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Travel Guide to Honolulu, Hawaii | Jaycation Vlog Day 2 + Diamond Head Hike

Here in Diamond Head. Beatiful Waikiki right
behind me. What’s up Jaycationers, Good Morning. It is February 21st. We are here
in Honolulu. I am at Diamond Head Park and I’m in a tunnel right now. About 20 minutes
before sunrise. It’s kind of dark outside but it’s really bright over here. Only one
walking through this road. Let’s check it out! Let’s see the sunrise from the top
of Diamond Head in Waikiki. Just Bring it. Nike. Lights Out! Remember this, it’s like
Cinque Terre Bro. Hiking up Cinque Terre, Maddy is struggling. Going up the stairs to
the top of Diamond Head, getting higher and higher. Almost to the top, beautiful scenery
over here. Sunrise just happened. Look at all the people, all the people right below
me. We’re up top here in Diamond Head. With Waikiki, the beautiful Waikiki right behind
me. Here’s the other side of the island. This is where Kona Brewing was, when we headed
to yesterday and had a flight. It’s super windy up here, putting the Micro Muff to test.
Got my Hawaii hat on from In4mation. Right below me is Waikiki. Like I said, we’re
staying at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki tonight. We’ll go down there and check out the beach,
check out the scene, have some food, have some drinks, Let’s go! So I guess that this
is the highest you can get, hat’s falling off so check it out. Just ended our trail
and going back to Waikiki, let’s go! What’s up Snapchat? We’re here in the top of Diamond
Head, it’s windy, it’s great, sunrise just happened, Waikiki right behind me, let’s
do it! Lights out! Just finished my work out here at 24 Hour Waikiki. Headed over to the
beach, check it out. Check out my hotel, let’s do this! What’s up Jaycationers, we’re
here at Waikiki Beach. Just in front of my hotel, the Hyatt Regency. It’s a nice windy
day here, in the middle of February, but it’s sunny, the sun’s coming out. Checked in,
told them it was my first time and they gave me a Hawaiian Lei. So I’m excited about
that. People here are really nice, really laid back. We’re going to head over to Rainbow
Drive-In for lunch. Walking back to the hostel, about to grab my bag. (Oh that’s Jay Jay.
Hi Jay Jay!) Hey, Hey! What’s up? You got a moped? (Yeah!) Nice! So this is my accommodation
for one night was The Beach Waikiki Boutique Hostel, switching over to the Hyatt Regency
Waikiki where I got Lei’d. This is a little tour of the hostel. We got four bunks, I got
the top one with the leopard print. It was alright, it was kind of shaky, metal bed.
Bathroom, Shower, Window outside. Lockers, fridgerator and a kitchen. So it’s pretty
cool. So this is the upstairs, the rooftop. You can hang out, eat dinner, eat lunch. I’m
talking like this because I have a fork in my mouth. But yeah, it’s pretty cool. See,
still got my Hawaiian Poke Company. They hooked it up. We’re here at Rainbow Drive-In about
to have a hamburger steak with mac salad. Long workout day, let’s get it! Just finished
lunch here at Rainbow Drive-In, pretty good, I had the Hamburger Steak. They have chicken,
you know all the good Hawaiian stuff. Got it off with a slushie. Really good. We’re
over here at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. Just took a little nap, checking out the scenery
around here probably going to go to the pool, had to take a little break. Chillin’ pool
side. Getting a little bit of sun. Going to head to grab some drinks in a little bit.
Can’t be out in the sun too long, I’m already dark. Going to enjoy the rays for
a little bit and relax. Right behind me is the statue of Duke. The Duke. It’s one of
the most famous statues here in Waikiki. It’s directly in front of my hotel. There is the
pool area I was just at a few minutes ago. This is the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. So we made
it here to the Outrigger. Duke’s Waikiki. We’re going to go inside and have a beer
or a Mai Tai. So this is the other side of Waikiki Beach. We’re right next to the Royal
Hawaiian and the Outrigger resort. Just had a Mai Tai at Duke’s, about to walk over
and maybe check out a brewery. Just walked half a mile to the Waikiki Brewing Company,
going to have a couple of beers, let’s go inside and check it out, have some brewski’s.
Alright Jaycationers, so we are off to Australia. We’re going to Brisbane first, non-stop
from Honolulu. Just wanted to give you a little tour of the room I’m in. Got this on Priceline
for $160, I did it on an express deal. There’s my bed, nice TV. The best part is the bathroom
is huge and you go in here and look it’s like a Bidet and it’s a heated seat, it
is awesome and it wets your butt and it cleans it. Yeah! Alright, a little too much information
there. Looking to fly to Australia on the cheap? Well check out Jetstar airlines. Currently
Honolulu is the only US city they fly out of. That will do it from the Aloha state,
if you’re new please subscribe to my channel and keep watching my videos. We’ll see you
in Australia, Mate! Mahalo for watching and Aloha Jaycationers!

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  1. Do you guy by yourself? Makes me sad to see you enjoy it alone 🙁 I am travelling from Gold Coast to Hawaii next year. New Sub!

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