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TREKKING Fairy Meadows PAKISTAN Vlog & Nanga Parbat Jeep Ride

(energetic music) (screaming) (whirring) (energetic music) (cheering) (laughing) – Crap. – [Mike] Christ. – [Brooke] Now he’s really having a laugh. (laughing) – Hello. – Look at this, there’s like no space. – Hello.
– [Mike] Hi. (car horn beeping) – [Mike] We’re not gonna fit, guys. (car horn beeping) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay.
– [Brooke] We did it! – And this is how we’re starting the day, on top of the van headed
to the Fairy Meadows. (cheering) You haven’t seen these roads yet. They’re a little crazy. But for us, it’s the first big adventure that we spent two days in a van. So much time in a van. (cheering) (laughing) We had to get out and go on top. It’s gonna be a beautiful day in Pakistan. Can’t wait to show you guys. (laughing) All right, Brooke, give me your thoughts. – Thoughts, huh?
– [Mike] Thoughts. – My butt hurts.
– [Mike] Yeah. – That’s about all I
got for you right now. (laughing) – This is living, guys. – [Mike] Siya. – I, uh, could not have
another child if I wanted to. (laughing) (cheering) – Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (laughing) God damn. – My god. – [Mike] Whoa, it’s just
narrow enough for the bus. Look at this! This is insane. This is insane. We made it. (beeping) Part two of the journey,
get in these little jeeps. And head to Fair– (speaking foreign language) (laughing) Head to Fairy Meadows. (laughing) Okay, and we’re off. One and a half hours by jeep, off-roading to the Fairy Meadows. Where we can see Nanga
Parbat, the killer mountain! It sounds ominous, but
it’s mostly beautiful. The ride’s supposed to be quite long. We got these little four-by-four jeeps. We’ve rolled out in three or four of them. Ours is red, which means it’s the fastest. This is Atta, by the way, our guide. – Yeah, hi. We are going to drive for an hour and half on one of the most dangerous
roads in the world. – Why is it the most– – You’ll see, because it
is cut through sheer rocks, like cliffs 400, 500 meters high. – Okay. – And even the looks like
very thin line from up there. I didn’t want to scare you yesterday, but you will see for yourself. (laughing) Now there is no escape. – Oh my god. – Once you are boarding the
jeeps, you have to face it. – Now we’re trapped.
– Yes, you are. – So, Atta’s saying it’s one
of the most dangerous rides in the world. This is like a Ripple
advertisement back here. (laughing) – Cheers. – Dangerous dive in the world. (laughing) (energetic music) – All right, all right,
so there’s a jeep coming from the opposite direction. I don’t see how there’s enough space here to have two jeeps up on this road. – [Atta] When the jeeps
squeeze, dangerous road. (speaking foreign language) – [Mike] Whoa, whoa, whoa. (laughing) Oh man. Not much space. (laughing) – [Lexie] Hello. – You are lovely. (laughing) – [Lexie] Guys, look at this crazy– – [Mike] Watch out for the goats. Watch out for the goats. He’s okay, he’s okay. (laughing) – Oh my god.
– Oh man, this is crazy. (engine whirring) Luckily this bridge is
not on the itinerary. Because that is gonna fall. That thing’s gonna fall if you touch it. No thank you. – [Siya] How does that hold together? – I don’t even know, duct
tape and rusty nails. (speaking foreign language) – [Lexie] That’s so cute. – We got some hitchhikers. Hey! (laughing) You have a beautiful smile, my man. Nice. All right, Atta, tell us what’s up. – I hope you enjoyed the
ride, the most dangerous road in the world. – [Mike] (laughing) we did. – And now we are starting
our three hours hike. And it’s sturdy uphill walk all the way to the Fairy Meadows, the world renowned, most beautiful place in Pakistan. – [Mike] All right,
Lex, what are we doing? – We are about to start
our three hour hike up to Fairy Meadows, which sounds, hopefully it will be just as magical as it sounds. (laughing) – [Mike] Let’s ask these guys. Is Fairy Meadows magical? Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Mike] Yeah, we thought so. (pop music) I’m good, how are you? – Yeah, fine, fine, I am very well. – Getting sweaty. – Where are you from? – Canada. – Ah, Canada?
– And you? – I am policeman. – [Mike] Oh, you’re a policeman. – Yeah, I’m a policeman,
right there, in Fairy Meadows. – So, you hike this one a lot then? Always hiking. – Yeah, yeah. – You’re not even sweaty. – What’s your name? – Ikramat.
– Ikramat. And so these hats are from
your people, you said? – Yeah, yeah. This is the local culture. – Local culture.
– I like this hat. (laughing) Do you like? – I don’t know, do you like my hat? Want to switch? – Very nice.
– Put on mine. (heavy breathing) What do you think? (laughing) Looks good, right? (laughing) So, Ikramat, are you our security? – Yeah, I’m policeman,
security, duty in Fairy Meadow. – Fairy Meadow has security for us. And your weapon of choice
to keep us safe is an ax? – Yeah, yeah, yeah
(speaking foreign language). – I wouldn’t mess with you, man. Okay. We are about halfway through the hike. (water rushing) There’s a beautiful raging
river and waterfalls that cascade off the
side of the mountains. These are the Himalayas, if
you didn’t know that already. And, quick, sweaty back update. – [Lexie] Oh god. – How is it, from one to ten? – [Lexie] I’d say it’s like a solid eight and it kind of looks
like a penis actually. (laughing) – I’ll just keep the backpack
on and no one will notice. – [Lexie] You don’t know what’s happening. – It’s so sweaty back there. How’s it going? – Not very good. – [Mike] Not very good. Atta, are you tired? – Oh, I am exhausted. – [Mike] Yeah, you look exhausted. Do you wanna see my back? – Oh my goodness. – Oh my goodness, he says. – [Atta] Did a horse pee on your back? (laughing) – Atta, shush! This is hard work, man. – Oh, it was rolling.. – Did a horse pee on your back? – So, earlier, in the winter,
I saw an article from BBC, actually on, like every major news outlet, saying that two climbers had
died attempting to summit the killer mountain. It’s just so strange going
from reading that type of a topic to actually being
here and doing it ourselves. Our police escort was telling
us that it was only maybe four or five foreigners here a day. – But that’s only like a thousand a year. And if people come to Pakistan,
I would imagine this is one of the top attractions. – And the other guide said that this is the most beautiful
spot in all of Pakistan. – Which is crazy, right? But, so a thousand foreign
tourists a year come to this area. How’s it going, man? – It’s going good bro.
– [Mike] Yeah? – We’ve reached the midway
hotel, but apparently it’s actually three quarters of the way. – [Mike] Oh, that’s good news. – So an hour left. Nearly there. – [Mike] Ikramat, is this way a shortcut? The shortcut’s up here, up
the side of the mountain. On your marks, get set, go! – Go, go, go, go. – I’m going to beat
you this time, Ikramat. (intense music) (laughing) No, you’re so fast. You’re like a Pakistani mountain goat. (heavy breathing) You’re crazy. – [Ikramat] Ah, yeah, yeah, so, so crazy. (laughing) – Whoo. It’s getting chilly. (heavy breathing) We’re almost at the snow level. (pop music) Fairy Meadows, here? Yeah. We made it? – Yes we did. High five, high five. – [Mike] Bam. High five. He’s droning. – Fairy Meadows. – [Mike] Yes. (laughing) All right. Drone, time lapse. We don’t have very much light left. (pop music) (indistinct chatter) The dinner spread tonight. We have some doh, delicious
chicken, vegetables, more naan. I think the plan now is
to go do a little bit of star watching, but
we’re all pretty tanked from the hike today and all the adventure. Riding on top of the van,
riding in the jeeps, the hike. Might be an early night. Because tomorrow morning, sunrise. (pop music) (pop music) (plopping) (pop music) Okay, we’re saying goodbye to
the beautiful Fairy Meadows. We had an amazing night last
night, shooting the stars. Had a nice hike this morning, you saw some beautiful ground footage. And I wanna say, big love to
CPIC who’s hosting myself, and Lexie behind the camera. – Hi, I’m Lexie Limitless. – And also, the whole
point of this project is to prove to people that
Pakistan is not as dangerous as the media says it is. There are some things
that happen here, sure. But, the point is to show you
guys, the people are friendly, it’s absolutely breathtaking, and you can definitely put
it on your travel itinerary. Experience over possessions. Catch ya’ next vlog. It’s gonna be a good one. Peace. (pop music)

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