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Unboring Exploring: Bear Mountain State Park

Hello there! I’m Krysti Sabins and today we’re in Harriman State Park hiking up to Bear Mountain. Ahh Harriman State Park, definitely one of my favorite local yet unocal parks to hike. Located just over the New Jersey border in New York state, the park is worth exploring with nearly 52,000 acres of mostly forested landscape and 200 miles of trails. Yup, 200 miles. Buuut today let’s start with this super psychotically strenuous 7-mile loop. Prepare yourself. Okay so it may not be hardcore, but this hike has some fantastic views not to mention the numerous opportunities to see some awesome wildlife… …like wild turkey! Turkey turkey Turkey turkey… Anyways, for this hike, we took the Red F… Marek interrupts: “Today we’re taking the Red Fawn trail from the Anthony Wayne recreation area to the Appalachian Trail!” …Yeah. It’s a splendid series of trails complete with you water features, you flora, your fauna, LICHEN! …your rocks. Okay no really, along this path especially the Appalachian Trail section (that’s AT trail aficionados) there are all sorts of plants native to the area; Like wild blueberries, wild raspberries, juniper, sassafras, and so much more. OH, and don’t forget sweet fern. It indeed smells and apparently tastes sweet. Other than these stupendous plants, thru-hikers are continuously making their way up the AT… “Hi my name is Clutch, I’m lovin’ this hike, it’s the adventure of a lifetime.” “My name is Low-key. It’s awesome, great views, great trail, great people, livin’ a dream.” “I’m Glad Gal and it’s a spectacular way to see the country, to see the forest, the mountains, the wilderness, but also all the people you meet, it’s just an amazing amazing adventure.” Much of this hike is uphill as the goal is to reach the Perkins Memorial Tower at the top of the mountain. The tower at the top is filled with people many of which cheated by driving to the peak, but cheetahs never prosper. Anywho, so the view is awesome and you can learn about the history of Bear Mountain as you explore the many plaques within the monument. After filling your head with knowledge, you can start making your way back down to the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area where your hike began. Lucky for me, not lions, not tigers, but BEARS greeted us on our way down. Bears, Bears, beets, Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica. Never approach a bear, obviously, but since I have a zoom lens, I do what I want. Alllrighty, so that’s all I have for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed this hike of Harriman State Park. Until next time, happy trails!

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