Unlocking Mythical Souls Island in Ninja Legends!

A new update on Ninja Lenends? You know what that means… A brand new island and a new pet crystal on
top with all the new belts, skills, and ranks! Let’s check it out! What’s up everybody it’s CaptainJackAttack
with his trusty cat, CaptainWhiskers here today with another Ninja Legends video! There has been a new update on Roblox Ninja
Legends and we will show you how to get up to the brand new Mythical
Souls Island and also the brand new crystal as well sure be sure to like the video and
subscribe if you’re new so you can stay up to date, we do legendary
pet giveaway livestreams so you’ll want to smack that red button with notifications on
so you don’t miss out! Alrighty so we are here on Midnight Shadow
Island and the best way to start is make sure you have enough double jumps, I have 18 and
that should be plenty enough though I can imagine you could
possible make it up there with as low as 16 double jumps. The good thing about this next island is that
there isn’t too many of those annoying moving clouds, just the exploding ones so it should’nt
be too bad of a hike up to the brand new island. Now with 18 double jumps I don’t really have
to worry about maximizng my jumps too much so just aim for the islands or the clouds
that aren’t moving and you’ll be able to make it up there in
no time. In my experience the next island is a bit
easier to get up to compared to Midnight Shadow Island. Alright so we made it and there is a hidden
code under the island. If you type up mythicalninja500 you’ll get
a ton of chi based on your pet multipliers so make sure you enter that code in and you
will be swimming in loads of chi in no time! Yay we made it! First things first lets see what is in these
chests up here, so the name Mythical Souls gives the impression that we will finally
get chests that will be giving out either souls
or karma which is awesome and in this case there are two chests, one that gives you light
karma and one that gives you dark karma as well. Awesome! Now we
can just collect karma from the chests instead of killing other players though it’s not a
whole lot, it helps a lot especially the weaker players so make sure to grab the karma that
you want to collect or else you’d erase your progress if you grab
them both as they will cancel each other out. As for the new crystal it’s right next to
the infinity eclipse crystal, it will cost you 500 million chi per chance at a really
cool pet so save up that chi and you could win some awesome new pets! Also I do legendary pet giveaways right here
on the channel in my livestreams so make sure you subscribe with that bell ringing so you
don’t miss them and you could end up with a really awesome
overpowered pet! Enjoy and byeeee!

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