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Another beautiful morning in ubud bali we’re starting our day a little bit different today. We’re actually at a spa And we’re going to get a four hour treatment It’s used a little bit more expensive in America for this but it’s about twenty three US dollars here for facial body scrub and a full-on massage It’s about to have our lasting three and a half hours. See after Taking us to the back to the secret spa area already gonna take us Nicholas either way It’s beautiful All these houses. I really some on the front and then like you walk in the back and this like a whole new world and These Diaz So here we are in our private spa Got the black underwear on About to get the treatment of my life Yeah the value for this is pretty insane a four hour Three and a half hour body massage facial and body scrub I Love Bali So we just finished our massage body scrub and facial. My skin is feeling very smooth I’m feeling like a million rupiahs And now we just showered and we can sit back and enjoy some Tay our flower bath Mmm delicious So we’re at this restaurant. My skin is currently glowing and We’re about to get some breakfast before starting our day. I Feel like all these restaurants are in like really cool nice gardens and like Bellinis castles really amazing Walking down the street trying to find the entrance You have arrived – sir watse temple right here about to go explore it So apparently we had to go do some hidden stairs again – his temper, but It is very worth it this view is insane This is the temple guys Notices everywhere This is a very appealing temple Probably one of the best ones I’ve seen so far There supposed to be a fire dance tonight. We already saw one yesterday so we will not be partaking We will walk some more Experience the peace and serenity that this temple has to offer So bad news has struck everybody we were supposed to go to the food art market But it closes at 6:00 and it is 6:00 So we will have to find something else to do crap the comp. Ohon ridge walk will do So our ethic I’m coolin Ridge walk. What a surprise. We’re in another jungle with amazing views But we’ll show you more views when we get to the hike. Apparently we have to Trek two kilometers before we get there Like a river in the jungle on the right of us It might not look much in video, but these views are amazing It’s like trees and Jumblies everywhere So I love this high, please anywhere by know for sure this is the main area right here what is low palm trees I don’t know if that means anything but I’ve seen like hundreds of Instagram pictures up here So we’re gonna take a fire one if the lighting allows So I get the vibe that this is like a local type of hike But it’s really beautiful and we’re gonna watch the sunset from here Update I think the Sun is actually down already, but nonetheless we will enjoy the beautiful cotton candy Balinese sky On this ridge walk and keep walking We’re back at the honeymoon cafe for dinner, it’s really nice It’s right next to our place. Very convenient. I Love all the restaurants in Bali and they are very very scenic One thing I’ve noticed about these Balinese restaurants Is that love or hate time the type of thing but the food takes really long because they put a lot of care in it But you know they do because every time the food comment is just really fresh and delicious Same with all the smoothies and drinks. You can see them behind the counter and making everything very fresh But yes We’re still waiting for the food and it’s probably gonna be piping hot when it comes Some more mango smoothie like the best thing on this island and some lemon ginger ale for my upset tummy So we’re back here at our jungle bungalow, we just had a delicious dinner now we’re gonna end the night And I’ll see you guys tomorrow for Bali of interest

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