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Volcan Feugo and Acatenango hike – An active volcano in Guatemala!

[upbeat dreamy music plays] [all saying “Holaaa]>>Joe: It’s Joe, Jamie, and Jon again. We’re currently at the top of Acatenango,
Guatemala. And right now we’re watching Fuego erupt about
every 10 minutes or so.>>Jamie: To get here was quite a mission. We started at around 8,000 feet, now we’re
at 12,000 feet.>>Joe: So, you do the math. Jon saw an eruption just a minute ago, some
rocks went flying>>Jon: Oh yeah yeah, shot straight up in
the sky, it was pretty sick>>Joe: Pretty cool. None of them reached us obviously, we’re still
like a mile away.>>Jon: As you can see by our clothes it’s
quite chilly up here.>>Joe: Very chilly, probably like 15 mph
winds, gusts are higher, already probably like 50 degrees (F).>>Jamie: Oh lower than that
>>Joe: you think so?>>Jon: Wind chill has at least gotta be down
to 38 degrees (F)>>Joe: Obviously we’re wearing ski masks,
sooo….>>Jon: I’m not wearing this by choice, okay. Looks like I’m about to rob a bank.>>Joe: Alright, well, hopefully you’ll see
some cool shots from later on. [dreamy upbeat music plays]

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