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Vlog 1 Honolulu Cocktail Bars

Hi there everyone its Calvin this weekend I’m in Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii and I always have a fun time when I come
here one of my favorite things to do is to have a cocktail on the beach looking
at Diamond Head in one of the glamorous hotels that dot the whole beach front
and today I’m gonna take you to three of those hotels my favorites and hopefully
after seeing this blog you’ll know why okay we’re gonna start at the Royal
Hawaiian this is a super glam hotel it’s from I think the 1920s and it’s one of
my favorite spots I can almost imagine what it must have been like to be here
in the 1920s after getting off a Pan Am clipper ship or clipper airplane and
spending a week or two here before someone would go on to Australia so this
is a really fun place well go inside and see what it’s all about all right we’re inside the hotel and
we’re at the bar at the beach right now and the drink you have to order when
you’re here is the world-famous Mai Tai this is actually the hotel where the Mai
Tai originated so of course you have to have it here and it’s absolutely
spectacular…I might have to have two What I forgot to
say as well this bar has amazing views of the beach
you’re right against the sand I could practically touch it right now and you
can just see all the people having fun in the sun and right off the edge is
Diamond Head ok we’ve moved down the block a bit and
we’re at the Moana Surfrider Hotel which was built like in 1901 so again this is
another big glamorous vintage hotel so let’s go inside and see what this place
is all we’re side them on a surf rider now I
disordered my drink I ordered mangos at the Moana at the recommendation of the
waiter so we’ll see what comes here what’s
really special as this bar again is outside it’s right by the beach but it’s
banyan tree that you’re under is totally spectacular and some views are just so
captivating at this bar I can see the beach it’s just beautiful a great place
spend some time relaxing and enjoying the seniors okay my drinks here it’s a
Mango at the Moana it is totally delicious event two sips already and it
practically has a fruit salad right inside a bit and I don’t have to go for dinner or for dessert this is amazing okay we’re at our last place the
Halekulani I never know if I say that name right but this is a really
glamorous hotel it’s much more modern than the first two were there that we
were a at but it’s got absolutely fantastic views
the trick with this hotel is you want to be here at sunset because they have a
special little 3-piece ban and a hula dancer or a Polynesian dancer singing
and dancing at sunset and the sunsets here are just gorgeous so we’re gonna go
inside get a table it usually gets pretty busy at this time of day and see what’s happening at the Halekulani that’s a rap for tonight I hope you guys
have fun coming along with me for cocktails in Hawaii and until next time
I hope you’re having a fantastic day and see you soon

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