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It’s very high. This is Algeria. Allo! Pegasus Ryu sei ken! Welcome to the village of Idaren! Look at this man on the edge of the cliff. It’s very dangerous. We are in november 2017 and I’m in this place for the first time. I want to see what’s going on there. It’s very high! That would be great to practice paragliding. We have to collect our belongings. There’s too much sun there. Ready to walk 5 hours in the heat. First, we have to drop down the mountain. And join the small village of Idaren. I didn’t have time to wear my shoes. I just wore sandals. The majority of the group is ahead. But it’s not a race. It’s just a hike. It’s a dangerous descent. Here we are in the village of Idaren. But in general it’s the region of Iherir. And it’s very beautiful. This is Algeria. It’s good to stop sometimes and contemplate this spectacular landscape. I just told my friend they should have taken parachutes or paragliders. It was just a joke. Sometimes garbage can be found on our way. It’s a question of education. People are unaware of their act. I remember the mountain of Sainte Victoire, in France. I’ve been to the mountaintop. I just said that I’ll stop filming to walk more quickly. Now I went down and I keep walking on this long steep path to the village. I see the group in this small desert oasis village. People living there (only in summer) when it’s hot. It’s a pretty village. Now I’m going to visit the village of Idaren. I hope a watchdog won’t run and attack me. I want to feel welcome. But it’s a deserted village I think. There is only stonework houses. So I’m going to visit this deserted village and may be find something interesting to vlog. The sun is hitting my head. I should have worn a shorts. Allo! There is nobody. The ground is full of stones and waste. I don’t know why there’s nobody in this village. I said I will find something in Wikipedia. But there’s nothing about this village. I will ask to Brahim the Touareg guide to learn about this weird place. Now I’m walking in the valley of Iherir. It’s a hike of approximatively 5 hours. I think the water comes down the mountain here, through that crevasse. The group is there and I choosed the wrong way. I’ll join them quickly. This hike is not easy you know. It was explained that when it’s summer when it’s hot the people of Iherir come down of Iherir come down to live in this oasis village near the river. 6 monthes in the town of Iherir, and 6 monthes in the village of Idaren. The donkeys are braising. I hear them. I should have taken my cheche. My white cheche. I made a mistake. I’m trying to explain the origin of the word “Berbers”. People of North Africa. I thought the hike finished there but it was not there. Is it a lake or a river? I’m looking for shade in this place. The sun is burning my head. I forgot to wear my white cheche. A friend suggested me to wear his cap but at the first time I refused. Sometimes I find myself alone and I have to choose between 2 ways. I could lost my way in this great desert. Anyway if I got lost I’d scream. And I’m sure someone will hear the ecchoes. A part of the group is far from me. A little part is behind me. This place is dangerous. Ready to be in mountain goats mode. These animals are excellent climbers. I have tired feet because we walked all afternoon. I can see them swimming. My belly is feeling a pain because I ate some yoghurt which was not really fresh. Now I think I have diarrhoea and I have to find a discreet location to do my job. You know what I think… It’s extremely urgent!!! We are under a cloud-covered sky. I can see the 4×4 now. I introduce the shed where I will sleep this night. It’s called Zeriba. It’s a little shed made of stones clay and palm branches. I hear Touareg musicians playing music. It’s very hot inside while we are located in higher altitudes may be 1200 meters. There’s a light breeze blowing between the palm branches. The heat is unbearable and I don’t know if I can sleep inside. But I’m very tired now. We walked 5 hours may be 30 kilometers. Everything is perfect and I will sleep inside this Zeriba.

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