Travel Vlog | Snowshoeing Rocky Mountains – 10th Mountain Division

here we are again Dewey. any thoughts before we head out? The snow is going to be perfect. we’re gonna shred and party like there’s no tomorrow. no tomorrow. All right any thoughts Jeannie? Margaritas! and margaritas and Moscow Mules
Robbie: oh very nice! so the group has kind of broken up a little bit Petra and I are kind of in the middle. there’s people in front of us, people behind us and we were thinking that we were almost there and it’s going to be cush from here on out and then we just came to this clearing and we can just see that the trail just carries on up further and further up the hill. Goddamn it! I think we’re probably at about 11,000 feet. Look at you go man!
Petra: you climb ahead of us You went ahead of everyone. That’s really good! Petra: Are we close? Mike: Feeling good Billy Ray! Petra: Are we close?
Mike …uh …yeah… Petra: what does THAT mean? It sounds like you’re not sure? Mike: Uh…No. It’s always close! We made it! What a big DECK you have! Hi! Yeah! They made it! (Everyone laughing) Francie missed the story last night. Could you tell her again? Haresh Makes it! Petra: (shyly) Hi everybody
Dewey: Hi Petra! Status report? We are killing it in the kitchen. We are killing it in the kitchen. Straight from Havana Cuban baby! here we are 12,000 feet we’re with our friends Ben and Jill and they’re kicking our…(out of breath)..they’re kicking our ass right now they’re way up front. that tiny little green patch you see off in the distance is Jill (laughing, yelling) you break it. you bought it, baby

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