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Tum Milo Toh Sahi | Full Movie | Nana Patekar | Dimple Kapadia | Sunil Shetty | Superhit Hindi Movie

“It’s not about a coffee” “It’s about you and me” “Honey! Honey!” “It’s not about a coffee” “It’s about you and me” “Honey!” “Let’s meet first” “Let’s meet first” “We are miles apart.” Cut. Cut. Cut. No.
What are you guys doing? I’m sure you can sing better than this. It will sound good
if you sing from the heart. Shall we try once again from the heart? – Yes.
– Yes. Why not? Let’s do it again. A better one. Come on. This song should be this album’s best. 1…2…3…4. “We are miles apart.” “I am here and you’re there.” “We are miles apart.” “I am here and you’re there.” “Let’s meet first.” Thank you very much. – Four bedrooms. All the best.
– Thank you, sir. “Many unfulfilled desires
await completion.” “Now this heart wants freedom
from the fear of separation.” Is papa going to come late again today? “I will tell you all
my hidden feelings.” “Let’s meet first.” What nonsense. You want to see the civilian life? Don’t forget that your entire family
has served this country as army men. We have lived and died for the country. And you… You want to go away from it? I am not going away from the army, sir. Just once. I want to see the people for whom we army
men lay our lives from close quarters. “So many unknown relationship await us” “We have ended so many relationships
just like that” “Can’t hear his feelings nor his own” “Let’s meet first.” “Let’s meet first.” Me? Oh great. Come. Come. Come on. Let’s rehearse the lines. I was watching the shooting.
I’ve just come. Is Salman or someone else here? Security, get him out. – Come on.
– Hey…Hey… My ticket fell.
It’s my ticket for Mumbai. My ticket fell. What are you doing? What is it? Ticket please. I was watching the shoot.
My ticket fell there. I… – First time in Mumbai?
– Yes. Welcome. Come on. – Where?
– Come on. “Place your hand on my eye quietly,
my love” “Then say with a smile,
do you recognize me” “The one I have envisioned
with eyes closed is you” Manik. Manik. Swami. Surprise. Happy birthday! “It’s not about coffee.” Come on. Come on. – Happy birthday, aunt Delshad.
– “It’s about you and me, honey.” “We are miles apart.” “I am here and you’re there.” “Let’s meet first.” Blue Bells Café. You will find Blue Bell Café not just
here in Mumbai but in corner of India. Kill the competition with pricing
and brand build up. Buy all the prime locations.
Property is an asset. Blue Bell shall be the future of India.
Next. The Lucky Café.
This will be our most prime location. And Mr. Lincoln believes that this will
be the rare gem of the Blue Bell’s. These college kids on one side. And these office goers
on the other side. That area’s exclusive location.
Profit everywhere. We have to acquire this café
at any cost. – “Blue Bell”
– Thank you. Thank you very much. Nimit. – “Blue Bell”
– Thank you. Wow. Lucky Café will be Blue Bells Café. Can I handle the Lucky Café case? Sure. Do you know anyone there? Not me. My wife knows very well.
Aunt Delshad. We need to work.
And thank you very much. Amit, I want this café at any cost.
Will it be done? Assume it done. I know you can do it. You’re my man. Come. Take it. It’s nice and fresh.
Grab it. Lemons. Lemons. Ramu. Ramu.
Come here. Come here. Do this.
Sort out all the rotten sweet limes. – You mean the bad ones.
– Yes. Bad. Bad. Aunt, what are you going to do
with them? I will make tasty jam from them. Now you’ll carry the sweet lime
to Juhu now. – Duffer. Not Juhu. Tasty.
– Tasty. – Okay. Get a bag. Here. Here.
– Come on. These are rotten. Madam, you’ll be going back
to the coffee house, right? I’ll wait if you want. Haven’t you found any other customer? Manik, tell madam to go with me only.
I’ll wait. Here you are. One by one.
20 pieces in total. – Only 20?
– Yes. You tried to fool me. You crook. Delshad is my name. Come on. Pack 4 dozens of good quality. Come on. Get the bag.
And pack the good ones. You scored 70 percent
on last year’s papers, right? You’ll get 101 percent for sure
this year. Send the moolah and get the papers.
What’s the problem? Okay? Bye. Bye. Good morning. The breakfast was good. Breakfast?
Do you think you own this hostel? Are you going to be here
all year around? Don’t you guys have any shame? Having a permanent address in Mumbai
is a matter of pride not shame. As it is, the struggle is on. I’ll have to leave this place too
one day. For now let me go do my thing. – Disgusting.
– No. It’s natural. Come. Vikram Jeet Singh reporting, sir. From which TV channel?
There is no breaking news here. Come on, get out. Let me do my job.
You people come anywhere for news. Who is going to show me to my room? I can tell the color. Not the room. Strange place. Sir. Sir. Hello. Hello. Delnaaz, how are you? Great. One minute.
Shopping for the café? – Juicy ones here.
– It’s always the Cafe. This is the story I have been hearing
since childhood. Café comes before even your daughter. It’s not that, dear. It’s okay.
You don’t care about me at all. Dear you know that I love you. Yes. I know. That’s why Aryan is coming
to straighten you out. – My boy. How is he?
– He’s fine. He’s growing up. Gel in his hair. MNM.
And he is stubborn just like you. And he is coming to India
with the intention that he won’t go back to Australia
without you. I see. And you. Will you come on leave? Hello. Hello, Del…Hello. Subramanium sir. Sir has called you. Yes, Mr. Subramanium. You. I can’t praise you enough. Your contribution in this company
has been invaluable. Mr. Subramanium,
you’re the backbone of this law firm. You get your cheques because of him. And what a man. He sacrificed his career
to the courtroom for his mother’s treatment
and aftercare. Wow. What a man. I heard from my father. When he went to the court
to fight a case Mr. Subramanium would prepare
such a brief right here in this office that it would become real easy
for him to win. Right? What a reputation he has.
Upfront. No nonsense man. Thank you, sir. Now Mr. Subramanium
has requested extension. But we feel the time has come for you
to take care of your health. We’ll surely miss you. But in this age of computers
we need to move forward. No. Thanks. Alright then. Well, all the best. And if we have caused you
any trouble then we’re deeply sorry. No, sir. Don’t be sorry. I have never said sorry
in the past 30 years. You should not do anything for which you
need to say sorry in the first place. Sorry makes you weak. And a weak person can’t handle
this responsibility which you and your computer
will have to in the days to come. You’ve never experienced losing. Nor do I want to see you lose. So don’t be sorry, young man.
I’m not sorry. For you. Rice in your hands. – Chant Lord Ganesha’s name.
– I love you. Why are you looking at me like that? What a lovely place. Delshad granny. I invited her. Priest, you carry on. I’ll just be back. – This is your Suduko book.
– Thank you. – Dear!
– Aunt! – Amit, nice apartment.
– Thank you. – Congrats.
– Come. I’ll show you. You got to show me this place.
Big place for parties. – So when do we do it?
– No parties here. Okay? – Not at all.
– Okay. We’ll surely miss you. But in this age of computers
we need to move forward. I just don’t get it. What happened? I have told so many times to sell it.
Don’t you get it? It has become old.
It conks out any time. The car is good. No need to sell it. – You never understand me.
– What do I not understand? – I have told you so many times.
– Is he your father? – Yes. So what?
– Is this the way to talk to him? You think he’s old hence he is useless.
Behave yourself. Why does every young man think
that he knows better than an old man? Talk in a proper manner. What’s his problem? – Bye. Bye, Harry. Bye. See you.
– Listen, let’s have party. Harry is such a blabbermouth. I didn’t get the chance
to meet aunt Delshad. Was she upset? No. What happened? Aren’t you happy? I was this happy
even in our small apartment. What happened? What happened? Are you upset? Worried? Don’t worry.
I’ve got it all sorted out. I’ve planned it all. I mean the mutual returns
will run the house for a few months. And then salary. I mean promotion. Double the salary. We’ll pay the EMI just like that.
Trust me. Are you telling me
or consoling yourself? God, why do I even try? Why do you drink so much? It’s not good for you
or Ankur’s allergy. He is allergic to sports.
Outdoors. Games. He is into books all the time.
Like you. Bookworm. Then why blame me? Why blame you? Spend some time with him. If you play with him
he’ll gain strength. If his health improves
even the allergy will be under control. Spend time with him. Time. Oh. Time. I was at home till a year
after the accident. And today when I’ve a job,
you have a problem. – Fine.
– No. I won’t concentrate. I’ll sit at home. – Okay?
– When did I say that? So what did you say, Anita?
What do you want? I shouldn’t work hard. For whom am I working hard?
For you guys, right? Had I not worked hard,
how would we have this house, this car? – Amit, listen to me.
– Listen to me. I wish I don’t listen to you. Hello. Yes, sir. Not a problem.
Not a problem. Yes, tell me. No, sir. I’ll take a leave for my son
some other time. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Thank you. Thank you. What? What is it now?
What should I’ve told him? We are having a fight?
Or should I have disconnected his call? You don’t even seem to understand. Anyways, I’m going. I’ll have to go. Paging for Mr. Sandesh Samuel.
Please come to Admin account. Anita, your house is very nice and big. He has bought a football field
in the name of house. And there are only
three players to play. No. No. It’s not Amit’s fault entirely. You should question yourself too. Come on. I’m also trying. I’m trying. But you also have some responsibility. You just focus on Ankur all the time. Smile. Come on, smile. You look so good when you smile. Smile like that when Amit comes home. You bet. Everything will be alright. And you guy start talking. But how do I talk?
Now we talk only when we fight. – Exactly.
– Oh. Oh my God! Sorry. Really sorry. What kind of people are they. First they make a mistake.
Then they sorry and forget it. Excuse me. You broke the bottle. Look, I watch my step always. I think twice before touching things. Got it? You’ve broken the bottle.
You will pay for it. What nonsense.
Has he gone crazy? – Hey, why are you abusing?
– What did you say? – Why are you abusing?
– I’m not. You broke the bottle. You pay. Listen, I was holding.
You were holding. Then I left it. – You. You left it.
– After that you left it. No. I was holding. You left it. – I left it first. After that you left it.
– And it’s broken. You pay. No. No. Try to understand.
Come on. Try to be reasonable. – Uncle. Uncle.
– I’m not your uncle. – I’m not your uncle. Okay?
– Never mind, Anita. And why are you paying? – Why are you paying?
– What are you doing? What do you mean by this? I’ve asthma so sometimes I do this. Don’t do this. Don’t do this. – I have to do it.
– Delshad, relax. Chill. – What do you mean chill?
– Give him a chill pill. Sir. Sir.
Okay, sir. Okay. – Hello, Mr. Gupta.
– Hello ma’am. How are you? – Listen. Listen to me first.
– Oh God! It was like this.
And I was holding down below. I was holding it from here.
And you put your hand on it. I know. I know. You were making
a mockery out of me by doing this. It’s okay. – Learn to talk to women properly.
– Come on. Show some respect. I’m just keeping quiet only
because you’re a lady. Okay? Please listen to me, sir. – Please listen to me.
– Let me go. – Let me go.
– Go. Go. – Demon.
– Idiot. 148.50 rupees. Here. – Thank you.
– What is this? Next? You let it be. I’ll pay. Give me my change. I don’t have change.
That’s why I gave the toffee. Thank you, sir. I want my change. – My change.
– Sir, I don’t have change. So you’ll give me a toffee in return? I mean will you give us the things if we
give you something else instead of this? – How much is it?
– Sir. Sir. – What is he doing?
– I have bought it for 390 rupees. It means one costs 195.
You take this instead of this. Give me change. Give me change. – This is my currency. Okay?
– Sir, what happened? I asked for my change.
She is giving me toffees. Excuse me. How much is it?
148.50 rupees. Here’s your fifty paisa. Why are you giving me?
She should give me? – Give her. Give it to her.
– You give. – You’ve started a shop
so you should have change. – Sir, here. Give it. – Here.
– Give him the toffee as well. Toffee for your grandchildren
from our side. What do you think? Every old man must have grandchildren? No. No. It’s not necessary. Bye, sir. What is this, Mr. Gupta? Really bad. Come on. Let’s leave now. Sorry. Sorry.
My day sucks if I don’t have tea here. But don’t worry.
I’ll not charge you for waiting. Hey, Amit! – Amit. After so long.
– Manik. Style and all. Yes. How are you? – Hi, Aunt. How are you?
– Looking dapper. Good. – Manik, go and get custard for Amit.
– Yes. – Also put his special raspberry sauce.
– Sure. – You remember.
– How can I forget? – No formalities.
– No formalities. You will pay for it. Come on, sit. Are you getting the custard
or eating it? – Delshad aunt, typical.
– Pandu, you rogue. You fixed it last time.
You took money. It still leaks. – What are you doing?
– Hold on. I’ll fix it. He just takes money all the time. – Doesn’t repair it properly.
– Chill. You have maintained the place
amazingly well. Just a few changes
and this place will rock. As in this TV. Remove it.
And bring in a nice LCD. Have an open kitchen. It will give
an international look and feel. Replace custard with truffle. Get rid of the local bread.
Let’s bring in the croissants. And yes superman.
You need a change in uniform. Okay? You are right. But what about the money? Money will come.
Sit. Don’t worry. Sit. Aunt, same old Delshad aunt.
No change. Aunt, my company Blue Bells. It is a very big company.
International company. – They have lots of money.
– Really? They have marked ten places in Mumbai
for starting a cafe. Really? If you agree then I’ll add
Lucky Café to the list. Aunt, you’ve got such a beautiful place. You’ll get 30 – 35 crores
at the least. Definitely. – 35 crores!
– Maybe even 40, aunt. Only the best for you. Just say yes. I’ll get the cheque deposit
in your bank account in a day. My God. – Yes.
– 35 crores. Yes. Tell me. What do I have to do? You have to sell it, aunt. Don’t worry. I’ll convince them
that two things will remain here. One is our gramophone. And second is my beautiful aunt Delshad. You can still manage the place. What are you saying?
I’m still the manager here. Yes, aunt. But 35…
– Excuse me. A call. Manik, take the phone. You are right. There is no LCD TV here.
The furniture is old. The kitchen is not international. My helper doesn’t have a uniform. – But it makes no difference to me
and my customer. – Hello. – Hello.
– Cool and Clean? This is not Cool and clean. Stupid. So many people come here
who start their day with the bun bread and tea. – Aunt. One egg.
– Thank you. Where will they go?
And my college kids. For them there is a library.
You can hire cycle here. There is a compound.
Kids come here for street school. If Dutch truffle is all you want to have then there are so many
five star restaurants. Go eat there.
You didn’t have the custard. – Come on, eat it.
– Sorry, aunt. You felt bad. No. Why would I feel bad? – Aunt, the offer is good.
– Pay the bill. I’ll pay it tomorrow. – Give it a thought.
– You have to pay it right away. – How can you pay later?
– Manik, why are you wasting time? He’ll pay. Go. Go. – Pay tomorrow.
– I told him. Take the money tomorrow. Why waste time? Why think about something
that cannot happen? Okay. Amit, you’ve become a big boy. Beard and moustache.
Doesn’t Anita give you food? You’ve become so thin.
Are you getting late? – You have to go to work, right?
– Yes. – Go. Work. Work is important.
– Okay, aunt. – Tell Anita that I have made a cake.
– Okay. – Send her in the evening.
– Yes. – And Ankur as well.
– See you. Bye. Wow. “Girl, you look so cute to me” “You’re the sweetest thing
I have ever seen” – Hey!
– Granny, your café is really cool. My son has grown up and how.
This is for you. Pamper? Son, you told me pamper me.
So wear it. This is Sharma speaking.
I sold the home loans to you. Let me know if you need any other loans. No. Thank you. Even if someone’s dying
they’ll ask if he needs a loan. Sir, your order please. We have already placed an order.
You order. I’ll have a large salad. Spicy. – It got to be edible.
– Okay. Thank you. – Salad?
– Yes. Salad. Shiva 41.
Died of a massive heart attack. As it is, India is number one
when it comes to cholesterol. So better safe than sorry. Don’t you find it strange? One needs to ask questions these days
in order to talk. Sorry. Hey, you know what?
I forgot to tell you. I had been to meet aunt Delshad today
at her café. My company wants to buy her café. They’ve offered her
a serious amount of money. Even I tried to convince aunt Delshad. But she just doesn’t understand. Silly. Very silly. You know you should talk to her.
She just might understand. Or she’ll lose out. Blue Bells are ready
to give her 35 crores. – What?
– Yes. Seriously. 35 crores. – And I thought this was…
– Your soup, ma’am Thanks. – Sir, your salad.
– Thank you. – Spicy.
– Thanks. I thought this was a family outing. But for you even family is business. I don’t believe this, Anita.
Why do you jump to conclusions? Oh God! Look, whatever I am doing is
in aunt Delshad’s interest. 35 crores is a hell of lot of money.
She can retire. And then if I had not made that offer
someone else would have. – Would you be upset even then?
– Stop it. Please. What do you mean? – What the hell do you think you’re doing?
– No problem. I’ll take care. It’s okay, Amit.
He is a little kid. It happens. He should behave like a kid
if he’s a kid. He is in aunt Delshad’s library
all the time. He should be out playing. It’s okay. Don’t create a scene here. Look, you won’t go to aunt
Delshad’s café from tomorrow. Do you get it? Darn it. Mother. Mother. Father. Nice photograph! Hey…Why are you running like an ass? – Do you have eyes or button?
– Sorry. Can I help you, ma’am? – Can I help you?
– So carry it. – Thank you.
– You’re most welcome. You don’t seem to be from around. – You are very gentlemanly.
– I’m from Dehradun. I’ve come to Mumbai for a year.
To pursue mass communication. – And then the army.
– Mass communication or films? No whistling in the café. Hey Jimmy, can’t you read English?
Leg down. – Sorry, Delu mummy.
– Good morning, everyone. What’s up, aunt? What place is this?
What euphoria is this? Jagjit Singh. I love Jagjit Singh. No. Asha Bhosle. But I love Jagjit Singh. What would you like to have or drink? You’ll get free food today.
For being such a good gentleman. Thank you. Well, I have money. If I could get a litre of milk… Milk is best in every season.
Drink milk for healthy reasons. – I like that.
– You get milk in glass. Not in litres. So give me four glasses. – Hot or cold.
– Hot. With cream or without cream. – Milk without cream is no milk.
– Anything else? – Manik.
– Else? – Manik.
– Else? Yes. Add complan. – How many spoons?
– Manik. Fine. I’ll give him the entire pack. Have you gone crazy? – What is it…
– Hi, Shalini. Hi, aunt. How are you? – Hi, guys.
– Hi, gorgeous. – It’s been so long.
– Welcome. Welcome. I’m so sorry.
I couldn’t come after returning. I got so busy with the editing.
Salman wanted to see the rushes. Salman. My favourite.
Did he remove his shirt like that? Of course.
He is so cool and so misunderstood. – Oh. This is for you. Manik. Manik, see.
– Thank you. Salman has sent autographed T- Shirts
for you. – Wow.
– And also a kiss. – Kiss.
– Dog. Mr. Vikram Jeet. Hold it. Get me a breakfast quickly.
At Switzerland… What have you got for me? Whatever. Guys, was Raghav here? Raghav disappeared with you. Oh my God.
But I love the way you’re looking. Thank you. Thank you. – Hey Mikey.
– Ads and stuff. What a life you lead. You get to spend the entire day with
Shah Rukh and write lines like babooshka. – Ouch.
– Bread. I’m Salman Khan without muscle. What a line you wrote. It’s amazing. I write it. But Preeti says it. In a few days, she won’t even say.
You’re the ad queen. Excuse me, Ms. Shalini.
Excuse me, Ms. Shalini. You wrote the babooshka line. I mean this is why advertising
has always fascinated me. You sell us a dream in 15 seconds. And we just…
What were you thinking when you writing this
Babooshka Babooshka, ma’am. – What was the thought…
– Shalini. – Ms. Shalini.
– Who the hell is he? Fresher. From army family. – Fresher.
– Yes. Fresher ad and stuff.
Come on, Fatcha. What…what are you doing?
Ma’am, leave the pants. Fatcha. Fatcha. “I’m bad. So bad.
Don’t mess with me, boy” “You’re not so hot.
And I don’t want to be your toy” “O master of words. Listen to me” “Bad. I am bad” “Lots of Romeos in this city” “Bad. I am bad” “Have run away at the sight of me” “I’m bad. So bad.
Don’t mess with me, boy” “You’re not so hot.
And I don’t want to be your toy” “I’m a lean mean machine they say
I’m one of a kind” “You should be a real big shot
if you want to be my man.” “You’re not the kind of guy for me” “The moment I saw you I was smitten” “I’m madly in love with you.
Crazy for you” “You’re not the kind of guy for me” – “The boys of the city are strange!
– Bad. I’m bad” – “They are all lovers at heart.
– Bad. I’m bad” “They beg and plead.
They stand at the turn” “No. No. No” “Hey You. Yes you. You talking to me” “You’re not my kind.
Don’t try to make your move on me” “I’m not bad either. I’m no lesser
than you. Just take a look at me” “I’m not bad either. I’m no lesser
than you. Just take a look at me” “I don’t remember the street or lane” “I forgot everything upon seeing you” “I just remember this.
You’re Juliet. I’m Romeo” “Hey You. Yes you. You talking to me” “I’m not bad either. I’m no lesser
than you. Just take a look at me” “You’re not my kind” “I’m not bad either. I’m no lesser
than you. Just take a look at me” “I don’t want to be your toy” “I’m bad. I’m bad” “No, no, no.” Hey stop. Stop. Lucky Café.
So we are getting the place, right? Amit, what’s the status on this place? – We’re getting it, right?
– Working on it, sir. We’ll get it. – Amit?
– Yes, sir. – Yes, David. Very soon.
– Very soon. Great. He’s stupid. – Hey!
– Right on, man. Is this the place to be cycling? You are walking on the road. Walk on the pavement if you have to. You’re going to teach me where to walk. If you want to ride a bicycle
do it in a park or in your house. – Take it easy, mate.
– Mate? I’m not your mate. – Come here. Come here.
*Granny. Granny. – Idiot.
– Granny. Granny. – Granny. Granny.
– Take it easy, mate. Idiot. Ma’am. Ma’am, sorry. I want to
talk to you about the weekend shooting. Where is your project? As it is your attendance is very poor. You know that the last date is nearing,
don’t you? I would have submitted the project.
But Jimmy… Jimmy? Now do you intend
to buy the project from Jimmy? Good morning, ma’am. Hello. Good morning. – Ma’am, actually…
– Look Shalini. If I don’t get the project
before the final assessment then… I know. I’ll lose a year. – Correct. And stay away from Jimmy.
– Sure. – He only sells trouble.
– Yes. – What?
– Yes. The project of Indian Heritage. Lucky Café has given me an idea. Why don’t we make an
audio video presentation on the heritage sites in Mumbai. – What do you think?
– Not a bad idea. Very good. – And Shalini can help you with it.
– Me? No one knows Mumbai better than her. – Sure, ma’am.
– Good. – Project.
– Yes. There. The job is done. Look, don’t try to be
too smart with me. Got it? I’m not going to help you. Now just get lost. Get lost? You help me.
I’ll help you. What’s the problem? Okay. Can you get my
project back from Jimmy? – No.
– So help and all. Come on. Get lost. Get lost! Fatcha.
Why are you standing here? Come on. – What does it mean?
– Come on. I’ll tell you. Is he the same fellow? – Hello.
– Now what do you want? What manners is this? That’s my grandson’s cycle. Do you know what your grandson did? What did he do? See. This is my parents’ photo. – I have just two. See.
– Very nice. I was carrying it the other day. Your grandson hit me with his cycle.
I dropped it. And it got spoilt. Now who can rectify it? – I can do it.
– You can’t. Moreover, he teaches me
how to walk on the road. Take it easy, mate. Idiot. Why call him idiot? He’s a kid. He has no manners.
His family has no manners. – How will he learn?
– Family. – That day you broke the bottle.
– No. No. I don’t want to get into that.
Leave. Okay? Don’t you have brains? Isn’t there any difference
between your size and his size? He’s a kid. Forgive him. Please. – Return the cycle.
– No. You won’t get it. – He’ll be really upset.
– No. Do whatever you want. – I won’t. Leave. Leave.
– Mr. Subramanium. He’s a child. Don’t you understand? Hey, Subramanium. BA, LLB. How will you get fresh air
if you keep everything closed? Mastram! Come, Mrs. Pandey.
This is the door. Come. Come. – Okay. Okay.
– Welcome. Welcome. – Sit. Actually lay down.
– Lay down? Your eyes are really beautiful. – Really. Beautiful eyes.
– Really? Oh no! Sit with your eyes closed.
I’ll just be back. Close my eyes? Nice game. Where did he go? Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy. Come or I’ll open my eyes. Out. Out.
I don’t want to hear a word more. – Sir, please.
– Out. You won’t tell me the truth
as to who brought aunty here, right? – I didn’t.
– Get out. – But sir…
– Peon, throw him out with his bags. – Out.
– I haven’t done anything. – Come on. Out.
– I haven’t done anything. – Your time of arrival is not right at all.
– What time? To hell with time.
Catch the one who brought her. – Who brought her?
– I don’t know. I must say. You have guts. “Love doesn’t care about age.” Jagjit Singh. You liked the aunty. Why are you so glum? You’ve been thrown out of
just the hostel not the college. Showing attitude? I’ll return this letter that was being
sent to your father to the dispatch clerk. And take back my bribe. Why my father? “I’m so ashamed…”
I like Jagjit Singh. That’s Pankaj Udhas. Then why are you being sad?
I have the letter. Jimmy. Come on. Army man. What have I gotten
myself into? Strange city. All are morons. So much for the file girl. “Love doesn’t care about age.” – Good morning, sir.
– Give the milk. – What is it?
– Sir, they want to be paying guest. – Jimmy.
– Vikram Jeet Singh. Show me the bag. – Sir, I have checked.
– Quiet. Open the bag. Open it. What’s in it? – Books.
– What else? – Scent.
– Alright. Look at the cycle. Who is the paying guest among you two? – Him.
– Me, sir. How can I be sure
that you’re not a goon? He’s from a decent family. I’m not asking you.
I’m talking to him. You just keep quiet. Go close the door. Go. Where is your moustache? How can I be sure whether
you’re good or bad? Good, sir. Good. You’re good. I’m a really dangerous man. No guests for paying guests. Rent will be 5000.
You’ll have to eat with me one time. Come. I’ll handle. Come. You’ll not go to that room. This is mine. This will be yours. Grandson’s cycle.
Grandson’s room. Both… – What did you say?
– Sorry, sir. – I don’t like sorry.
– Right, uncle. Darn it. I’m right.
And I’m not your uncle. No sorry. No uncle. Remember it. I want to shift today itself. – Advance.
– Yes. – 501. Is this alms?
– Just…. 2 months advance. 10,000 rupees. We haven’t received the money order.
It must be on the way. So come once it comes. They were going to send the money order
when they found that is mother is… – What’s wrong with your mother?
– Attack, right? I’m talking to him.
Not to you. Just keep quiet. Get out. Stand outside. What’s wrong with your mother?
You should be with her at this time. What are you doing here? – I’m in great deal of trouble.
– I am too. So get the remaining 9499 rupees. A photo and permanent address proof. I’ll get my bags. – You’ll have to clean your room yourself.
– Yes. Go. Grow a moustache if you can. Idiot. Guys, have you heard the latest
Kingston headline or not? Army Fatcha caught
in Jimmy’s room with aunty. Well, well…This was on the cards. – Exactly.
– Poor Fatcha. He’s in trouble before
he could see Mumbai. And went completely
astray for the aunty. Please pay attention. My friend Bunty has given this for you. Who is Bunty? Bunty. Vikram Jeet Singh. Oh my God. What guts. Bag and all. Please don’t open it.
Who knows what might be in it? – Project.
– What are you talking about? Project file. For Ms. Shalini. Your file? Who is that? Who is that? Nonsense! Cool. Cool. Granny says. The kids who apologizes
for his mistake are good kids. So I’m sorry. Just a minute. Just a minute. “The more anger we suppress,
the worse we find everyone else to be.” Granny says this.
Actually it was my mistake. I’m sorry. No. The more anger we suppress,
the worse we find everyone else to be. Thanks, mate. Sorry. Sir. Thank you. Bill. What do you want? – What do you want?
– Want to buy a book. It’s inside.
Go. Go. You don’t have to pay tax. Patrani Machi (dish), Salli Boti (dish). No. No. No home delivery. Yes. Yes send. Alright. Why are you making
excuse of buying books? Coffee is a good excuse. – Manik, get a coffee.
– Right away. – Special.
– It’s not an excuse. After my mother’s coffee,
I don’t like coffee made by anyone else. The people who call brown
water coffee should be sued. It’s an insult to coffee. Okay. Have it. Come on. Have it. It’s special. You’ll get discount as well. Now I’ll have to hire a lawyer. No. It’s good. It’s good.
But I make better than this. So then teach me.
I mean if you have the time. – Look madam…
– Delshad. Delshad. Yes. What it is. – You know why I’m here.
– Yes. To return the cycle, right? No. I have come to do what
I haven’t done in the last 30 years. The note you sent with your grandson,
I have read it. You are an extremely quarrelsome woman. That day also you broke the bottle
and unnecessarily started fighting. I don’t want to talk about it.
I don’t want these books. Okay. He’s changing. You know when Romans would win a war they would torch the entire village.
Surround it and celebrate. Nine down. One to go. – What about aunt?
– Well, sir… You know, Amit.
Let me make one thing very clear to you. It’s like a bungee jump. Once you jump,
you’ll not be able to stop yourself. Either you’re up or you’re down. And in your case,
I would want you to be up. You know times are changing. Everybody’s moving ahead.
No one has time for anyone. You got to move on.
You’re a good worker. Talk to aunt. Use pressure.
Give her money. Do something. Amit, you’re my man. You can do it. – And I don’t want to lose you.
– Yes, sir. – Hello.
– Hello, sir. Sharma here. Do you need more loan? If you call again I’ll get
into the cell phone and thrash you. Got it? Hello, Ms. Shalini. – What?
– Darn it. What, Fatcha?
You think you’re very smart. Are you trying to earn
some brownie points here? Hello. I’m talking to you. You need not do all this for me. And I can handle Jimmy on my own. Okay? – So you’ve come here to say this?
– So? – Okay. I won’t do it again.
– What? Look, if you think
I have come to thank you then you’re sadly mistaken.
That will never happen. Because the word Thank You
doesn’t exist in my dictionary. And as far as the favour is concerned,
I’ll score it equal. – Alright?
– You are weird. The landlord has a problem with sorry.
And you have a problem with thank you. – What is this?
– Whatever. Watchman. What are you doing?
Leave me. Don’t just salute. Do some work. Madam, your file got me out of there.
You’ll get me thrown out of here. – Please keep quiet. Please.
– Vikram. – Vikram.
– Hello, sir. Why is the door open? – The milkman was here.
– Now? Late. He was late today. – Late?
– He was early today. What are you saying?
What are you trying to say? He was late.
Today he was late. Yes, sir. Clothes are lying here.
This is a house. Not a laundry. What is this? What have you done? I…I’ll do it. You relax. I mean it’s your house.
Do whatever you want. Quite…You look quite handsome today. – Am I?
– Yes sir. Working out… Close the door behind you. Got it. I’ve got this too. Just in time. Idiot. Come. Come. Come please. Ouch. Oh my. Have you gone crazy? It’s twisted. – Did you get hurt?
– Have you gone mad? It’s okay.
Rub it and you’ll be on your way. Do you always talk like this? Can’t help it. This thirst is big. One minute, ma’am. A gift for someone in…In college. Thank you. Now you’ll show me around Mumbai, right? I got your file. I have repaid the favour. I saved you from the old man. Excuse me. Rajgopal Subramanium.
Not old man. Alright. I’ll think about it. I had told you. Guests are
not allowed for the paying guest. Don’t repeat this mistake. – Would you like some coffee?
– Yes, sir. Make some for yourself and give me too. Papa, you’ve come to take me
from school for the first time, right? Who came with you for the admission?
Papa, right? Come on. Let’s spend the day together. Here we are. Wow. Delshad aunt’s café. Yes. Today papa has homework to do. Shall we? Come. Let’s go. Come on. Go get your books. – Ankur.
– Hi, aunt Delshad. Chocolate for my prince. – Thank you.
– Hi, Amit. You wanted books, right?
Go get your books. Go. But I don’t want, papa. You were saying that
you have homework to do. Son, that…Come on. Go. Please. Ankur, new comics have arrived.
Go take a look. Thank you, aunt Delshad. I know why you are here. This city is very big. Tell your company to
look for some other place. Aunt. Lucky Café is not for sale. Aunt, think once again. Fine. 45 crores.
And I myself will find a place for you. Is that okay? How many times do I tell you
the same thing? You don’t understand.
Lucky Café is not for sale. Look, Amit, you can come here.
But now only as a guest. – Yes. Ankur.
– Yes, papa? Go sit in the car. Quick. God. Amit. Amit. Amit, I’m sorry. Sorry. I and Anita met here. Even I had lots of complaints
against you and your café. But still I came back here.
Only for you. For your benefit. To save you from my company. You have no clue what they can do. Oops. Sorry. Sorry.
No, aunt. I’m a guest, right? Fine. Delshad Irani, only you’ll be responsible
for what happens here after today. Lucky Café is gone. You have 40 days. – Save it. Save it.
– Amit… – How hard are you going to try?
– What else can I do? I was so happy when I bought
the four bedroom flat. Very happy. I was a little scared as well.
But now completely. Nagpal. The king is scared.
You’re the company’s CEO. So what? It is not what it seems like. And what actually is the opposite. Now look at you.
Hotshot photographer. Can anyone fire you
from your job? No way. But with us. You never know
when a new kid comes on the block and you’re out of your job. Let’s break up the party, boys. “One will be replaced by other.” “Even without you the
show will go on.” “Don’t be tense. This is life.” “Life is something that
you spend without worries” “Grab it, friend.” “Grab what you want.” “Everything is up for a grab.” “Grab it, friend.” What happened?
You used to be a stud in college. Have you lost your touch? I am old. See. “There is dawn after every dusk” “Every dawn ends with dusk” “What’s going to happen will happen” “You win some. You lose some” “There are ups and downs in life.” “Both are waiting for you.” “Grab it, friend.” “Grab what you want.” “Everything is up for a grab.” “Grab it, friend.” “Grab it, friend.” Way to go, pal. Amit. Amit. Amit. Terrible. Electricity bills have gone up.
Telephone bills have gone by. Train fares have gone up.
Everything’s gone up. – But my pension is still the same.
– Why worry? Live upstairs carefree. Mind your tongue.
That’s my house. Got it? – I live in my house.
– Freeloading. There is no point in talking to you.
You have gone crazy. Zerkzil. What did you say to him? I was just joking. I told you not to joke around with him. Go from here. Stupid. What? Look, do whatever you
want in your professional life. I can’t object. But please. Keep your family away
from your business. What do you mean? What? I mean you had to use
Ankur to get to aunt Delshad. You bribed Ankur. What are you doing? What are you taking from her?
From us? We started from there.
We met there. Darn it. I’m not taking anything from anyone. If she doesn’t give us the café,
I’m finished. That baldie will… Anita, this is business. If we don’t buy it someone else will. How many people are you going to stop? Listen, we are paying her money. – I am not taking anything for free.
– Darn the money. When will you understand? Money is not important to be happy. There is something called a family.
You have us. Cherish us. Cherish us. Cherish what?
And where is the family? I don’t see any family. Oh. You mean you and I family. What have we done together
in the past 4- 5 years? Wherever we go,
‘Don’t do this. don’t do that.’ Relax. Relax. – Breathe.
– Amit. And let me also breathe. Okay? – No. I…
– What do you want? That we go back to the one
bedroom house. To that rat hole. And of course.
You were not happy with me there, right? What? Now what? What? Now you have to go to others for this. Look, there is nothing
like what you think. Okay? It’s nothing like that. – You’re sick.
– It’s nothing like that. You need help. Anita, I’ve been stressed. You know. I met Harry. We had been to the club.
I even called you. But you didn’t take the call.
As usual. We had a couple of drinks. I danced.
But not in the manner you think. Darn. I haven’t done anything.
I promise. I promise. Why didn’t you? Who stopped you? You should’ve done what you wanted. Because I’ve a child. A responsible person. Get it? So responsibility stopped you.
Not love. Yes, Anita. Because I don’t see
love here anywhere. Do you see it? If we are just responsibility for us then I don’t think
we should live together. “Incomplete desires long
to be fulfilled.” “This heart now wants freedom…” “…from the fear of separation.” “In a moment, I’ll express
all the hidden feelings.” “Let’s meet first.” Aunt Delshad. – Yes, dear. Yes. What happened?
– Nothing. – What happened?
– I’m so sorry. Had a fight with Amit? You don’t leave your house
over trivial matters. I’m done. But you…you…go. Go inside.
I’ll speak to Amit. Go inside. Go. Go. Go inside.
I’ll talk to him. – Go. Manik.
– Yes. Leave it. Here. – Anita.
– Amit. – Hey…
– What happened? Why are you doing this? You took my wife.
And my son as well. Why? This is our personal life. – Personal. Do you understand, lady?
– Amit. – Hey…
– Go home. Please leave. Now. I don’t believe you. Well, how could you think so? Don’t wash our dirty
linen in public. Okay? I love you. Okay. Come. Come with me. Sorry. Come. Let’s go. Come. Come. You’re washing it in public. That house is yours. Not mine. So you go home, Amit. To your house. Anita, go home. Go. Go home. You stay out of this. Okay? No more of your sentimental nonsense. So are you coming…Oh. Sorry. Sorry. You won’t come to my house, right? Fine. Fine. Happy? Delshad, I’m very sorry for all this. We’ll leave from here tomorrow morning. It’s okay. Go. Go to Ankur. “One who gives the courage
of eternal love…” “…gives the courage…” “That same one gives the
fear of separation.” “Fear of separation.” “One who gives the courage
of eternal love..” “…gives the courage…” “One love. One love.
Two hearts. Together forever” “One love. One love.
Two hearts. Together forever” “Love fills the heart with
desire to soar high.” “Love fills the heart with
desire to soar high.” “And it even makes my wings heavy.” “One who gives the courage
of eternal love..” “…gives the courage…” Mr. Mehta, according to the records it’s been 30 years to the death of the
real owner of this café Zubin Irani. He didn’t transfer this café
to Delshad Nanji before death. Even if had, that document would not
be valid because it wasn’t registered. After Zubin Irani’s death, his
entire property should go to his family. But there is no record of his family. And since he didn’t marry,
I would say… Mr. Sood, please cut
out all these technicalities. Just tell me. When will I get this café? No, no. Look, it’s not that easy. Look, Delshad Nanji is
not the owner of that café. That’s fine. But she can prove herself
the tenant by adverse possession. Quite easily at that. Because according to our law, if someone is under someone’s custody
for more than 12 years without any objection or claim it becomes really difficult
to get it vacated. Mr. Sood,
Zubin Irani has a brother as well. Dinshaw Irani. “Blue Bell” We get him. We get the cafe. Who is it now? – What are you looking at? Open the door.
– Madam. Come. Come. Subbu. – Welcome.
– This is for you. What is this?
It’s not my birthday today. – Did you shout?
– No. – Did you grumble?
– No. So that means the birth of a new Subbu. Happy birthday, Subbu. – Thank you.
– Come on. Make some coffee for me. One minute. Remove the sandals. – Wear that.
– Oh. Sorry. Subbu, you look like your father. Thank you. See. I tried once. Simple technology.
Photoshop. You said I can’t do it. I did it. See. This is called great coffee.
One sip and all the sadness is gone. My mother taught me. Mr. Lawyer, are you a doctor as well? I am a lawyer. My mother was sick.
So I used to read medical book. Can I meet your mother? – You want to meet?
– Yes. Come. It’s been 11 years
my mother passed away. Hey…Subbu… Yes. I was also once small. Do you play violin? Yes. I used to play for mother.
It alleviates the pain. Then a little…Come on. Come on. Come on. You’ve been a good son, Subbu. You love your mother so much. Lucky mamma. Leave. Leave. Happy birthday to you. Come on, clap. Happy birthday to you. – Happy birthday to you.
– Hey, Aatish. Did you give it to Manav,
Gopal, Vijay outside? – Happy birthday, Jagjit Singh.
– Mohammad Rafi. I wasn’t aware that
it was your birthday today. Not mine. It’s your girlfriend and your
soon to be sister-in-law’s birthday. Did you wish? It’s Shalini’s birthday today. You can’t impress girls
with physique and all. Good looks and humour. I have both.
That’s why I’m telling you. Go and change this. Have a shower.
Go meet her. Without any smell. And take a rose for her.
Show me your hand. Hey…Hi, what’s up?
Hi, guys. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you so much. Thanks. – Hello.
– Hi. Thanks. – Hello, Shalini. Happy birthday.
– Wow. “Enough of this suppressed life.
Enough of this resentment.” “What should I say to you?
So that you get appeased.” “I accept that I’m wrong.” “And you’re right.” “Let’s meet first.” “Let’s meet first.” “I am restless.
You are restless.” “There is restlessness all around.” “My beloved!” “My beloved!” “This is your effect…” “…that when I see mirror…” “…I see you instead of myself.” “In my life…” “In my life,
there is only your charm.” “Beloved!” “O’ beloved!” “I am restless.
You are restless.” “There is restlessness all around.” “My beloved!” “My beloved!” Thank you. Thank you so much. You jerk. Give me some. Moron. Give me some. Give me some. I danced for you. Give me some. I also danced. Give me some. Such a moron.
Weird times. Yes. There’s mail for you. Here. – I’m going, sir.
– Why? Is your mother alright? I lied to you for this room. She passed away when I was 10. I was expelled from the hostel.
Though it wasn’t my mistake. If I had gone back home,
dad would think that I gave up. And in the army second is fail, sir. I forgot what I came to achieve.
And I started chasing the impossible. Mother is not such a cheap thing. Don’t misuse her. The city corrupts you, sir. Nice way to hide your impotency. The city corrupts you. Blame the city for our failure. Feel sorry for yourself and flee. Because the city corrupts you. I’m glad that a soldier
like you is not at the front. Otherwise what would be of this country? Idiot. – Here. Your favourite cornflakes.
– Thank you. Come on. Eat quickly. – Manik, go at the back.
– Okay. What are you guys up to all the time? You dance all day.
But don’t do any shows. Hey…Put that chair down. Bunty, how are you? Where is Subbu? He gave such an expensive
coffee maker and then… Why are you feeling sad
if he hasn’t come? – Manik, get four glass milk for Bunty.
– Hey Bunty, what’s up? Yes. Right away. Are you okay? – Hi pumpkin. What’s up?
– Hi. – Look, who is here. Shalini.
– Hi ma’am. Ms. Delshad Nanji. Papa. Ms. Delshad Nanji. Rahul Sood. Legal Attorney. Blue Bell. “Blue Bell” Pleasure meeting you, Ms. Nanji. Well, this place belongs to Zubin Irani. See. And you’ve possessed it illegally
for the past 30 years. So you have 30 days to vacate it or else or we’ll take legal action against you. Right? Yes. Thank you.
Acknowledge this notice please. Go ahead. Sign it. Sign, Ms. Nanji. Please. Right here. Thank you. – Hello.
– Quite a change. Good. Good. Nice. – Papa, don’t go.
– Hey…Champ. Papa will be back. Okay? What is this? You signed the document
without going through it. We can hire a good lawyer.
Reply to the notice with a notice. Do you have legal documents?
Give it to me. No. Ownership deed? No. Rent receipt. Your name is Delshad Nanji
and not Delshad Irani. You’ve been running this cafe without
any documents for the past so many years. – How is it possible?
– It is possible. Zubin gave me this place. Not everything is based on documents. This weakens our case. Madam. Madam. Relax. Madam. Manik. I’m okay. “The bond of love is the greatest.” “It gives the strength
to fight the world alone.” What kind of a doctor are you? It’s heart attack. Go and read.
Read and let me know in the evening. Idiot. Just check. They just have the degree. That’s it. What? I have treated my mother for 15 years. I know how,
when and what medicine to give. They know nothing. They know just two things. One is injection.
And the other thing is operation. – Idiot.
– Why are you cursing him? Why do you fight with everyone? I have never fought
with anyone till date. Don’t laugh. He was about
to administer the wrong injection. Should I’ve let him? Come on. Sign this.
Stay order application. – No. No.
– Careful. One minute. You said that we can’t save the café. I also felt so. But it’s not
necessary that I’m right all the time. I was wrong. Sign here. Thank you. Come. What’s happening? Amit. Please sit down.
Amit, what’s this happening? Who is this idiot Subramanian
who has obtained the stay order? Hold on. Mr. Mehta,
don’t worry about Subramanian. I know him very well. He used to work for me.
And he’s just a typist. That’s all. He hasn’t been to a court in years. He’ll not be able to fight the case.
Don’t worry about it. We’ll not let them hire
any other lawyer. This case should not drag much.
And it’s your responsibility. Mr. Sood, please come with me.
I want to talk to you. – Please.
– Sure. Excuse me. What’s going to happen?
What’s going to happen? Everyone’s upset, right? Where will we party
if the café closes down? Stop being a drama queen. Come on. Strange. We have become so selfish that
we are thinking only about ourselves. Nobody’s thinking about
Delshad aunt, right? This café is her life.
Just think about it. And look at us. We are just… Fatcha, you’re doing
that Heritage project, right? Yes. What’s the construction date
of this place in it? 1923. 1923. Come on, we have to go.
Get up. Get up fast. Bye. Come on fast. Let’s go. – Zubin’s heir?
– Yes. Jamshed Irani. No. If that was the case,
Zubin would’ve told me for sure. Look, if you want to save
this café then answer my questions. Has Zubin mentioned about
this property anywhere? Yes? Has he mentioned anywhere? No. You’re hiding something. Yes. Hello. Dear. – Mamma, are you alright?
– Mamma is fine, dear. Had Aryan not called me I would’ve never
come to know that you’re so unwell. – Thank you.
– I’m fine. I just fainted and… Mamma, please. No one’s hospitalised
for three days for just fainting. And who’s this Subbu? He’s a friend. He’s a lawyer. Lawyer? What is a lawyer doing there? That’s it, mom. I’m coming. Delnaaz, hold on. Delnaaz….Hello. She’s stubborn. She is your daughter.
She should be here with you. You know. 30 years father was ill.
I was in Mumbai. I couldn’t go. If I could… She should be here with you. Manik. Manik, pick up the phone. That’s a very good idea, Shalini. We need public support in order to turn
Lucky Café into a heritage building. And I don’t mean just 10- 15 people. The entire city will have to support. We’ll gather people.
We’ll take to the streets. Signature campaign
is the way ahead, guys. Right, Fatcha.
And we can speak to Raghav as well. He has got great fan following. Oh my God. That’s such an amazing idea. – When can we go to meet him?
– Not you, Melo queen. Fatcha. After my shoot tomorrow? I’ll send the address. – But why not me?
– Whatever. You see, I have to
maintain records, right? Who was born?
Who died? Who married whom? Young man, there was a time
when we used to rule over Mumbai. Now the big names are dying one by one. Even I don’t keep well these days.
Here. Have tea. Put the book down. Have tea. Thank you. Zubin Irani… Zubin? Zubin. He lived in Tardeo. Opposite the Parsi temple.
What a bungalow he had. They used to grow
this big flowers there. Did Zubin marry? I don’t have that record. But no one cares about
the marriages these days. Marriages used to happen in our time. There used to be singing and dancing.
People would come and have a blast. Zubin’s brother Dinshaw. Dinshaw Irani?
Lousy man. The mug. A loafer. He eloped with his maid. By the way, what is this matter? Another guy too was
here inquiring about Zubin. – What was his name?
– Aslam. Green shirt on green backdrop.
Only the hanging head will be visible. Stop the machine. – Shalini, right?
– Yes, sir. Have you been appointed
in the direction department so that you spoil my work every time. – No, sir.
– Paycheck. Paycheck. If you’re so worried about
the paycheck then go sit at home. I’ll send it there. – But on Croma, I…
– But don’t spoil my shoot. You’ve spoilt my shoot. I’ve been tolerating you
till now because of Raghav. You know nothing. Pack up. – Sir, I’m sorry. Please, it’s not…
– Pack up for you also. Darn it. Turn left. – What nonsense is this?
– Good Lord. Shalini baby, I love you so much. I can do anything for you. But don’t ask me to
go against Blue Bells. – It’s absolutely insane. This is madness.
– What? Raghav, Delshad aunt has helped
you a lot. And you don’t forget that. So what should I do?
What do you want me to do? Should I ruin my entire career for her? For her café. I have got Beyonce’s show. Because of Blue Bells. Should I leave it? Hi, Raghav. How are you, my baby? Hey…Hey…I’m good. I’m good. – You are looking great.
– Thanks. This is Shalini. – Hi, Shalini.
– Shalini, Jennny. Shalini is a very, very good friend. About Jenny. She is doing the
Blue Bells contract, Beyonce show. She is a sweetheart. Come on. Stop it. You have to listen to the new song.
It’s brilliant. – Absolutely.
– Yes. Then let’s record it, sweetie. – Yes?
– We should record I guess. I guess you are very busy. Shalini. Bye. Nice meeting you. – Great timing.
– Fatcha, let’s go. – I’m glad you came.
– Is there a problem? I was in a very awkward position. – Don’t you…
– Settle down with her. You’ll be in all the right positions. – And her. I’ll…
– Quiet. Don’t you do that again. Is she upset? – Shalini.
– Yes? They would have understood
even if you had not abused. It’s not necessary that you
gather a crowd only by singing. The one who loves the
café will come on his own. “Let’s join hands” “Let’s join hands” “Let’s join hands” Fatcha, got the date
of the Heritage committee. “Let’s join hands” “Let’s join hands” I’m not going away from the army. Just once. I want to see the people for whom we army
men lay our lives from close quarters. “Not a couple..” “Not a dozen..” “But now the entire crowd
will rally around.” “Now forget profit, dear.” “Forget your greed.” “Love will resonate.” “Your love is profit.” “Your love is the result.” “Your love is profit.
Your love is the result.” “Let’s join hands.” “Let’s join hands.” “Let’s join hands.” “Where it’s crime to live
life on our own terms..” “..greed control the humans.” “What can one do if honesty
doesn’t work?” “Now how can long can one sit
quiet in name of decency?” “Let’s march and conquer.” “Let’s march and conquer.
Let’s join hands.” “Let’s join hands.” “Let’s join hands.” “Not a couple..” “Not a dozen..” “But now the entire crowd
will rally around.” Long live Lovely Café. These are the kids of Kingston college who are trying to
save our heritage sites. They are doing the job
our government should have. But these kids are doing it. The sad part is that
multinational companies are taking our heritage away from us. Can you excuse us please? They can’t handle these heritage sites. They have turned gateway
of Indian into a picnic spot. The Taj Mahal is sinking
2 millimetres every year. But they are after the Lucky Café. Do something about
the heritage committee. If this café becomes a heritage
site we’ll not be able to do anything. Relax, sir. Relax.
Nothing’s going to happen. The heritage committee
is not going to do anything. They have been given so much
that let alone the rule they’ll change the entire rule book.
Trust me. Great. And for God’s sake. Tell your wife. What’s this rally? Why she’s trying to be
the warrior princess? Mr. Mehta… I’m sorry. But it’s better if you
keep my wife out of this. Amit. Amit, listen to me. Either you’re up or out. And in this case you’ll
be totally left out. Whatever that has been
doing has been done by you. Payments. Bribes. Everything. If there is case,
it will be against you. Think about your apartment.
You have to pay its installments. Listen. Think rationally.
Not emotionally. And for God’s sake
stop being melodramatic. And I know you can do it.
You’re my man. Come on. Fatcha, why didn’t you show
the committee the photos you took? – They didn’t come out that good.
– Strange. You took ten photos of every spot.
Not one of them came out good? I…I guess I’m a bad photographer. His name is Malay.
And he done engineering. – Hello, Malay.
– Hello. – And tell me. What’s your line?
– Really? I should take photos. Big stars are listening to our program.
You should too. Let’s go. Go. That’s it. Pull up to the left. – But you live there.
– No. I live here. Is it? Not so cool, right? No. It’s super cool. If it matters to people where
you stay or what you do then so be it. You shouldn’t be bothered. If you respect yourself
everyone else will. I like you just as you are. Excuse me. I…I’m getting early. Hey…Get it done quickly.
We don’t have time. And someone get water from downstairs. How long do we are going
to pour through the bucket? What are you guys doing?
What’s happening? We are just loading. We know nothing.
Ask Aslam. He is upstairs. – Manik, get the bucket.
– I’ll get it. Stop worrying about the bucket.
Do something. Just because he has bought the flat above
doesn’t mean he can demolish our café. My brain is about to explode. I’ll make a call right now. Do what you want.
I’m going to Delnaaz’s place. Granny, why do you
want to go to Australia? Won’t you fight if
someone takes me from you? You won’t fight. Granny, wait. Man to man.
You love me as much as the café, right? – My child. Come on.
– Love you, granny. Two coffees. One Espresso and one
Latte for our civil engineer Mr. Desai. – And send some cookies also.
– You get only milk coffee here. – And you won’t get even that.
– Manik. Give him coffee and cookies.
It’s free for them. Fine. Sir, the idea of heritage
plea was good. Nice. But it was rejected. I guess the committee made a mistake. And so now justice Khetrapal
has passed an order that… The old building should be inspected. And if any building
is not good enough to live or is life threatening get it vacated. I know that. Absolutely right. That’s why Mr. Desai
will inspect this building. We’ll not let that happen. – You can’t do this.
– Of course we can. If you stop him from doing
his job you will be arrested. It will be contempt of court.
We have the notice. Son, get the notice. Inspection notice.
This is just an inspection notice. Let them do it. There is a saying in Tamil. “When the lizard is on a corner the wall it fells all the four walls
are standing because of it.” But that isn’t the case. The saying is good. But the
court demands evidence not saying. And you taught me to
secure myself from all angles. And I have been your best student. Four days. Just four days. “Blue Bell” “Blue Bell” What happened? What is this? A six year old is admitted
in the hospital because of stress. Don’t fight before him at least. – I know. I know. Is he okay?
– Yes. He is okay. But please take care. Oh God. Thank God you’re okay. Papa… Hey champ. How are you? How are you? How are you? Papa, as soon as I recover
I’ll play all the sports. – Okay.
– I won’t even touch the books. I won’t go to Delshad
aunt’s café either. Return her café to her at least now. Everyone calls you a villain. – You are not a villain, right?
– No. Hey…You look like a rockstar. Everything’s going to be alright. Oh ma’am.
It’s so difficult to meet you guys. I had been to the café. I came
to know you are here in the hospital. Anyways, keep these papers.
These are court summons. Please. Please. No need to sign it.
And here’s the eviction notice. Alright? Well,
I hope everything’s alright. Goodbye. – What are you doing here?
– All done. Is everything alright? – Yes. But why here?
– Why not? We have to win, right? Everything’s fine.
You’ll see them in the court. I don’t believe this. Why have come here now?
Got everything? – Anita…
– Stop it. What do you think you’re doing?
What are you doing? You have come here as well.
The hospital as well. You’ve come here as well with
the court summons. Just look at you. – I don’t even know anymore.
– Calm down. You got the café, right?
You got the café. Now leave. Aunt, ask him to leave.
Please, Amit. Now. Please leave.
You’ve turned us into a joke. – Anita. – I called him
because his son is in the hospital. And he brought a lawyer along. Can we save our heritage or culture
from an international company? There is a turning
point in our all our lives. The question still remains the same. To which our memories of little
joys and sorrows are attached. – If you want to join…
– If you want to join… Join the save Lucky Café campaign. – Lucky Café campaign.
– And save Lucky Café. – And make a difference.
– Fatcha. Fatcha. The Blue Bell Guys
are here to harass us. No one’s going to do anything. Subu sir has said that
no one’s going to do anything. Or people will feel we have resorted to
hooliganism in order to save the café. Okay? Fatcha, you have the file signed
by the heritage committee, right? – Oh no.
– What? – Here.
– Okay. Relax. I’ll get it from your house. It’s okay. Return Delshad aunt’s café. Everyone calls you a villain.
You are not a villain, right? “Keep your hands on eyes stealthily.” “Then say softly,
do you recognize me.” “The one whom I saw with
closed eyes, it’s you.” “Let’s meet first.” “Let’s meet first.” Mother, I am fighting a case
for the first time. Wish me luck. – Mr. Subramanium.
– Yes. Come. Come. Have a seat. – Mom, how are you?
– Fine. Delnaaz? Hello. – Hi, Amit.
– Hello, sir. – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. All rise. You may start, Mr. Rahul Sood. Thank you, Your Honor.
This case is really simple. Mr. Rustom Jamshed Irani built
a building in 1923 called Rustom House. After his death,
there was division of his property. And his eldest son Zubin
Irani got this building. Mr. Zubin Irani didn’t marry.
Hence he had no children. And hence there was no claimant
to this property after his death. And defendant Ms. Delshad Nanji
grabbed that property which is worth crores without
any documentation or legal procedure. What should have happened
is that after Zubin Irani’s death his younger brother Dinshaw Irani
should have got this property. Or now to Dinshaw Irani’s son,
Jamshed Irani. Legally and morally this
property belongs to Jamshed Irani. Your honor,
Dilshad Nanji is a trespasser. She has been lying
for the past 30 years. God knows what businesses she runs
there under the pretext of the café. I get scared when I think
that kids go there. Action be taken against Delshad Nanji. All this is a lie. This is too much. – Shut up.
– Ma’am. Excuse me. – This is all fabricated.
– Excuse me. If you have something to say
then come to the witness box and say. Amit. Amit, sit down.
Where are you going? Thank you. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry for speaking out of turn. My name is Amit Nagpal.
And I work for Blue Bell company. I’m the CEO. My company has stolen
records from Irani Anjuman in order to usurp Lucky Café. We even bribed some members
of the heritage committee. We even hired a local goon called Aslam so that he is able to harass
Ms. Delshad Nanji. And I’m responsible for all this. And I’m ready to face its consequences. Mr. Nagpal,
on the basis of what you just said Ms. Nanji can take
action against Blue Bell. But it doesn’t prove that she
is the owner of the disputed property. You may continue, Mr. Rahul Sood. – Thank you, ma’am.
– Your Honor, I… Excuse me, ma’am.
Just one chance. Glance outside just once. You’ll understand what place
this place holds in people’s hearts. What place aunt Delshad
holds in people’s hearts. I have a humble request. Injustice must not
happen to aunt Delshad. This is why we are here. – Ma’am, please.
– That’s it. You may step down please. Yes, ma’am. Finally. Thank God for that. And here’s Dinshaw Irani’s
marriage certificate. Jamshed Irani’s birth certificate.
And lineage details. And your Honor, this is the agreement which says that that Jamshed Irani
sold his property to Blue Bell Café. And that’s why I want
defendant Delshad Nanji to be punished for illegally grabbing this
property and lying for the last 30 years. And Jamshed Irani be given his right.
Thank you. Please call Mr. Jamshed Irani. Oh my God. Jamshed Irani. – Is he Jamshed?
– Jimmy? Do as I say. My God. Jamshed Dinshaw Irani. How could I miss it? – Are you Mr. Jamshed Dinshaw Irani?
– Yes, ma’am. Are these documents
you’ve submitted proper? Yes. I guess so. Mr. Subramanium,
do you want to ask anything? No, Your Honor. I don’t wish to ask Jimmy…
Jamshed Irani any questions. So do you accept that
what Rahul Sood is true? No. I didn’t say so. What he said must be written by a clerk
like me in his office in a small room. Am I right, Mr. Sood? But truth is not on paper.
It’s in the heart. And there is only one person
in this court who knows the truth. I would like to call that
person to the witness box. – Who is that?
– Ms. Delshad Nanji. Ms. Delshad Nanji,
take the stand please. Ms. Nanji. Please. Please. Don’t be afraid. I’m an advocate for last 35 years.
But this is the first case I’m fighting. Please pardon me if I make a mistake. – Mr. Subramanium, start. Please.
– Thank you. Ms. Delshad Nanji, Mr. Sood said
that you are not the owner of this café. So how important is this café for you? What bond do you have with this café? This café means the world to me.
My life. I nurtured it like my baby. It was a…It is my dream. What’s a dream for you and what
you’ve nurtured for 30 years like a baby you’re handing it over to them. These are the people who are destroying
their own country in the name of modernity. For them progress is
aping America and Europe. Although there are lots of villages in
Britain where you can’t change a thing. Legally. Because for them
that’s their culture and tradition. It’s their heritage.
They want to preserve it. And here rights are being
stolen in the name of progress. Lands are being grabbed. Madam, these are the people who send their fathers to
old age home once they grow old. Forts have been replaced by malls. You also want the same. Isn’t it? – No.
– No? Then stop them. Or tell court the truth. Speak. Speak the truth. Today so many of your
students have gathered here. I am calling them students
because outside the college you are their lecturer. They haven’t come here
because you’ve fed them for free. You have taught them what life is.
What courage is. Your student Amit Nagpal. Really, I am happy.
I am happy with him. He put his career, job,
life, house at stake. And he told the truth here.
I’m proud of him. You also tell the truth. Tell court what the truth is. You won’t get this chance again. You won’t get this chance.
You’ll feel sorry all your life. I have nothing to say. Has Zubin mentioned about
this property in any letter? No. Do you have any document which has mention of the Rustom House
or Lucky Café? No. I have some papers here
which I got from Irani Hospital. Ms. Delshad Irani Nanji. I have some letters here.
I found it at your place. See if you recognise them. – Subu…
– Please. Please. I am not going to say anything about it. This is your life.
This is your personal file. Please hold it. Please. Please. What’s in that file, Mr. Subramanium? Your Honor, Zubin Irani has stated in it as to who the actual
owner of this property is. – I object it. This is fraud. And we…
– This is bullshit. Keep quiet for a while. – But ma’am, papers are…
– Objection overruled. Mr. Subramanium, please continue. What would Zubin have
asked you to do if he was here? Tell me. What would he say? He would say. Get my child his right. Objection. How can Zubin Irani
have children as he was unmarried? – Wait. Wait. Wait for a while.
– Objection overruled. – Your Honor…
– Mr. Sood. Yes? Who? – Who?
– Delnaaz. – Whose daughter?
– My and Zubin’s daughter. – What?
– My and Zubin’s daughter. My God. Sorry, dear. I…I didn’t want you
to know about it like this. I was…Dear,
I was 21 when I was carrying you. We weren’t married. Zubin
had been to Brazil for his project. An accident… He couldn’t even see you. I…I wanted to tell you. I tried really hard. But I just couldn’t muster the courage.
I was scared. I was scared as to
how would you accept this. What will the society say? I had to lie all my life. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, dear. Please. Please forgive me. I’m sorry. It means you always had this will. Yes. So you shouldn’t have wasted
the court’s time like this. Time waste, ma’am? Ma’am, would you tell the world
if your child was illegitimate that he is illegitimate? Sorry. Even today no matter
how modern we claim to be but a child born without
marriage is called illegitimate. So didn’t you know
all this when you were… I knew. I knew it all. But I didn’t know that Zubin
will be gone just like that. Leaving me alone. Dear, you’re Zubin Irani
and Delshad Irani’s daughter. Delnaaz Irani. I’m proud of you.
I’m proud of you. – Mr. Sood.
– Your Honor. The owner of Rustom House
and Lucky Café is right before you. The case is dismissed. We win. You heard that? We win. Hey…Come on smile. Fatcha, you take nice pictures.
But focus was wrong. Brownie points. You sacrificed your army exams for me. – For the café.
– It’s the same thing, right? Come on. Say something. – Ma’am. Ma’am, please don’t move.
– What? – Bunty.
– Yes, sir? – Is this why you came here?
– No, sir. Yes, sir. I’m proud of you, my son.
Permission to hug me. Yes, Mr. Sharma. I need a loan. But who is going to pay the installments?
Your daddy. What happened, Mr. Sharma? What, superman? Can you stay in rat hole? One room kitchen. You don’t have a job. You can help with the chores. – Yeah?
– Yes. Love you. Mom, we have won the case. Subu… Whom do you talk to? Now you’ll say thanks. Thank you. – And you’ll say sorry.
– There is no reason to say sorry. I have never said sorry. Sorry. Sorry. – Admit at least now in the court of law.
– What? You broke the bottle that day, isn’t it? No. I didn’t break it.
Actually I was holding that bottle. – Look. I was holding the bottle like this.
– No. Then you reached for it.
You held it above. – No.
– Look, you held it above. Then you tried to grab it.
I was taken aback. So I let go it. You thought I was holding it,
so you let go of it. See. You broke the bottle. You broke the bottle. Milord, she is the culprit.
You. You must convict her. “It’s about you and me” “Honey.” “It’s not about coffee.” “It’s about you and me, honey.” “Let’s meet first.” “Let’s meet first.” “Let’s meet first.”

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