VIENNA TO PRAGUE BUS : When I was about to get CHEATED!

I am at Vienna’s Bus terminal Standing in a queue to get ticket for Prague You can purchase tickets from these counters There are few more operators having their booking counters somewhere else in Vienna I am surprised! Why are they charging 20 Euros for a 15 Euro Ticket! This is my bus, going towards Berlin via Prague This Double decker bus has a toilet and space to keep luggage in the rear Let me show you how it looks from inside This is the way to go upstairs Passengers sitting in the front seats get a fantastic view I started from Vienna at 11 pm and now (at 3 am) I have reached Prague The bus dropped me at the Main Railway/Train station The bus stops at 2 places in Prague 1. Main Train station &
2. Florence Bus terminal The fare difference between both the places is 2 Euros Vienna to Main Station cost 15 Euros & Vienna to Florence cost 17 Euros Add 2 Euros (booking counter’s commission) on these fares I opted for the cheap fare (15+2 Euros) instead of 17+2 Euros As the cheapest ticket for using public transport in Prague cost less than 2 Euros This is the Main train station. Metro operation starts at 5 am Bus operation starts at 4:30 am Tram also starts at 5 am Right now, this place is almost deserted. My flight from Prague Airport leaves at 11 am. I still have ample time I will catch the first Metro at 5 am to Nádraží Veleslavín From Nádraží Veleslavín I will catch Bus no. 119 for the Airport I just came across a very useful mobile app – called Pubtran This is the app Enter your ORIGIN & DESTINATION It will show you a number of options to travel from Point-A to Point-B The timetable shown is also accurate These are the best possible connections available for me right now What an easy way to get a ticket! I have just got a ticket for 32 Czech Koruna Also got it validated Now I can travel in any Metro, Tram or Bus in Prague for next 90 minutes This is probably my last trip in Prague’s Metro This is Nádraží Veleslavín station From here I am going to catch the bus number 119 for Airport Is it still dark !! I thought Its dawn Is this bus stop for the Airport bus? The temperature right now is 5 Degree Celcius Its 5:22 am and here comes my bus

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