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TV, FRIDGE, MICROWAVE, AC IN A TRUCK !! | American Trucker’s lavish life!

Jerry was a very nice man. It was great meeting him. There are three trucks behind. Actually, there were four. One of them said NO. Then I approached a lady driver of the truck. She politely refused. There two more trucks. But on them, curtains ore on. Probably the drivers are sleeping. I’ve come to this rest area. I’ll go inside, get freshen up and then I’ll decide what needs to be done. Either I’ll try talking to the trucks or the cars. Often when I use public toilets in foreign countries, many people ask me that where do I keep my bag. These toilets have more space. Just like this. You can keep your bag in this big space. That man entirely changed his clothes here. A very important thing to do while doing hitchhiking. I have to be presentable before the owner of the vehicle. You have to be convincing enough. You need to give them a reason to give you a lift. Make sure you look decent enough before you approach somebody. Not doing so can decrease your chances. That’s why I came to this public toilet. Came here, brush my teeth and shaved to look more presentable. If you’ve got more tips, do let me know. While hitchhiking, in the minimum of resources. Atlanta is only 148 miles from here. Tourism Information centre is behind me. I’ll start asking people if they can take me to Atlanta. This was magical! I was talking to you, suddenly a man came from behind and he started talking. Then I thought, I should explain him my situation. I told him about my YouTube Channel. He was really interested. In fact, Rusheb Bhai asked me to get a YouTube themed T-Shirt. I wan to do that. I’m also looking to change the logo of my YouTube channel. If anyone of you can help me, please do let me know. You can mail me at [email protected] This thing really matters. Like that person caught attention because I was talking in the camera. So, a toothbrush and shaving razor have started doing their job. I have kept my bag down as it was very heavy. This time I got a new bag. This bag is a typical backpacker’s bag. I bought it from Decathlon. I’ll share the link with you. With the link, if you buy I will get a small commission from Decathlon’s earning. Buy things that make your travel easier. This time, I have got with me shirts and trousers that are although expensive but can be really useful. I’m ready to go to the next rest area. It’s 12 PM now. Didn’t realise! Thanks to Allen for giving me a lift. Now, we’re talking about everything. He just showed me his truck. It is his home. This is his moving home. There’s his TV. There are also microwave ovens. His clothes are kept there. There’s a refrigerator. This is his big bed. It’s very comfortable. And there are his speakers. He’s playing his TV from here through his phone. This is all his home. A lot of people in America live like this. This is an alternative way of living. He just loads stuff and delivers them. And that’s how he earns. Why do you want a home in one place? I just wish I could this India. It’s so comfortable! And this is his pet. The little guy knows that we are talking about it. He meets his family sometimes. They met on 24th November which is the Thanks giving day. His birthday is 22nd May. I came here from Virginia in a Volvo truck. And this one is, Westernstar. Here, there is a device which is connected to the satellite. This is an application which tells how much more you can drive. You’re not allowed to drive for more than 11 hours. This is to ensure, no road accidents take place. When a driver is tired, his vehicle is more prone to an accident. If you drive more than 11 hours consecutively, a ticket is issued and you need to pay a heavy fine. The application is being tracked with this system. It’s a very good thing! In this way, we make our roads and vehicles much safer. The truck passes through a machine embedded in the road and it tells you if your truck is overloaded, similar to what we saw in Thailand. There’s also a scanning machine there which scans to find objectionable things like explosives, etc. National Highway Authority of India, if you’re watching this video, please implement such measure in our countries as well. For Allen, I’m the first Indian that he is travelling with in this way. And I believe that I have been able to put a good impression upon him. There’s a storm ahead. We also talked about Politics which I usually avoid talking about. We are travellers. But he didn’t really mind it. It’s always better to avoid talking about politics. Get into politics only if you can bring a change. I’ll be getting down here. I’ve secured all my belongings. Big thanks to Allen if you’re watching this video! I have put subtitles for you. It’s 12:50 PM and I’ve got into a car. I’m with Rahul, about whom I was talking about for so long. We are going to Atlanta. Feels great to talk in Hindi abroad. A good thing about the USA, I’m able to talk in English, don’t need to use Google Translate & I’m also able to find Hindi speaking people. It’s 2:30 PM and I have kept my bag at Rahul’s home. Here there is free parking. Unlike in Delhi where I have to pay 50 to 100 Indian Rupees. I’m going inside Chipotle. Kids are enjoying. Stairs to heaven! Coca-Cola is not good for health.

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100 thoughts on “TV, FRIDGE, MICROWAVE, AC IN A TRUCK !! | American Trucker’s lavish life!

  1. Varun, a lot of truck drivers said no to you is because there is a liability issue. If a collision were to happen , there will be an issue with the company and insurance coverage.

  2. भारत देश में ऐसा कानून कभी भी नहीं बन सकती हैं कीउ की भारत में सभी चोर है ऊपर से नीचे तक

  3. I really appreciate your efforts to show different places in USA. I am from Mumbai. Thanks for the same. Pl show Niagara Falls.

  4. Varun Bhai, you said the right thing about being presentable and we'll behaved. The people who offer a free ride should feel comfortable. And we shouldn't judge them, because they have to feel secure to take you.

  5. I remember just walking around Atlanta just like you.. Quaint southern city. Had chance to talk to a lot of locals.. The blacks were really friendly especially in MARTA..

  6. You should ask the truck drivers to announce on his radio to other truck drivers that you're looking for a hitchhike across America. That way other truck drivers know who you are.

  7. Bayta tum taka nahi kharach karna
    Yuhain Logun ko baywaquf bana rahay ho free ride k chakar main rahtay ho very sham

  8. Mr Varoon Truckers refuse a ride becouse the company they work for has no insurance coverage for passengers and also the trucks have only permitted by DOL to haul goods and no passengers allowed cos of no insurance coverage BE safe and dont drive with idiot drivers texting while driving

  9. മലയാളികൾ ആരെങ്കിലും കാണുന്നുണ്ടോ ഈ വീഡിയോ

  10. You asked for tips for presentable:
    1)Never reveal your national identity unless you get familiar with foreigners, because generally we make judgement by nationality. Hope you understand.

  11. Sorry mujhe video bahot late mila he……….aapko agar abhi bhi logo ki jarurat he to me accha sa bana k de sakta hu…….mera kaam hi yahi he

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  15. What a co-incidence ? I am watching this on 22 may 2019… exactly a year later!!! Happy birthday again !!!! ❤️

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  19. Whoever helped u in USA hitchhiking they are real heroes of this USA trip Varun bhai ,its a great adventure

  20. Varun , the same rule and app shoud be implemented in India for our Indian drivers who travel more and only get 2hrs of sleep. Humarein Bharat k bhaiykon k liye bhi Aisa hona chahiye No Drive more than 11hrs.

  21. आपके वीडियो …..बौहौत बढ़िया लगते है खासतौर पे अमेरिकन ट्रक वाले वीडियो …👌👌👌👌अमेरीकन ट्रक मेँ …comfortable …cabin…होतारूम होता है ..वाह ……शानदार .👌👌👌👌

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