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VylyV: The Smart Shorts that Boost Your Manhood by Kegel

You pump iron to get stronger. Cardio Builds your endurance You’re in control of your movements But you’re forgetting something It’s arguably the strongest muscle you should have. This is the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are responsible for Sedentary Lifestyle and negative effects of sports like biking slows down blood flow For recovery, contraction of the pelvic floor muscles give you stronger muscles that enhance and promote blood flow to the region. Stronger muscle, more blood flow, more stamina and more endurance. medical research strongly supports the positive effects of pelvic floor exercise on erection quality prostate and urinary tract health Also, it’s the only way to experience multiple orgasms That’s why we’ve created VylyV to hone this important hidden muscle VylyV seamlessly infused state of the thoughtfully designed fitness shorts with a the patented sensor system Even the slightest, involuntary unconscious muscle contractions can be captured, and monitored. Vylyv then corresponds with a detachable tracker wirelessly which records and transmits your exercise data to an exclusive app Now it’s time to exercise your pelvic floor… Nah, this isn’t how you keep your pelvic floor fit At least it’s not the way we’d do it. VylyV provides guidance and customized workout plan to help you to achieve your goal. All this is done through our app which visualizes your interactions with VylyV VylyV pants are integrated with a vibrating module with adjustments to your settings it reminds you to exercise with a discreet vibration only you recognize. while office hours aren’t the time for sports they can be with VylyV Our main goal is to integrate pelvic floor exercises into your daily life, to assist you in training this crucial part of your body. Yep, you can play a game with your… pelvic floor! With VylyV, your ability to achieve peak performance really just boils down to how badly you want it. Progress is then relayed to your phone, so you can see exactly how much more you’re capable of. Is there ever a time where any part of your body should be neglected? We don’t think so.

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