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We Found A Treasure Chest in Hawaii!!

– Welcome to Hawaii, we are
in Kauai on vacation right now and we have been having so much fun. We have so many awesome things planned. I cannot wait for you guys to join us on all of our adventures,
here on the island of Kauai. It is so beautiful here. We have been hanging out all day here on the Anahola beach. It is so beautiful. Can you believe this white sand? It looks like brown sugar. It’s so cool. We’ve been boogie boarding and everything. The kids are out there
catching some waves right now. Because everyday is a new day,
lets make it an awesome one. Luke found this bottle, it
was washed up on the beach. Whoa, look, it has writing on it, guys. We’re on a treasure hunt! – (shouts) What? (everyone shouts in excitement) (upbeat music) – [Carl] We’re way up here,
look at this view, huh? – Yeah. – [Carl] Wow. – Come here, come here! – [Jinger] Oh my goodness. (gasps) (upbeat music) – [Carl] Whoa, they’re catching
some fun waves out there. Here goes Luke, he’s gonna get one. This is a big one coming in you can see all the white water breaking. (screams) There’s really good boogie boarding. We got some pretty
affordable ones at the store. There was one at the B&B that
we’re staying at right now. The kids have been having a blast just playing on this
gorgeous Hawaiian sand. Jinger, are you enjoying
the Hawaiian sunshine? – Yes, the sun is so warm,
you guys, and the sand. – [Carl] We’ve been talking all day about buying a property here. – Goals, right? Life goals. – [Carl] Life goals, for sure. Look how absolutely
incredible the ocean is here. We could live here forever. It’s totally an island paradise. Are you like me, Jinger? Could you just stay here forever? – Yes, and I plan to stay
here all day, at least. – [Carl] I hope so too. These kids are having
so much fun out here. Luke, are you catching some big waves? – Yeah, I caught some really big ones. – [Carl] That’s awesome, I saw you guys! Don’t step on any of those. There’s some shells and stuff right there. – Look, what it that!? It’s a bottle. Come here, come look at this. – [Carl] What is it? Oh my gosh, it is, it’s
totally a little glass bottle! – [Luke] Look at that. – [Carl] I thought it was a seashell. Oh my gosh, Luke, there’s a note inside! – Yeah! – [Carl] Isn’t that awesome? Guys, come here. – What is it? – [Carl] Luke found this bottle. It was washed up on the beach right here. – Wait, what? – Yeah, it was in the sand right here. – [Carl] See if we can see
what’s inside this thing. – [Luke] What is that? – It definitely has sand inside. It’s not just on the outside. – Whoa, what it that? – Here, go wash it off. – What’s inside of there? – I looks like there’s
a note or something. There’s something rolled up in there. – [Gage] Whoa, no way! – [Kyle] What! – You should go rinse that off but don’t lose it in the water. You know what? Steven and Carter are living
right up the beach over there. They’re staying there on vacation too. Maybe we should call them,
and have them come down so they can see what’s
inside the bottle with us. – [Jinger] Let’s do that. That would be so awesome. – Let’s invite them over. Can you see in there? – [Kyle] What is that? – [Gage] Oh yeah, there’s
a part of a piece of cloth hanging out. – [Carl] Parchment, it’s burnt. What is that? – [Jinger] What is that? – [Carl] It’s like wax. Lets give Steven a call, and
we’ll see what’s in this. Guys, look who’s here to help us out? (all scream) What’s up? – Oh, yeah! – Here, we found this bottle on the beach. Luke almost stepped on
it, while boogie boarding. Should we open it and see what’s inside? (all shout) Yeah! – [Carter] It looks like
there’s a lot of sand in there. – [Carl] Luke, why don’t
you pull the top off. – [Luke] Okay, ready? – [Carl] Uh-huh. – [Luke] Three, two, one. – [Carl] Oh, there we go. – [Liz] Oh, there’s something inside. – [Carter] What is that? – [Carl] It’s like a note. (all gasp) Whoa! – Kyle, is there anything
else in the bottle? – A lot of sand. – It’s probably just sand. – [Carter] What is that? – [Steven] Yeah, what is that? – [Carl] It’s like paper. – [Steven] An old dollar
bill, or something? – [Kyle] You should go wash it off. – [Carl] Whoa, look, it
has writing on it, guys! – [Liz] What does it say? – [Carl] What does it say, Liz? Can you read it? – [Liz] My treasure on Anahola. – [Carter] Oh, that’s where we are. – [Carl] Oh yeah, that’s the
name of this beach, isn’t it? Is this Anahola beach? – I think so. – I think it is. – [Liz] I think there’s a secret map. – [Carl] And then it says, “secret map”. What is that brown stuff? – [Luke] It’s a coconut. – Oh, it says coconut. My treasure, Anahola secret map. – Oh dad, there’s a ton
of coconuts over there. – Maybe we should go look on the coconuts and see if we can find the next clue. – Yeah, let’s keep this though. – We’re on a treasure hunt! (all cheer) – Let’s go! – Let’s go! – [Carl] Hey, there’s a coconut. Kyle, check that one out. Anything? – Nope. – No? Oh my gosh, look, the whole
beach is covered with coconuts. – That is so many coconuts. – We better fan out and search for it. – [Carl] Okay, we’re gonna
have to check these coconuts and see if we can find anything. Look at these ones,
there’s a hole in that one. – Look inside of the hole. – Whoa, there’s something in that one. – Yeah, come here, look at this. – [Carl] What is it? – [Steven] It might be
an animal, be careful. – [Carl] Oh, it’s just plastic. (all groan in disappointment) – False alarm. – [Carl] We’ll keep looking. See anything yet, Kyle? – I’m looking for the ones
that have holes in them. – [Carl] I know. Maybe we should look at the clue again and see if there’s any indications as to what we should be looking for. Maybe there’s a better
clue on this note here. – [Jinger] Oh look, the coconut
has a little line on it. Do you see that? [Carl] It kind of does. There’s definitely a hole in the top and there’s a couple of lines around it. Maybe it’s marked a certain way. We’re looking for a coconut that might have some
stripes on it or something. – Guys, look at this. – [Carl] Look at how hairy
that coconut is, that’s cool. Anybody see it? Carter, do you see anything? – Nope, I haven’t found anything yet. – There’s literally hundreds of coconuts all over this beach. We’re definitely in the right spot. A lot of them have got
little holes in them and pockets and things like that. We’ve checked all of
these, all over the beach and haven’t found anything yet. The only ones left,
that we haven’t checked are those across the
little stream over there. Maybe we need to cross
over and look there. – [Carter] We found one under ground. – [Carl] That one is totally
buried under the ground. – It’s huge! Oh my gosh, this thing is so heavy. – [Carl] That’s awesome. Is there anything in it? – Try to hold it. – (shouts) whoa! – Go throw it in the
river, see if it floats. – [Carl] Let’s do that. – This is so heavy. (all cheer) – [Carl] There is goes, on a
coconut journey out to sea. – (laughs) – Goodbye, coconut. Hopefully that’s not
the one with the clue. I don’t know what that is but I don’t think that’s the clue. – Yeah, I don’t know if this is the clue. I’m gonna rinse it off. Let’s check it out. – [Carl] Does it look like
it has anything on it. – Um, I don’t know. – [Carl] It’s definitely not
any kind of treasure, for sure. – Yeah, I don’t know. It looks like a piece of trash. – [Carl] These guys
are crossing the stream so maybe we should catch up and check out these over here. That’s weird, Jinger. Those coconuts have a big
stick poking up from them. – (shouts) Look over there! Let’s go check that one out. Looks like there might
be something right there. – Guys, look at this. This one has the stripe pattern on it. – [Carl] Oh, it totally does! – [Kyle] What’s inside it? (all gasp) – [Carl] Is there something in there? – (shouts) There’s more in there! – Treasure, look! – [Carl] What is it? – [Luke] Look, there’s gems. – [Carl] There is! There’s sea shells and gems and all kinds of stuff in there. What did you grab, Kyle? – Look, this has a wax seal
that has a shell on it. (all gasp) – [Steven] Open it, open it! – [Carl] What is it made out of, paper? Oh, that’s like cloth. That’s really cool. – Look at this. – [Carl] Whoa! – [Liz] Oh my gosh, we’re rich! – [Carl] It’s so cool! – Guys, let’s see what’s inside of here. – [Carl] Okay, let’s see if
we can get this thing open and see what it is. – [Steven] It looks ancient, be careful. – [Carl] It really does. – [Kyle] There we go. – [Carl] Good job, Kyle. Luke, you hang on to that coconut make sure we don’t lose
our little treasure there. – (shouts) Whoa! – [Carl] What is it? – (shouts) It’s a treasure map! – [Carl] Are you serious? (all gasp) Whoa! – [Carl] We found a treasure
map in Hawaii, guys. This is awesome. – That’s so crazy. This is the island we’re on. – [Carl] Is it really? – [Kyle] I think this is where we are. – [Carl] Oh, that’s an X, huh? – [Steven] That’s where the treasure is. – [Carl] We’re up here. Ananhola is up here. – [Steven] Oh, that’s a
map of the whole island. – [Carl] This is Waimea canyon. This is the ocean. What does that say? – [Kyle] It looks like a pirate ship. – [Carl] Right down here it looks like we’re gonna
have to find this beach because that looks like, X marks the spot. – [Kyle] Look, those
look like pirate ships. – [Carl] That is so cool, you guys. Maybe we should follow this map and go check out that X. – [Steven] Sweet, let’s do it. – [Carl] Let’s go! – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – [Carl] We made it here. This is the spot, I think
it shows on the map. Let’s see if this looks like
we’re in the correct spot. There’s the map that we found. – [Jinger] I think we are, look. – [Carl] And, here’s the GPS. – [Jinger] We’re right here and it looks like it’s
in about the right spot. Now we just have to go down to the beach and see if we can find
whatever this X is marking. – [Carl] We’re gonna
get our snorkel gear out and see what we can find underwater. Maybe this time, instead
of buried treasure it’s actually a sunken treasure. That would be so cool,
if we found something. (laughs) This is Luke’s
first time ever snorkeling. Are you ready to go find
some sunken treasure, dude? In Hawaii. – Mm-hmm. – [Carl] That’s gonna be awesome, huh? I think there’s gonna
be something out there. We’re gonna have to swim around
and see what we can find. Kyle, are you ready to
find sunken treasure, dude? – Yeah! – [Carl] I am too. I’m so stoked, it’s gonna be awesome. Okay guys, we’re getting to the point now where we need to just get our snorkel gear the rest of the way on. We’re gonna switch over to the GoPro so we can get an underwater view to see what we can find. Here we go, are you guys ready
to find some sunken treasure? (all cheer) – [Carl] This is gonna
be so cool, I can’t wait. Let’s go! (exciting music) (fast upbeat music) – Guys, I see something, it’s over there. – [Carl] Over there? – Yeah! – [Carl] All right, let’s go check it out. (exciting music) (underwater mumbling) – [Carl] Dude, I think we got it! – Yeah, me too! – [Carl] Pick it up, let’s see. – It’s so pretty. – [Carl] That’s really cool, look at that! – Oh, there’s something in it! – [Carl] Is there something inside? – Yeah! – [Carl] Whoa, wow. – Let’s go to the shore and check it out. – [Carl] Good idea, Luke. Good job. Luke totally found the shell. It was down under the water. Steven and Luke spotted it, pointed it out and we swam over and found it. – [Jinger] That is so awesome! – There’s something inside of it. – [Carl] There is. There’s totally something
tucked up inside. It’s just like on the other map it’s totally a big pink conch shell. Kyle, pull that out. – [Kyle] Okay. – [Jinger] Oh, what’s in there? – [Steven] I hope it’s not an animal. – [Carl] Be careful. (all shout) Whoa! – [Carl] Look at that! – [Luke] It’s the same sea shell. – [Carl] Hang on, let’s
look at this real quick. Will you hold that, Steven? – [Jinger] It’s the same print. – [Carl] Wow, look at that. – [Jinger] That is so cool. – [Carl] It’s made of the
same fabric, and everything. Should we try and open it
up and see what it says? – [Jinger] Yeah, let’s do it. What do you think is inside of it, guys? – It’s probably been
at sea for a long time. – [Carl] Whoa! (children gasp) – [Carl] It’s a whole other map! Wow, look at that! – [Kyle] Luke, that looks like a monster! – [Carl] The whole thing
looks like a volcano. – [Steven] Whoa. – [Jinger] Wow! – [Carl] It’s burnt on the top. There’s a compass that
says, North and South. What does that say? Some kind of a trail. – [Gage] You know what, that
kind of looks like a dinosaur. – [Carl] It kind of does. – [Kyle] Wait, is this a hike? – I think so. This is like, an X marks the spot. We might need to look on a real map and see if we can find
where this might match up. It’s really hard to see in this lighting but it looks like this is
the Ke’e trail right here. I don’t know. We’re gonna see if we can
match this up and decipher it but it totally looks like this is another piece of the
puzzle that we need to solve. I wonder who that is. That kind of freaks me
out, though, I don’t know. Look at that amazing view
of the ocean, you guys. – That’s crazy. – We’re on this little
tiny trail right now. We’re up on the North end of the island. We looked at the map, and
as clear as we can tell we need to get up to the North side. There’s a little trail,
called the Ke’e trail or something like that. The Ke’e trail. Somewhere along there,
there’s a secret cave that opens up into a big cave. We talked to some people and that’s our best chance, we think of finding the treasure so that’s where we’re headed next. It is so scenic and so beautiful
here, it’s indescribable. We are on our way, on
our travel adventure. Don’t fall over the
edge, Jinger, be careful. I saw that little misstep. – It’s okay, I caught myself on this root. – [Carl] All right I think we need to head
up to the Na Pali coast and see if we can find this treasure. – Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – [Carl] Are you guys ready to go find our buried
treasure, on the Na Pali coast? (all say excitedly) Yeah! – Let’s do it. – [Carl] It looks pretty
intense, doesn’t it? Look at this jungle. (upbeat music) – [Carl] Here we go. – [Kyle] This is gonna be awesome! – [Carl] This is a crazy hike. – It’s a lot rockier than I expected. – [Carl] It’s definitely like
we’re in the jungle, for sure. We have to keep our eyes
out for any kind of cave or anything like that. This is a long hike. You guys doing okay? – Yeah. – There’s boulders and
rocks, palm trees, jungle. This is crazy. Keep your eyes peeled, you guys. Look around these rocks,
and in the vegetation see if there’s any secret openings. Wow, look at this. This is so cool up here. Easy, Kyle, these rocks
are all muddy and slippery. Find your balance, and keep
your grip on everything. Luke, why don’t you move to the left. Get away from that ledge. We definitely don’t want to go down there. Be careful, guys, climbing up the rocks. Everybody’s doing good so far. I haven’t seen anything
yet, have you guys? – No, nothing but trees. – [Carl] Nothing but trees and rocks. Look at this view, you guys. (all gasp) Wow! – [Carl] Oh my goodness. – [Jinger] (gasps) Wow! – [Carl] Look at this view. Look how blue that ocean
is, can you believe that? – [Luke] That’s crazy blue! – Onward and upward. We haven’t found any cave entrances yet but this trail goes for like 12 miles along the North coast here. It’s one of the most
beautiful, scenic ocean views and coastlines, in the world. This is amazing. Can you believe this? It feels like we’re in
the movie, Jumanji, right? – It really does. I’ve never been anywhere like this before. – [Carl] Or, Jurassic Park, right? There could be dinosaurs or anything. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a dinosaur running
down the trail here. – Look at all these big trees. – [Carl] I know, it’s so amazing. This is one adventure, right? (children shout) Yeah! – [Carl] Treasure hunt in Hawaii, in Kauai on the Na Pali coast. This is amazing. I cannot believe that
we’re doing this right now. What an adventure. So far, so good. We better watch our step. We gotta stay to the left. If you go to far to the
right, woo, straight down. Be very careful. Even on a treasure hunt, you
gotta stop and take selfies. – Yes, you do. (laughs) – [Carl] How do you not, though. Look at this place. Wow, those waves are amazing. I’m running out of adjectives right now. How’s everybody doing? (all shout) Good! – [Carl] Everybody making
it up the trail okay? Hey, there’s Jackson and Katie. You found us. Keep an eye out. See anything yet, guys? – [Kids] No. – I haven’t seen anything. – [Carl] We gotta be closer. Maybe there’s some secret spot
we haven’t noticed somewhere. – I see little pockets like that. I feel like I should climb
up there and check it but it’s steep. – [Carl] I don’t know if
that’s safe enough, yeah. We’ll just have to keep going and see. Hopefully we can find
somewhere obvious here. Wow, look at this though. So cool. We’ve got to be getting close. It’s got to be somewhere nearby. We’ve been on this trail for a long ways. – I think If we just
try a little bit further it’ll be worth it. – [Carl] I think so too. We’re way up here. Look at this view, huh? – [Kyle] Yeah. Look at those green mountains. – [Carl] Look at those
green mountains. (laughs) (gasps) Wow! – This is crazy. – [Carl] Look at this, unreal. This is so cool. You guys having a good hike? – Yeah. – [Carl] I think we
might be getting closer. We’ve been hiking for a long ways so we gotta be getting close. Look at this view, you guys. This is crazy. I can’t believe we made it this far. This is amazing, right? – This is so beautiful. – [Carl] Let’s keep going,
and see what we can find. Wow, this trail is just
crazy how steep it is. – [Kyle] Whoa! – [Carl] What? Whoa, goodness, I almost slipped. – [Kyle] There’s a cave back here! – Come over here, hurry. (gasps) – [Carl] What, did you find it? – There’s a huge cave back
here, you guys, come look. – [Carl] Seriously? – Oh my gosh, you can see
the opening right there. – [Carl] Oh yeah, get back in there, Kyle. You lead the way. – (gasps) Do you see the opening there? – [Kyle] Yeah, I see it. – [Carl] What? – Whoa! – [Kyle] This is the right cave, guys. – [Carl] Should we go check it out? – Yeah. – Let’s go check it out, come on let’s go. – [Carl] Let’s see if
we can find anything. – [Kyle] (shouts) Come on! – [Jinger] Oh man, come in here, wow. Are you guys coming? – [Carl] It totally opens up. Look at this, it opens up way
more back here, like a cave. – This is so awesome. There’s so much water dripping
down from the ceiling. – [Carl] Look at this,
it opens up huge in here and goes clear back. – The treasure is definitely in here. – [Carl] You think so? – Yeah. – [Carl] It could be. Let’s explore back in here. Let’s see if we can get
back in here further. Watch out for all these
cobwebs and everything, dude. There’s gross spider webs and everything hanging from the ceiling
all over the place. Come on guys, look how far back it goes. – Let’s keep looking
for the treasure chest. – Come on, let’s go, let’s boogie. – [Carl] Go, go, go, I’m
coming right behind you. This cave is huge, you guys. – Wow, it’s so big. – [Carl] We’ve gone through the entrance and now it’s this big massive opening that goes all the way back here. – It’s getting darker and darker,
the further in that we go. – [Carl] Start checking in these openings and tunnels and things like that. Don’t get too far ahead. – Everybody watch your step
too, there’s tons of rocks. – [Carl] Yeah, watch your
step, and watch your head. This is crazy. Look how big this cave is, you guys. It just opens up inside
the mountain right here and goes all the way back. Check back up in here, is
there a treasure up in there? You see anything? Let’s look, this is our chance. – You remember the monster on the map? What if the monster lives in here? – (gasps) Whoa! – [Luke] We better be careful. – [Carl] We better be careful. Watch your step. Anything up there, Kyle? – No, I don’t see anything. – [Carl] I don’t either. Look, there’s more caves
and stuff back there. Let’s check out these tunnels. – [Jinger] Guys, go check
up behind those rocks. – [Carl] Watch your head. Don’t bonk your head there. – [Jinger] Yeah, watch your head. – [Carl] Be careful. – [Kyle] I don’t see anything. – [Carl] Anything? – [Kyle] Nope. – This is a challenge. (laughs) This is crazy. – [Carl] See anything? – [Jinger] Let’s keep
moving down a little bit. – [Carl] This cave ceiling
is getting lower and lower the further back inside here that we get. If there’s anything that
fits what we saw in the map this is definitely it. I don’t know, can you guys even see? – [Kyle] Gage, turn on your
flashlight on your phone. – [Carl] That’s a good idea. I’m trying to turn the camera– Look, the ceiling is really low. Watch your head there. – [Kyle] Whoa. – [Jinger] This is crazy. Watch your head. – [Carl] Do you see anything? – [Jinger] That ceiling is getting so low. – [Carl] Let’s come back,
and let’s look over here. There’s a whole bunch of rocks. We’re gonna have to get down
and crawl here, in a second. Let’s look over that way. It could be anywhere. – [Gage] Guys, I see something. – [Carl] What do you see? – [Kyle] Whoa! – [Carl] Careful, don’t jump around you’re gonna bonk your head. – [Luke] Come here, come here. – [Jinger] Oh my goodness. (gasps) – [Carl] What? – [Jinger] Do you guys see that? – [Carl] Is there something there? – [Jinger] There’s
totally something there. – [Carl] Oh my gosh, look at that! Look, guys. – [Jinger] It’s totally hidden. – [Carl] There’s a box right
there underneath the rocks. – [Jinger] Wow. – [Kyle] You should take
off all those rocks. – [Carl] Let’s see what we got here. Oh my gosh, you guys,
we found the treasure! I think this has gotta be it. – [Kyle] Three, two, one. (gasps) – [Kyle] What’s under there? – [Carl] Wait, what is it? (children gasp) – [Carl] Careful, careful, careful. – This is like the little tiki. – [Jinger] Whoa, look at that. – [Carl] Oh yeah, that was on the map. Really cool! What’s in there? – [Gage] There’s treasure. There’s gold, there’s the mask there’s a little tiki statue. – [Carl] Wow, look at all those jewels and the gold, and the shells. – [Jinger] It’s like a
real Hawaiian treasure that is so cool. – [Carl] It totally is,
you guys, look at that. Let’s pull it out and see what we got. Can you guys believe it? We did it, we found the treasure on Hawaii way back in this cave. Look at this, we’re like under the cave. – [Jinger] It’s so awesome, this is crazy. – [Carl] This is so cool. There’s the tiki mask that was on the map. – [Luke] There’s a turtle. – [Carl] There’s a turtle shell. Oh yeah, look at that! There’s gold, and gems, and jewels. Awesome, you guys, we did it! – We found the treasure! – [Carl] We did, yeah! You guys, make sure to subscribe. Click anywhere on the screen in order to watch more videos. We had an awesome time
in Hawaii with you guys. – [Jinger] It was so awesome. – [Carl] Make sure and join
us for all of our adventures by subscribing, and
turning on notifications. Click anywhere on the screen and we’ll see you guys next time. (all shout) Bye! – [Gage] So much treasure.

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