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Visitor Tips for the Lost Coast Trail

Welcome to the Lost Coast Trail in the King Range National Conservation Area. This spectacular area of rugged mountains and seascapes has no bathrooms or amenities. It is up to you to responsibly manage your waste. Steep mountains make it impossible to find a responsible place to poop, except towards the ocean. Bury poop on the beach to avoid polluting drinking water sources and keep camp areas clean. Dig a six to eight inch hole in wet sand in the intertidal zone. Go as close to the ocean as safely possible. Completely cover your deposit to maximize decomposition and to prevent unsightly encounters by other visitors. The ocean will break down the waste upon the next high tide. Although exposed, other hikers will give you your space if they see you crouching from a distance. The natural rise and fall of the sand will provide privacy from other hikers. Please remember to pack out toilet paper and feminine hygiene products. When you are on upland trails go at least 70 steps from campsites, trails and water. Enjoy your visit and thank you for ensuring we keep this pristine area clean.

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