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– This is my favorite
trying on different sizes I’ve ever done. (beeping) At the time you guys
are watching this video, I’m actually back home in Arizona. I am here for Thanksgiving
for a little while. While I’m here, I figured I
would film some fun videos that I’m not able to do in L.A.. And one of those videos that
you guys constantly ask about is seeing me try on different sizes at a store called Maurices. I’ve never personally been in this store, but Maurices is supposedly
a very size inclusive store, and I believe they carry sizes zero to 22 if I’m not mistaken in store. Which is iconic and incredible, I don’t know what the price
point’s gonna be like. I didn’t do any research going into this, because I kind of just want
to go in and be surprised. And with these trying on
different sizes videos I typically go in the fitting
room and test out jeans, just because that’s kind of
the best universal piece of clothing that you can pick
that showcases how sizes fit. So since they don’t have
any of these stores anywhere near where I live in L.A.,
I figured I’m gonna go ahead and try it while I’m back home in AZ. My mom’s already inside waiting for me; she doesn’t want to be on camera today. It’s totally fine, I get it
girl, we’ve all been there. If you’ve seen these videos
befoe you know the drill, so let’s go ahead and head in; pull as many different things
as I can find and hopefully have a really positive
inclusive shopping experience. Let’s go. (relaxing music) Okay so first impression I have to say, a girl walked right up to me
when I walked in and was like “you look so cute today”, and
I was like thank you so much. She was so super sweet, and I asked her if it was
okay if I film in here, she went and asked the manager. They were all like “yes,
please, let us know when you’re ready for a fitting room,
we’ll get you all set up”. They were just really, really kind. They showed me around everywhere, and showed me all the different sections and what jeans are what,
and what to look out for. So far I feel great. We’re off to a great start. – [Carrie] The fist pair
that I really need to grab is a pair of flares, and I’ve gone through this entire rack, and the highest size that
they have available is a 16. But I’m not sure where this zero to 24 in-store is coming from, because
I’m not seeing that so far. I honestly don’t know my size here, I don’t know if they run
small, if they run big, but we’re going to try on some
flares for our first pair. And we’re going to some
more size investigating. Right here we have like a
little high rise section, and something that I’ve never seen before is these are sized small, medium, large. Which is quite interesting, so I don’t even know what size I am, but I’m just going to take a guess. They’re pretty good priced
too, they’re only $34. I’ll grab a large and XL just to see. The lovely girl that works
here, her name is Chelsea, shout out to you Chelsea, you’re amazing. She came up and was like oh by the way, I forgot to show you
our plus sized section. And I was like (giggles). So the plus sized section is actually on the
other side of the store. They have from size 14 to 24
on the other side of the store. I was like so confused, I’m like how does this only go up to 16? But I did see all the way up
to a size 24 on the other side, which is amazing, incredible. – [Carrie] Okay, and now here we have the plus sized section. We have all of these jeggings, which I do see they start at a 14, right here as you can see. And I see quite a variety
of sizing, which is awesome. So we go 18, 20, 22,
there’s 24s down here. It’s nice to see that they
have a pretty full inventory of like each wash. So since I am mid-sized
and I’m able to kind of hop between sections, which is awesome, I’m gonna grab a few pairs
of the plus size as well, and just kind of see what
those look like in comparison, so I’m really excited, let’s see. Okay, just made it into the fitting room, and you guys look how cute it is in here. I have my jeans on the
little hangers here, as well as all over here, I’m trying to keep it as
separated as possible. There’s also like a
little area here that says love it or leave it. This is my favorite
trying on different sizes I’ve ever done, I just have to say. Okay, enough chatting, let’s get started. (bouncy music) So I’ve worn bike shorts today, so that I don’t flash
everybody with my underwear and have to blur out every shot, like I have had to do in past videos. Here we go. (zipping) I definitely think 14 is my size. I just don’t love the mid-rise, and like what it does for me, but I’ve heard people
say that they prefer it; it’s much more comfortable for them. I totally get that, but this
just isn’t my favorite style. I do think it’s my size,
it’s just not my fave. The flare is very cute, like I do enjoy the actual
flare of the jeans themselves. It’s just not my fave,
so let’s keep going. (bouncy music) Come on high rise, don’t let me down. (rubbing) I’m saying this 100% honestly, I would not change a
thing about these jeans. I think I have to get them. They’re nice and high waisted,
they’re really comfortable, they run true to size, I have
a lot of room in the waist. I definitely think a 14 is my size here, but I will be very curious
to see how the plus size 14 fits in comparison, but these are amazing. Nor my bike shorts line here,
whatever, it is what it is. But look at how bomb these look, I’m pretty shook I’m not gonna lie. These are amazing, we’re setting
the bar really high so far. Do you know how many
times I film these videos, and I’m like morbidly depressed (laughs). This is awesome, I’m loving it. (bouncy music) I’m going to try on the 2nd
pair that was recommended by the lovely sales associate, and these ar just the regular jeggings so they are mid-rise which
is like not my favorite. But she said that these are
called the super soft jegging, and they feel like wearing
leggings and I was like sign me up. These are an extra large by the way, so this will be my first time trying on small, medium, large,
extra large so we’ll see. (zipping) You guys may disagree and
probably like the little mid drifting, I feel like
every time that happens people are like, Carrie,
what are you talking about, they look so good. They’re just not my favorite style, but they are really,
really soft on the inside; it genuinely kind of
feels like pajama pants. See if I can show you, can you see it? I think I just pulled something. I will say there is a ton of extra room, so probably mid-size down to a large, if I was going to be actually purchasing a pair of these jeans, these jeggings, but because they’re little bit oversized, I’m able to like hike them up
so I think I like them more. But they’re kind of just
like a basic pair of jeans, nothing crazy about them,
but they are just too big. As you can see back here,
I’m pulling my underwear. Okay, there they are. Just not my first choice for
what would flatter my body, but still a very cute option. And very, very comfortable,
10 out of 10 in that realm. (bouncy music) Now you guys know if I see
a pair of jeans that says super high rise, I have to get them. Look how cute these are. So here we have it, these
are pretty much amazing; the only thing I would
slightly change is that my midsection is a little bit more full for menstrual hormonal reasons. That’s just how I’m built, because of whatever
issues it is I’m having: PCOS, endometriosis, I still need to get to the bottom of that. But I tend to carry more
weight in my lower stomach, so from here up the XL is perfect, but back here it’s just slightly loose, and it doesn’t quite fit the same as a normal pair of skinny
jeans I would wear does. I feel great now, but I’m
just a little worried about walking around throughout the day, I can sort of already feel them bagging, getting baggy back here, and I don’t wanna look like I’m wearing a soggy diaper, you know? So eh, these are really cute though. I’m really torn about them, cause I just love the
way they look up here, but I just don’t love the
back of the leg bagginess. I think I’m gonna have
to pass and now we have one, two, three pairs of
the plus sized jeans left. And my mom’s already
done trying on her stuff, so we’re gonna try to breeze through this as quickly as possible. (bouncy music) My first plus sized pair
are the super soft jegging, which I did try on before, but they’re just in the
14W which is the plus size, so we’re gonna see if
these fit any differently. One of these days I’m going to find a pair of mid-rise jeans
I like, I’m determined. These are not bad, these
are not bad at all. I just feel like, well first of all, when I lift my leg up and
stretch this part out, it kind of cuts into my leg,
which isn’t my favorite. And then it’s just the waist, but I do notice quite a difference between the 14 that I tried on originally and then these 14Ws. They’re just not my favorite jeans. Again a great option for all
you mid-risers out there, but I’m not one of you, I’m sorry. Convert me seriously,
help, I just don’t like it. Okay, let’s keep it going. (bouncy music) So I did, as you can
see, grab this next pair and a 16, because whem I
was picking out my size I had no idea what my size was. So these are most definitely
going to be too big, but we’re gonna try them on anyways. It’s kind of my first
pair of solid dark jeans besides the high rise pair
that I’m definitely getting, right here behind my, my babies. But we’re gonna see. Oh god, I almost fell. These are, just probably a size too big, but an extremely comfy pair of jeans. I honestly might consider
going back and getting a 14 and taking these home with me, because they are really, really cute. And I don’t have a solid pair of jeans that have nothing on them. You guys know I love my jeans with rips and tears and shreds in them, but I don’t have any solid pair and since here at the
store currently it is buy one get one 50% off
jeans, I think I might have to exchange these for a 14 because
they’re just way too big. But they’re very cute, so
let’s try on the last pair, and hopefully end this on a good note, but they are mid-rise, yikes. (bouncy music) I feel like I always, in every video, try on a pair of black, mid-rise jeans, and I never like them so. Oh god. (background chatter) I mean listen, they’re not bad. Pretty remarkable how
much better the plus size, size 14 mid-rise jeans feel
than the standard size, but these are very cute. I just can’t get them,
because they’re not high rise. If they were high rise
I would totally get ’em, but they’re definitely my size, like for sure they’re my size. And I mean this video is
trying on different sizes, it’s not does Carrie
like this pair of jeans? I mean it kind of is, let’s be honest. But will I be buying these, no, but they are my size; I have
learned that I am a dead on 14 at Maurices. So not ended on a bad note, ended on a neutral note we’ll say. Alright, made it back into the car, and I just have to say, I
was just saying to my mom, this is the best filming
experience I have ever had. I was fully expecting to go in there today and not being allowed to film, I was just going to be
doing my voiceover thing. And they were so welcoming
and so encouraging of me filming, they’re like absolutely. You know, some stores are like, yeah just please don’t disturb people, or don’t show any of the
merchandise out on the floor. They were just like, yeah, go nuts. And they were so, so nice. And they said that they get shipments in five times a week typically, so they stay on top of the fact that they have multiple sizes and they
stay stocked in those sizes. So that’s something
that I really think that is a business model that all brands should aspire to, honestly. Going into a store and knowing
that they’re most likely going to carry your size
makes such a huge difference. Now is this store entirely my style, the type of clothing I wear? No, not necessarily, but I will continue to support
them and give them my money, because that was the first
store that I’ve ever been to where they claimed they
carry sizes zero to 24, and I saw size zeroes and I saw size 24s. I was just really, really impressed. So this has been a great experience. I walked away with two pairs of jeans, my mom ended up getting some stuff. It was a good frickin’ day. So I’m really happy I filmed this video, thank you so much to you guys for recommending that I do this video, because without it I never would’ve even known this store existed. Are you giving me bunny ears? (laughing) You can’t even do that. Okay, we have to go now,
someone needs a nap. You’re losing it. – [Mom] I know and I like it. – I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know if you wanna see me do some other kind of
video there where I go back and style outfits, or if there are any other
stores you wanna see me do trying on different sizes videos at. Definitely let me know
in the comments below. Love you guys so much, and
I will see you very soon. Bye. (relaxing music)

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  1. I love Maurice's! I wear around a 8-10 in their Everflex jeans. I have a pair of size small super high rise jeans with a button-fly that I live in! The only thing is that the sizing is definitely off cuz my booty/thighs are not a "small" lol!

  2. I love Maurice’s they always make me feel comfortable and the service has always been great! I actually want to go there to get more everyday/professional clothing for my wardrobe for after I get my degree

  3. What was the difference between 14 reg and 14 w? I don't like the dedicated "plus size" section. I want the same styles as regular, but in my plus size. Why is that so hard? We already loose out on any designer brands and vintage.

  4. You are so beautiful thank you for doing this video. Would love to see you style some outfits. Thanks again. You look amazing 💖🖤💖

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  6. I really like maurice's. Its always been size inclusion since I was in high school. And that was like 11 years ago lol. The Jean's are great!!!

  7. I worked at Maurices through college and it is such a positive environment!❤️ The EverFlex are my fave. They’re designed to be more sustainably made and a higher quality denim than their normal jeggings. Also their jeggings (the ones sized S-XL) do tend to bag out! We’re told to always tell the customer to buy the smaller if they’re between sizes because of how much they stretch out. Glad you loved it there!!

  8. I do like Maurices however I notice that their jeans stretch out really bad for me :/ like after a couple hours they are just falling off or getting really baggy in my legs. But I've always shopped here and there at Maurices.

  9. Omg I’m so happy you loved your experience at Maurices!! I work at a Maurices in Cali and love the vibes I get every time I walk into work. It’s all about making people feel comfortable, confident, and excited to try on our clothes! 💙

  10. I love that the employees were so nice and welcoming to you! I worked retail for years in college, and it’s such a pet peeve of mine not to be greeted when I go in a store.

  11. I worked there and our philosophy was always help the customer feel their best self. We would ask their sizes that they thought they were and we would personally pull outfits for them to eliminate the stress of shopping for their size. It was always so fun. I worked there three years and am so happy I got that opportunity. It genuinely helped me get over the idea that I have to fit into a certain size to be happy.

  12. I live in Seattle. Our Maurices rarely carry anything above a 10. They have a plus size section and it is so small. Online is the way to go.

  13. Thank you so much for doing these videos it really helped me stop hating myself and my body when trying clothes in the fitting room thanks to you black Friday shopping was surprisingly enjoyable ❤️

  14. You’re one of those youtubers that I really want to support, so I never skip adds on your videos hoping it’ll give you a little more profit ❤️

  15. I worked at Maurices for 2 years and getting people the most perfect fit of jeans was my favorite part of the job. ❤️❤️

  16. thank you for addressing that hormonal/ menstrual related issues can have an effect on how your body carries weight! i’m like you and carrie weight in my lower belly. my lower belly is always hard and bloated, and it affects how clothes fit. finally i don’t feel alone 💛

  17. My main complaint is they did not have short or extra short available in the Maurice's at my mall. I will unfortunately be sticking to American Eagle (I'm 5'1).

  18. I loooove maurice's. My favorite place to shop at. I love that they're inclusive on all sizes. Another good place to shop that is like this is Deb. I used to always go there in high school. 😊

  19. I’ve heard so many great things about Maurices! But the closest one is like 45 minutes away from me. Totally going now! 🤗💕

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  23. I worked at a maurices for two years and it was such a fun place to work. The company really emphasizes excellent customer service and body positivity, which makes it one of my favorite stores.
    Everflex jeans are my absolute FAVORITE. They are so comfy and stretchy and universally flattering!

  24. Maurices is literally my favorite storeeeee!!! They have amazing jeans and amazing clothes in general! You will wanna go back Carrie ❤

  25. I love Maurice's, they're my favorite store right now. I've never had a terrible experience in store, customer service is totally on point there ♥️And I totally have those black midrise jeans in a 14W, I've never owned black jeans and they're my favorite pair of jeans. Also I'm only 5'2", so midrise on me is high rise, lol. I'm so happy you did a Maurice's try on though, #sizeinclusivityforever

  26. We are basically shaped and sized exactly the same, I love a good dark wash mid rise skinny jeans with a loose crop top or cropped baggy sweater. You get that little tummy peek when you move around but you don’t feel sausaged or sticking out when you’re just trying to live your life. I would definitely consider trying it styled that way ☺️

  27. Yessss girl! Us mid-west girls love Maurice’s! Remember when I said you should come to StL and go Goodwill shopping with me? There’s always some Maurice’s. Not all of their tops are my style but I have several Goodwill finds from Maurice’s in my closet! ❤️ Imagine if EVERY retail store modeled after Maurice’s, just with different styles!! 🥰🥰🥰

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  29. THANK YOU for doing Maurices! I used to work there and loved how size inclusive they are!

    Edit: Also, I wanted to add that their jeans last for YEARS and hold up really well. The medium short jeggings fit me when I was 175 lbs and fit me now at 130 lbs. Love it!

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  32. I bought a pair of Maurices jeans from my local goodwill and I’m also a 14 in them! They are the most comfortable sturdy jeans I’ve ever owned!

  33. YEYEY i recommended maurices & I’m so glad you found it! I used to work at maurices & everyone I’ve met who is apart of the company is genuinely sweet and body positive, i was so lucky to get to work there! Our goal was to make customers feel comfortable and confident and I’ve never stood for a store so much! Thanks for giving it a try, i knew we’d end up wearing the same size because we always do😂 love you Carrie & glad you liked it!♥️

  34. I like it too Mum lol 😂. Great to see you so happy Carrie – fabulous when you find a shop who do what they say and have great sales representatives- well done!

  35. The song in the background while she’s explaining the store is everything. I love their music choices. And yes, they’re so beyond nice. Every time I go in there, I always feel more confident because they really love bomb you.

  36. Ooh do a video where you style clothes from Maurice’s for a week! There was one in Oregon by my grandparents and I used to go all the time. I’ll have to check it and see if there are any around us.

  37. I'm so short that mid-rise fit like a high rise to me and high-rise I could pretty much wear as a tube top jumpsuit. I've never seen a Maurice's but I noticed they have extra short which I'm here for.

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  41. So happy you loved Maurices! They are my favorite store of all time. I almost exclusively shop there. What I love most, also, is that Maurices supported me as I gained weight and provided me with cute clothing I felt comfortable in. That was hard to do 10 years ago in the plus size fashion world. Maurices has continued to support me in my weightloss as well and Iove that the store has just been there for many seasons in my life. I was once a size 22-24 at Maurice's and am now a 10. Very grateful for the size inclusivity

    They are a Minnesota based company as well, so I'm biased as that's my home state.

  42. Maurices was popular in late 90s/early 2000s. Of course I'm all into again in 2019. Adore that store…my credit score is also probably proof of my happiness too. Thanks rewards points. 😉

  43. So funny you did this video. We love Maurices in my house. I have a daughter who is a size 4, another daughter who is a size 20, and I'm a size 12. We all shop at Maurices.

  44. All of these jeans look so good on you! As a regular Maurice's shopper I will say that the customer service is typically very, very good. My only gripe would be the shirts are often made with very thin material and are made for layering which I don't like. I want to buy 1 shirt to wear 1 shirt but that's just me. Hope you're having a great holiday trip home! ❤❤❤ to you, Drew, Layla, and Moo!

  45. I saw you film a few in tall sizes on the shelves. It would be nice if tall/short sizes would at least be mentioned if we're on the topic of being size inclusive. Trying to find jeans with a 34 inch inseam is so difficult and I get why theyre not typically sold in stores because the demand for them is much smaller than plus sizes. It would just be nice to get a mention of how much they keep in stock since that is also more difficult to find extended sizing.

  46. I always get the “w” option for jeans because I carry more weight in my belly and I find they usually fit way better throughout!

  47. I really think even after or especially after watching this video that you should own your own store. I know you're big on sustainability but girl… Not only would you make sure that it was friendly to all sizes, but I'm sure you would put something in the dressing room, some type of a message to be positive as people like all of us mid sized girls want to cry while trying on stuff. … But since you did this video… I am gonna go to one and shop…. 😍

  48. I recently went jeans shopping for the first time in like three years because curvy sizing wasn’t really a thing before then and I hated jeans shopping. I’ve discovered that high rise is life, but super high rise is a bit much for me personally. At least in American Eagle jeans.

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