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UPDATE “M Cave” of missing hiker Kenny Veach found between Area 51 and Nellis Air Force Base

Kenny Veach posted a comment on Youtube claiming
to have found a mysterious cave in Nevada. Soon other comments were demanding evidence. This put pressure on Kenny to provide proof
on video, pressure which would ultimately lead to his death. On June 30, 2014, Kenny Veach saw a YouTube
video featuring Paul H. Utz, the son of an Area 51 Technician. Paul said his father tested a new organic
energy source in the Nevada desert. The organic matrix was suspected to be alive
and intelligent. Veteran hiker Kenny Veach considered that
desert his home turf. Kenny left a comment saying, “That ain’t nothin’.” During his hike out by Nellis Air Force Base
he found a hidden cave. Its entrance was shaped like a perfect capital
letter M. As he approached it his whole body began to vibrate. The closer he got to the entrance the stronger
the vibration became. His only weapon was a knife. He got scared and ran away. He was 46 years old and ruggedly handsome,
but Kenny was unprepared for the backlash of YouTube commentary. He was accused of being a liar. The internet trolls followed him to his own
channel. They called him unpleasant names. That’s when he decided to give them the only
proof respected on YouTube, video of the mystery cave. This time he brought his 9mm Luger pistol
and a video camera. He returned to the canyon where he once found
the cave. He saw plenty of wildlife but Kenny failed
to re-locate the cave. Then he uploaded a video record of his ten
hour hike. The reaction was the exact opposite of what
he hoped. In the YouTube court of public opinion, instead
of being appreciated for his effort he was even more hatefully criticized for his failure. One person suggested he should kill himself. Instead he laid plans for his next attempt. The last comment ever posted by Kenny Veach
was to announce his impending return to the canyon. He invited people to join him. Nobody did. He has been missing since November 10, 2014. Volunteers searched for him in the Sheep Mountains,
where his cell phone was found sitting on a rock, near a deep vertical mine shaft. There was no trace of him inside the mine,
and he left no trail leading away from the site. Kenny Veach was a hard-core hiker. He refused to carry a GPS tracker or even
a simple compass. To test his endurance, he would bring less
food and water than he would need. The wilderness would often lead him on such
long hikes that his toenails would turn black and fall off. Now that he is presumed dead, some call him
a “high-risk hiker” who ran out of luck. To others his long experience means he could
only be the victim of foul play. Perhaps he crossed paths with armed smugglers. Kenny also had financial problems. He uploaded a video trying sell his inventions,
and another one trying to sell his house. One theory holds that he left his phone behind
intentionally, walking out of the desert to assume a new identity. But according to his family he would never
abandon his adult daughter. His girlfriend said that although Kenny was
full of life and seemed optimistic, he actually suffered from depression, for which he refused
to take medication. His father committed suicide when Kenny was
20 years old, and he told his girlfriend, if he ever committed suicide himself, no one
would ever find his body. That leaves only one possibility. Kenny found the mystery cave. He bravely entered its dark interior. And then the presence which had initially
warned him away, made itself known to Kenny Veach, ensuring that Kenny would never leave
that cave alive. Men, nothing takes it off like Noxema Medicated Shave. Take it off. Take it ALL off.

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100 thoughts on “UPDATE “M Cave” of missing hiker Kenny Veach found between Area 51 and Nellis Air Force Base

  1. Just saying, learn how to pronounce Nevada correctly. Sorry that is something that bugs Nevadans. Anyways, interesting video, I enjoyed it.

  2. I think that whole "he was depressed" and the suicide thing is counter intelligence by the ones that had something to do with his disappearance. He obviously didnt want to die. Why do you think he didnt enter it the first time and waited to get a gun before he made a second attempt? He was scared for his life and wanted to protect himself. He didnt have a death wish. Something in that cave captured or killed him. Government/Aliens.

  3. yep, you've got the most interesting stories buddy…
    thanks, I'm just now viewing some of ur older ones, all very good stuff, thanks for all the hard work bud, I love it all

  4. Kenny is alive and well and living with a family of Bigfoots in cave XYZ!!! The cave is a doorway to another dimension with voyeuristic intention- he's well secluded and knows it all about the Mandela effect. Big foots everywhere love Noxzema shaving cream.✌🤘🖖☝🖐👌⭐🚀👽🤖💀👻😈🍄💉💊💊💊( here take the blue pill)

  5. Kenny's girlfriend, Sheryon, says it was a suicide hike after he battled a long time with depression. She said that Kenny left the video camera at home, having no intention to capture footage of the supposed cave. She says that Kenny most likely left the phone at the mine's entrance, so his ultimate destination could not be traced in any way. His unusual disappearance, and assumed death, kind of made him a legend…perhaps that's what he wanted.

  6. What if he wanted to find that cave so he could kill himself inside it and no one would ever find his body( hence why he brought the pistol) I don't know

  7. Not trying to be overly critical but I don’t understand how that leaves “only one possibility”. I still see it possible that he committed suicide.

  8. I'm fairly certain he committed suicide.

    Here's why: He was finacially broke. In desperation, he was trying to invent new things. Such as one of his videos introducing a new TP roll that had a retractable holder. He even had a video of him trying to persuade anyone to buy his house. (Which looks very good and as another comment on that video, he could've been a decent/great interior designer.)

    I also know as everyone else that his father committed suicide by gun in his 20's which stated by his girlfriend that it had a huge depressional impact on his life.

    Also what peaks my summery of his suicide is that he had told his girlfriend that if he were to ever commit suicide he would be somewhere never to be found.

    Now, after first attempt to relocate the mysterious M cave, he failed but posted the video anyways. As stated in this video by terror, he recived negative feedback such as more doubt, more people being skeptical, and calling him a flat out liar but never praised him for even staying true to his word that he would try to find it again.

    So I'm sure this had more depressional impact on him. Before his last and known 8-10 hour hike, his girlfriend urged him to use some type of navigational device such as a GPS or a simple compass. As extreme as claimed to be, he refused.

    Also the last hike was never recorded which makes me believe that he had no intentions of returning, but IF he recorded, I believe it would be a suicide tape if his corpse is to be ever found.

    My conclusion with his depression is that he was determined to find the mysterious cave but at the same time he knew he'd never find it. In sense, I firmly believe he left his phone near the old mine shaft intentionally so he couldn't be tracked by GPS.

    He essentially walked further into the dessert and climbed/walked into one of the random caves, went as deep as it could go and ended it. So he never had found the M shaped cave.

    Great video by the way and I hope you make more in the future.

  9. I got to admit, you & your ensemble kinda agitate me but at the same time I find your perspective strangely & really appealing lol. So let's see whatcha got? You got my sub. 🙂

  10. Looks like a job for the panther >:) i will explore this canyon and embrace all of the dangerous. I might not come back but life is full of risks and why stay in a boring house when you can go out and explore what supernatural and natural the world has to offer.

  11. Trolls are really the worst of humanity. Why do so many people enjoy being trolls? They must know they're hurting someone.

  12. I feel really bad for Kenny he had to try to sell his invention,house, he got depressed, mocked by some youtube bastards and decided to enter a cave where he never appeared again…

  13. The cave is home to a 11000yr old giant named miraqth. This is a story that has been passed down in my family for as long as the family can remember (native american). Giant are more then just big. Many of them could shape shift and control minds. They arent just old they dont die unless from violence. U was always told that giants are alll around but they have shapeshifted for so long they forgot how to unshift. Giant come from the earth legit rise from the dirt.

  14. Kenny Veaches girlfriend said he didn't take his camera with him so he wasn't intending to make a video on his last hike

  15. CIA probably got him didn't want him uncovering some Government secret or something or the sensation he felt was some kind of psi weapon designed to disorientate any one who came close or entering the cave but who knows

  16. That poor guy most likely ended up killing himself….he had so much in life that wasn't going right and his gf says he most likely killed himself due to depression and other things going on in his life.

  17. The cops didnt check the mine good his phone was there thats a sign that you found his resting place plus he had beer he went back to get the beer n call quits after hammered

  18. Kenny was advertising to everybody that he was going back to video the cave. He was caught by the military.He was told not to go there. He was being watched. All BLM land is on sattelite camera. He has probably been harvested for parts and his sperm in a vial for making transhumans.

  19. I hate clickbait,
    this was not an update.

    I will give you one point for reminding me of the butcher from the film The Midnight Meat Train.

  20. Personally – I think someone did take him up on his invitation and for whatever reason, or no reason at all., killed him. But – that is just an opinion among many.

  21. The government was involved .
    The signs of a cover up are there.
    End of topic , now onto the next one.

    What did they do to him and why?

  22. I'm going back out to look for Kenny, here's my latest video, –
    Thanks Night Terrors

  23. If I knew about him then I would have joined him maybe he would not be missing now selfish fucking trolls if this man is found dead I hope every person that told him to kill himself gets thrown into fucking prison for life

  24. He wasn't "high risk"…he was a moron. NO intelligent person hikes into the desert with LESS supplies than required. I don't feel bad for this idiot at all

  25. Who was the sole beneficiary on his life Insurance policy? I’m sure those records can be traced if it was all a scam to claim the money and start new. Who’s to say he trailed back to the mineshaft and “left his phone”, what/when was the last phone call made and to whom? Who’s to say whoever he called came and picked him up and left his car there? Were these factors taken into consideration by the officials when the investigation was going on? Hotel records in the area showing a family member using a credit card to hide him until the commotion died down? I’m not an expert on these things, but you can’t help but think and analyze the clues.

    Perhaps he was arrested by military officials for “trespassing and filming”? As a veteran, we went through great measures to protect our bases and were always advised to practice situational awareness and report suspicious activity to our higher echelons.

    #whereisthebody or check military arrest records.

  26. This guy doesn't seem suicidal at all. Many people experience deep depression or even speak of suicide especially when brought to their attention by someone else, but that doesn't necessarily mean someone is suicidal. Not someone who was so passionate, smart, and explorative. An accident is also very unlikely because he is considered a professional hiker and he said himself that he never drank or ate more than he felt he needed and had incredible endurance compared to most people. Which means he would last much longer than most people in the environment. He said himself that it was a good idea. Based off this entire video I personally have to rule out suicide and do believe the possibility of a desert mystery. Either that or whatever he saw in that cave attacked and killed him. The sad part is he asked if anyone was willing to join him and nobody did. I wish I could've been there with Kenny.

  27. Also the dislikes may be due to the fact that the title is misleading and had people thinking that the cave was found, although that doesn't seem to be the case. As Kenny said "very very very few people come through here"

  28. Just my opinion but Kenny seemed too determined to convince to please youtube commentators and get their approval to boost his ego since he had depression and had suicidal tendencies. Then again, i could be wrong

  29. if he realy is dead i hope those people beging and putting pressure on him and convincing him to go out there i hope your happy that you killed this amazing man i hope you people have a nice spot reserved in hell to burn

  30. I'm confident the man in the beginning of the video is responsible for Kenny's disappearance. He looks like a serial killer.

  31. You made a huge mistake he did not carry a Luger 9 mm pistol he carried a Glock 9 mm not sure where you got this Luger bullshit from but you are very much mistaken.

  32. He could of committed suicide and the M cave just a ploy to keep hes name relevant In the explorer community perhaps in others too. Or it could be a ploy bc he felt suicide was frowned upon and cowardly by certain people or bc he didn't want hes loved ones feeling responsible or depressed like he did over hes father suicide.

  33. Ok,,, great theories, however he’s still missing , safety in numbers., I’d get my unit together we’d go back to the cave, , lev a spook at the entrance and we’re going in….. until he’s found you go prepared.

  34. Don’t even look for the M-shaped cave. If you do look and you find it, turn around and walk away. Under no circumstance should you enter it.

  35. Whatever happened to "Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me"? So what if some deranged, simple-minded lowlife chooses to vent their insecurities and general hate on us? It means nothing.

  36. This story has intrigued me a lot. I might start a GoFundMe to help track down the mystery cave. Anyone interested in joining?

  37. The men who spoke to goats broke thru. Hell of a good batch of the lsd. And the tragedy of all this more to me is that a man over 45 was triggered by some nitwits on the interweb .

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