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Trip nach Guilin und Yangshuo und alles über Chinesisches Essen – VLOG 02

We travelled to guilin for a few days. It’s a relatively small town in china. about 500 km away from guangzhou where we study and… small town means about one million inhabitants that’s really not much compared to other cities and… the city is relatively famous for its karst mountains these small mountains that you can see everywhere outside the city I mean the city is actually located in the middle of these mountains looks pretty weird. we definitely plan to hike on one of these mountains and… It’s a great little town. like… the way you imagine Chinese cities to be and… we stay overnight 4 days in a hostel here basic equiped has at least a bed for everyone and was really cheap we pay about 5 € the night only basics… but its ok for so little money you can travel cheap here and… travelling by train is very relaxed in china the german railway could set an example for itself. you’ll arrive quickly The train is really fast. it travels at up to 300 km/h for a distance of approx. 500 km we only needed about two and a half hours. really good the train was especially punctual not like in germany and… you had a lot of legroom the seats could be folded all the way back …for sleeping and… there was even a board service I didn’t expect so much luxury. really good train in china… very cool! we arrived today in guilin and… we have chosen a good restaurant for ourselves basically it’s like that in china… that you don’t just order for yourself. everyone chooses something from the menu and the food comes to the middle of the table. and as crockery you get small bowls, in which you put the food. and you share the food. and… the bowls come packed on the table and you get a big bowl and a can of hot water. to wash your cutlery. This is normal here. We ordered something to eat. And I ordered a dog today. Some kind of hotpot. only with dog meat it’s ok not so bad at all you could ate it Another thing that’s unusual here …. they cut the animal into small pieces and that’s how it gets into the pot. There are still pieces of bone in there. … and other … that’s the way it is with almost all dishes, even when you order duck or chicken. You have to deal with the bones yourself. but it’s funny of course, we also drink a good chinese beer here. this is available here in a 1 liter bottle but that’s okay because it’s only 3% alcohol. you can drink it like water no problem we traveled to the Folded brocade hill park today we went… … the funny thing is that all the mountains also have german names. on every sign the name is written in german, chinese and english for example, we are currently standing on the ‘Hundertvögelgarten’ Rock… Or Mountain… or whatever and … I took my drone here… so I’ll have some beautiful drone shots for you alright…

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