think it’s connected
to our neighbor somehow. – [Katie] I think it’s a
creepy ape-man’s bunker. – Oh, no. – [Katie] And, he lives in it. – Well, it looks like the
tops of the fort, so I mean… – [Katie] I don’t know,
I don’t get what this is, Sasquatches? Bigfoots? – I wonder if somebody’s
put that lid on there to trap whatever’s inside back in. – [Katie] Oh, that’s great. – Well, it’s cracked so,
– [Katie] It’s half broken. – Looks like that thing is out. – [Katie] Huh. Let’s see
what else we can find around here cos this is so creepy. – [David] Alright. And then we should bring back tools. – [David] Yeah.
– [Audrey] Yeah. – [Katie] And go down in ’em. Gosh guys, look. – [Audrey] Okay. – [Katie] There is like this
really old campfire here. – [Audrey] No, seriously like. – [Katie] It’s been a while. Out here in the middle of nowhere, who would be camping up here? – [Audrey] I know because, look, there’s like a circle of rocks and then the wood, that is totally burnt. – [Katie] And then in the middle. – [Audrey] And, grass. So, no one has burned
things here for a while because if there’s grass growing up here, – [Katie] We found a really
old fire pit, fire whatever. Where somebody’s been up here camping but who would camp up here in the middle of nowhere
near those bunkers? What is going on? – That’s weird, I found
something else up there too. – Another thing? – [Katie] This is getting crazy, guys. Show us, show us what you found. – [David] Okay, so the fire is there. Right here, if you notice how the leaves– (gasps) – [Katie] Whoa! – [David] Like something big. – [Katie] That’s like a bigfoot nest! – That’s not like a person
that’s like something big. – [Katie] What… – [Katie] That is creepy. – [David] Logan has been sniffing around, – [Katie] Look how the grass
is laying down right there. – [Audrey] Yeah, why is
it all trampled over? – [Katie] Oh my gosh, guys. – [Audrey] And it’s kind of
in a shape if you look at it, it kind of curves and goes in like that. – [Katie] Okay. – [David] Curled inside, like this. – Well that explains why
there’s this huge massive tree in the middle of nowhere. – [Katie] Yeah, I don’t get that tree. – While there’s a big footprint shaped, grass patted down area and a
little campfire and bunkers. – [Katie] This is a very weird forest. I don’t know what’s going on
here and who’s living out here. cos obviously somebody, that can start a fire has been here. I don’t know if that’s animal? – I’m starting to think
it’s not the neighbor. I think it’s something bigger. – [Katie] I kind of
think it’s bigger, too. And I don’t know what could be out here. Do you think that they’re nocturnal that we have to come out at night? – Maybe we’d have to go tonight hiking. – [Katie] I don’t know. Do you think that that’s
how you would catch ’em? – Probably. – [Katie] This is scary. – Well I don’t think we
should just, us three go, I think we should we need
to get reinforcement. – [Katie] Well let’s see
what else we can find other clues up here, cos this is so weird. OK, this is getting even weirder,
we are way into the woods. – Whoa, wait wait wait. – [David] Look down. – [Audrey] Logan, you’re in a spiderweb. – [Katie] Why is there a pipe? – That’s the top of a big pipe. (gasp) That’s where these underground tunnels, that’s how they all connect. – [Katie] There are tunnels. – [Audrey] There’s another
tree that’s fallen over, just saying. – [Katie] OK, so the
tree, the pipe tunnels are leading, who knows where. – I don’t know, but I’ve never been, – [Kate] And why would that be out here? – I’ve never been this
far into the woods, so. – [Katie] I’ve never been this far either. – This is hollow. There’s nothing in it. Guys, – [Katie] Do we keep
going? Should we follow it? – I wonder if we stumbled
across like, an underground, – [Audrey] Secret passage. – Secret passages. – [Katie] There might be like a system way or something for people to
sneak through, I don’t know. What would be going on? – The bandits could have used
it to transport treasures. (gasp) – I mean, it could be
anyone by this point. – [Katie] What do you say, should we keep going up a little further? – Let’s go a little further
and see if we can find, the other opening of this big culvert. – [Katie] Oh my gosh, what
if we find a ginormous fort? – Let’s go see. – Whoa. – [Katie] And there are spiders, I’m getting webs all
over me, this is creepy. It’s like nobody’s been here so all over this little pathway,
there’s like spiderwebs. – [David] You look at
those rock formations. Down below, the grass is
like, all pressed down. – [Katie] It looks pretty normal, and now come up here and look. – [David] Something’s been laying there. – [Katie] There is another
spot where the grass is getting trampled, and it’s not, like, a little spot. It’s the same size, it’s huge! – [David] It’s big. – [Katie] This is big, I
don’t know if it’s a bear? – It’s something that’s at
least two, three, 400 pounds. – [Katie] I don’t know if there’s some ancient creature up in here. – We lost the pipe. – Yeah, the pipe… – The pipe went deep underground again. So, I don’t know, I’m hoping we can find the other end of it. Because I’m thinking
at the other end of it, it might be bigger, cos
that’s how they could hold, did you know at one time,
there were mines up here? – [Katie] Oh. – There were gold and silver mines, and I’m wondering if that’s
how they transported the ore. That would make sense. – [Katie] But who’s using it now? Because, I’m sorry but grass does not stay down for 100 years. – No, it’s recent. – [Katie] So this is recent.
The fire pit was old. – But I’m wondering if
there’s a treasure up here that got buried, that got hidden,
that we can come and find. – [Katie] You think it’s a treasure? I’m like, nervous about a creature. – It could be a creature
guarding the treasure. – [Katie] Guys, we gotta be
like, cautious a little bit. But I still wanna find more clues, cos this is kinda crazy and exciting. – We’re getting onto something, I mean, whatever this is, it’s
something that hasn’t– – [Katie] It’s huge. – been discovered before. – [Katie] It’s big. OK, what? – [David] Look what I found. – [Katie] What? – I thought, this might be just like this. – [Katie] Something else? Oh my gosh. – [Audrey] It’s like a pocket
of water inside the tree! – [David] Look inside that water. – [Katie] Oh my gosh, so
the tree’s full of water like a magic well! – Look in the water! – [Katie] No, I don’t–
– [David] Look in the water! – [Katie] What is it,
gonna jump out and get me? – [David] Look! – [Katie] What’s in that? What is that? – [David] I don’t know.
– [Katie] What is that? – [David] There’s little
creatures in there. – [Katie] What are those? Oh my gosh. – [David] There’s a
spiderweb on top of it, can you see that? – [Katie] A spider?
– [David] Look. You see the spider?
– [Katie] Yeah. – Oh, never mind. (laughs) – [Katie] That’s creepy,
what is that though? – I don’t know what’s growing
in there, that’s weird. – [Katie] This is crazy,
look at these trees, they’re getting huge, like
this forest is getting big. – Shall we turn back? – Let’s just be quiet and
go up to one of those trees. – [Katie] Yeah, I wanna
see what else is up here. – OK, must be quiet. – [Katie] Let’s yeah, cos it could be, whatever it is, could be around. (suspenseful music) (water crashing) – [Katie] Oh my goodness, where are we? – Weren’t these on the trail when we were in Hawaii with Jordan when we lost her? – They were! They were. There was a bunch of pink,
like, strings on the trees. – [Katie] Oh my gosh, so
somebody’s marked that or what? – [Audrey] I don’t know. That’s a coincidence.
– [Katie] That’s the only one we’ve seen though and why
is it right by that tree? (waterfall splash) – [David] Here! – [Katie] What, oh Dad’s
found something, let’s go! This is way, crazy cool! – [David] Here! – [Audrey] Here!
– [David] Come here! – [Audrey] Oh my gosh!
– [David] Wow! – [Katie] What is that! – [Audrey] Zoom in! – [Katie] Oh wow, I don’t
know if you guys can see but there is like a geyser of water. What is that? I’ve never seen anything like that, why would water be bursting
out, up into the air? – [David] How do we get closer to that? – [Katie] Yeah, how do we get over there, cos it goes into a ravine. Cross the river, what is that? That’s not a waterfall,
that’s shooting out of the ground.
– [David] Yeah, it’s like… – [Katie] Like erupting out the ground. – [David] Yeah, like a volcano of water. – [Katie] In the mountains. What? OK, this is crazy guys. – We’ve got to go do
some research on this. – [Katie] The battery’s
about to die though. – [Audrey] OK, we gotta
hurry, we gotta hurry. – OK, cos I’m wondering,
there’s all this folklore about the Fountain of Youth, (gasp) I’m wondering– – Yeah. – [David] If this might be it. – [Katie] I don’t know if
we can get across there. – That’s why it’s hidden,
that’s why there’s tunnels, there’s a river between
us and the fountain. We’ve gotta go back and get some tools, go find a way to get across this river, to go see if that is
a fountain and in fact that is the Fountain of Youth. We have struck the mother load. – [Katie] We’ve struck gold, man. – Everybody’s been searching for this, everybody thought it was in Florida, but who knows it could be here. – [Audrey] And this like, abandoned trail that literally no one goes on. – And it’s getting cold,
I gotta get my jacket on. – [Audrey] I’m cold too. – [David] You guys hear that? You hear that? Logan, who is it? Logan, who’s out there? – [Katie] Guys, what
if whoever left the big stuff is coming? What if there’s something coming? – [David] Alright, let’s get out of here. – I’m getting my jacket on, I’m freezing, all of a sudden the air
got very, very cold. – [Audrey] I know, I feel it too. – It’s like it was fine, and now it’s like this cold draft came in. And I don’t know why,
usually that’s like– – [Audrey] A ghost, thing. – I was gonna say I don’t
know if I wanna say it. I didn’t wanna freak anybody out, but yeah it’s getting cold,
I wanna get out of here guys, we’ll bring tools back and, I don’t know, that is amazing. I wonder what else is up further? – [David] I don’t know. Let’s go get the kids,
let’s go get some tools, and let’s come back. Wait. Go, go, someone’s coming down the trail – [Audrey] Go! Start running! – There’s something big! – [Audrey] Start running! Go! No! The battery! (discordant piano music)

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