100 thoughts on “Types of People in the Lift

  1. I swear if a person starts coughing in front of me on a elevator im gonna just gonna take the stairs. Nope.

    (I have a germophobia, but it isn’t as worse as others.)

  2. 0:12 Why is this bitch giving HIM the stink eye? She is the one being a narcissist. She was so busy checking herself out and grooming herself that she didn't even realize there was someone else in there. For the record, this happens ALL THE FRICKIN TIME in my elevator.

  3. Tbh I'm the asshole. Cuz I can't support sharing the elevator it's like "people…. no….. OMG GET OUT OF HERE"

  4. Thanks for showing such nice videos for us
    I am from India I request you to make different dressing style

  5. Fish guy:talking*
    Kishan:you got signal your phone?
    Kishan:you also got no signal
    Kishan:excuse me,excuse me hello hello
    Kishan:no signal you talk to whom?

  6. 2:12
    Girl: I forgot something can you hold the lift for me
    Man:yeah sure
    Another man:why are you holding the lift
    Man:a girl forgot something so she's going to get it
    Another man: yeah she probably took the stairs

  7. I was going to say that

    You forgot the one that gets there first and then somebody else comes and more people come and come and come until it’s overloaded and somebody has to get out. And then the person that gets there first gets out. – aka from the video where people are really kind, can’t remember the name though

    And then someone said the one who pressed all the buttons for no reason

  8. Nobody moves back : * this guy come in * the people in the lift just stand * The guy : Um So- Excuse me- umm uhhh
    Nobody moves back : I came in * the people in the lift just stand * Me : *GRABS A SHOTGUN

  9. You forgot the person who forgot to press the button to go up/down so they stay in there until they realize they haven’t press the button..

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