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Trudeau’s tax hikes piling up

And that’s not all, Mr. Speaker He’s tried to raise taxes on health and dental benefits. He’s gone after employee benefits, the waitresses and waiters and retail workers. He’s tried to raise taxes on our brave women and men in the Armed Forces, and he’s even had to apologize for raising taxes on Canadians living with diabetes. So why doesn’t the Prime Minister just come clean and admit that all of these tax hikes are the consequences of his out of control spending and massive deficits? The Right Honourable Prime Minister. Mr. Speaker, our approach has focused on growing the middle class and in making sure that Canadians have a real and fair opportunity to succeed. You know what across the country we’re seeing the benefits of that happening. This year Mr. Speaker we created 441,000 new jobs, which is the top number of job creation in 18 years in this country Mr. Speaker. This is the kind of results that our leadership on the economy has delivered, and they can’t say anything about it.

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