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Travel Vlog: Ep.1 พาเที่ยวแหล่งท่องเที่ยวชื่อดังบนเกาะฮาวาย North Shore Hawaii

Aloha today we are going to take you to North Shore. The small hippy town located in the northside of Oahu island. When people come to visit North Shore Gotto stops by to eat a shrimp truck Because a shrimp truck is a very famous food in North Shore. Hahaha…What’s a shrimp truck? It’s shrimps on rice, but how to cook it or what are their recipes, I have no idea. I guess I have to buy it first, then I would know. The atmosphere around here is similar in upcountry Thailand. I am going to show you around. We are on the line for a long time. Being on the line this long, remind me of the time we were at the Universal studio. While waiting for our foods, I am going to talk a little bit about North Shore. Actually, I don’t know exactly, hahaha. North Shore is located on the northside of Oahu, it’s famous tourists attraction on the island of Oahu. Also, locals love it here because of the surfing competition and big waves. And a shrimp truck, people love to eat at a shrimp truck. In fact, there are many shrimp trucks in North Shore, not only this one. But this one got a high rating, they have their own shrimp farm. Almost our turn, but still keep waiting. More people come in, and I really want to tell them that if you want to eat here, you are going to wait forever! Hahaha This is what it looks like, not as great as the reviews(shrimps are not fresh, and rice is not soft). We are going to take you to see some beaches. If there is anything interesting, we will stop by and show you around.

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