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Visit Longmire: Gateway to Mount Rainier

Deep in the forest at the foot of Mount Rainier during an expedition up the Nisqually River James Longmire discovered an unusual meadow filled with volcanic mineral springs. With the establishment of the first inn near the meadow Longmire’s settlement became the gateway to experiencing Mount Rainier. We invite you to follow in the footsteps of James Longmire and many other early explorers of Mount Rainier and begin your visit to the park in Longmire. A great way to discover the area is is to follow the Longmire Historic Walking Tour. Many of the buildings in Longmire were designed in the iconic “NPS Rustic” style of architecture and served as templates for buildings in parks across the country. View the picture-perfect National Historic Landmark Administration Building across the street from the Longmire Museum or cross a historic suspension bridge over the Nisqually River to the Longmire Community Building. Some of the best views of Mount Rainier in Longmire can be seen from this site. (music) Mineral springs that supported the park’s first settlement still bubble in the Longmire Meadow. As you stroll along the easy Trail of the Shadows look for deer, beaver, fox, birds and other wildlife that frequent the area. For those wishing to explore further you can hike along the Rampart Ridge via the Rampart Ridge Loop Trail. Connect to the Wonderland Trail or climb to the top of Eagle Peak. After your hike, you can spend a relaxing night in the National Park Inn. Wake up early to watch a sunrise illuminate Rampart Ridge. (music) Longmire is accessible year-round. During colder months the area becomes a winter wonderland with opportunities for snowshoeing and and cross-country skiing. To plan your visit or to learn more about Longmire, please visit the Mount Rainier National Park website. We look forward to seeing you soon! (music fading to natural noises and bird calls)

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