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TRAVEL VLOG #39 Wandern/Schnorcheln / Insel Oahu // BACKPACKING HAWAII

A beautiful one what’s up I am now in Hawaii have super hot weather, really cool island, people are all nice and I’m trying to walk the cocohead trail now. this one I want to go up there, as is the slope Is probably relatively steep And with my flip flops let’s see if I can do that I forgot to put on my shoes And I hope the microphone will work up there Cause I think it’s gonna be a little windy up there again. want this People is really easy, not exhausting at all the easy part, I have already behind me a few more meters You don’t need condition Guys, I made it. I did it I’m done, completely sweaty really out of practice but I haven’t looked around yet but it will be worth it I think There’s the sea awesome Back there is Honolulu Yeah, I need a break here right now I love looking for places where not everyone goes. A little off the beaten track, another look Sometimes at the abyss there is a wrong gust of wind and then this is it. whoosh he’d fall down But I’m not actually going to do that yet. Dangerous here, people Actually, I’d like to go to some other islands too But All you can do is fly there And I don’t want that That’s why I stay only on this island That means I still will not see a volcano. At least no active Give yourself this view here fucking awesome I did it have arrived down without drinking, without hiking boots I am also done Ok I have two three sips drunk by any other But it goes without And I bet tomorrow I have really muscle soreness The boy is no longer accustomed to anything here Yes now up to the bus and if there is still enough time I will possibly still snorkel a small round My legs are even mega trembling that are not used to anything anymore I had almost missed the bus. just because I stand on the other side to stand briefly around in the shade First time I had to run after a bus Its funny So new day the video has become longer than expected Or the material was enough. That’s why I’m doing a cut Thanks a lot for watching this video and if you’re up for it we’ll see you again in the next video. Until then reingetschüsst (bye)

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5 thoughts on “TRAVEL VLOG #39 Wandern/Schnorcheln / Insel Oahu // BACKPACKING HAWAII

  1. Feier deine videos echt. Bin grad dabei alle von Anfang an chronologisch durchzugehen. Aber das neuste wollte ich mir trotzdem direkt geben. Hawaii klingt echt geil

  2. so where did you end up snorkeling? the water looks super clear!
    We snorkeled in Hanuama bay, saw tons of fish. Check out our channel for some of our Hawaii fun 🙂

  3. Great video, my new friend. Stay connected & Joined with you . I thank you for your happiness and good things for sharing with everyone. Like!!!7*

  4. Hey, echt cooler Kanal und tolles Video. Wir haben dir direkt mal ein Abo und Like da gelassen. Wir würden uns freuen wenn du bei uns auch mal vorbei schaust. Liebe Grüße 😊

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